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Barack Obama, Cocaine/Marijuana Fiend and Atheist: Worse than Alleged 50 Year Past "Bullying" Episode

Barack Obama has ADMITTED being raised as an atheist the frist 20 pulus years of his life. Readers of this blog know he is still an atheist.  But, at the very least, Obama was an ATHEIST less than 30 years ago.  Less than 30 years ago, Obama has also ADMITTED that he used drugs: smoking pot on the beach in Hawaii and using cocaine.  Okay, it was a long time ago, and has little to do with whether Obam should be re-elected President.

Until.  Yu consider that The Washignton Post, CNN and much of the rest of the mianstream media are engaged in the Politics of Personal Destruction against Mitt Romney based on an ALLEGED single "bullying" episode when Mitt Romney was in prep school in 1965.  Say what?  50 years ago? l Just how EVIL are these people in the mainstream media lookig for a personal attack/SMEAR of Romney based on any excuse?  Pretty damned evil. If Hell exists, that is where these media people are guaranteed to end up . And they are no more Christian than I am, or than Barack Obama is.  As I have said, I look forward to meeting these truly evil peole in Hell..  That is the sacrifice I have made.  I turly hope Hell exists, so I will ha ve the pleasure of meeting these people there.  It will not be Hell for me, no matter what my personal torment for eternity, to know that these media people will be sharing the eternal torment with me.  And, even if God will not let me see them for this reason, I will KNOW they are with me. If Hell exists, they will be thre.  That is 100% certain.

As stated, the yuthful indescretions of Obama have little to do with whether he should be President.  His lies in 2008 about not favorfing gay marriage, and his continuing LIE about being a "practicing" Christian, do actually have considerable relevance on whether Obama should be Presdietn, although I think the evil of making a person's religion, AS RELIGIN, a constant element of American political campaigns is too destructive of our politics to outweigh the relevance, even if the case of hypocritical liear Obama.  However, as previously stated, I refuse to turn the other cheek. If the BIGOTS of CNN and the mainstream media are gong to make the totally ridiculous subject of THEOLOGY a campaign issue, then I am going to make the MORE RELEVANT issue of whether Obama is really a Christian a campaign issue.  But all of this pales in comparison to the idea that The Washington Post, CNN and the rest are now in the process of ENCOURAGING personal attacks (on stuff that can never really even be proved or disproved) over a person's entrie lifetime. This is not a matter of "little relevance".  It is a matter of NO RELEVANCE, and totally destructive of the American political process. See the next article, about my conversatin with my big time lawyer daughter in New York City.

Think about it.  Romney is "accused" of holding down a person, who LATER came out as gay, and cutting oof that person's hair as a "prank" FIFTY YEARS AGO.  And that is supposed to have something to do with Romney being Presdient.  It will probably even be "featured" in the mainstream meedia debattes, if Ropmney is STUPID enught o even let a mainstream media person on a debate panel. Nothing.  That is what this PERNAL SMEAR ATTACK on Romney means.  Again, the cocaine/marijuana conduct of Obama a "mere" 30 years or so ago is much MORE RELEVANT.  And the fact that Obama was raised an atheist, and gives every evidence of still being an atheist (after LYING about the same sort of thing as to hi sposition on gay marriage for teh very same reason:  to convince Christians to vote for him) obviously has more current relevance than EITHER the 50 year stale "bullying" incident or the non-issue of whether a Mormon is really a Christian.  It is actually very relevant, and SHOULD be a campaign issue, that Obama is both WRONG on gay marraige and LIED abut it to get elected in 2008.  But even the fact that Obama is a liar and a hypocrite--for the very same reasons that he was a liar and a hypocrite on gay marriage for more than four years--as to being a Christian is actually much more relevant than either that 50 eyar stale (lol) personal SMER or the ut front fact that Romney is a Mormon.  As tis blog has continually told you, the questin of whether a Mormon is a "Christian" is merely a matter of THEOLOGY.  There is NO excuse for CNN and the rest to try to make that a campaing. issue.  There IS an excuse for it to be a campaign issue--especailly after Obama has SHOWN the same dishonest hypocrisy on gay marriage--for Obama's LIES and HYPOCRISY about being a believing Christian to be a campaign issue. It wouuld just be better if we did not get into this totally SIDE ISSUE of "religoin" (whether an issue of CHARACTEWR, as with Obama, or an issue of THEOLOGY, as with Romney, which is worse). Theology has NOTHING to do with who should be Presdient, despite the contrary full court press by CNN and th erest of the EVIL BIGOTS of the media.  And this idea that all anyone has to do is ALLEGE some PERSONAL SMEAR against a member of the GOP for that to be a "major issue" in the campaign, even if the smear is 5 years stale, is beyond eevil. It convicts the media peole who ushed it, including the peole I saw on CNN, some of the most evil peole who have ever walked this Earth (once you get past the obvius evil of serial killers, mass murderers, terrorists, and the like, and I am becoming less sure about them). 

How can this country SURVIVE is our media thinks our President shoululd be decided on ONE WAY (no inqiry, or interest in such attacks on Democrats) personal smears--no matter how old. 

I have had it.  I am notw wiling to state bluntly: Obama should NOT be re-elected Presdient.  He is a DRUGGIE (by leftist standrads, including CNN standards, as alpplied to peole like George Wl Bush and Rush Limbaugh), and he is an ATHEIST.  No  That is not why I oppose Obama, just as the personal smears are not why CNN, The Washington Post and the rest oppose Romney. But if we are going to do battle on this ground, I am willing to do so  The youthful conduct of Obama--which cearly carried over to now as to religion, or lack of same--is consideraly WORSE than even that ALLEGED for Mitt Romney (not proven).  Therefore, under CNN standards (which this blog will use until November), Brack Obama SHULD NOT BE PRESIDENT.  As the title says, he is a cocaine/marijuana fiend and atheist.  Once a cocainemarijuana fiend, and once an athest, always a cocaine/marijuana fiend and always an atheist.  Is that not the CNN view on Romney's 50 years stale "boullying" incident? 

I saw CNN try to make much out of this ABSURD PERSONAL ATTACK, that is a mere FIFTY YEARS OLD, on Friday's Erin Burnett program.  The woman host--who I don't THINK was Erin Burnett, but may have changed her hairstyle as my eyesight really is not good--was faced with the obvius truth that a single (or, really, several) bullying incident 50 years ago cannot possibly b important on who a person chooses for President.  It is a NEGATIVE AD that CNN and the rest of the media are doing for Obama:  a PERSONAL SMEAR with NO redeeming social value.  But the Erin Burnett clone, if it were nto Erin Burnett, did what the media lways does:  try to JUSTIFY the ridiculous SMEAR.  Thus, she said:  "But this was obviusly a really ugly incident.". 

Nope.  The most it 'may" have been was youthful hijinks the way it was in 1965 (when admittedly, thre was too much hazing, but we did not engange is so much FANTASY "outrage" either).  Correction.  I have changed my mind. this WAS an UGLLY incident.  The way the Washington Post, CNN and the rest have tried to make a 50 year past SMEAR "important" in our electin ofr Presdient is UGLLY.  These are UGLY, EVIL peole. I am not talking aobut Mitt romney, who may or MAY NOT have engaged in a from of "hazing' in 2965.  I am talkng abut CNN and the rest, who are engaged in their own form of BULLYING and HAZING now:  blowing things out of aoll proportion for their PERSONAL AGENDA, (also their POLIATICAL AGENDA). 

P.S . No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  yep.  It does get worse the later it gets. Live with it.  See the next article about my conversatin with my new York City saughter::  hardly a conservative, but who knows a PERSONAL SMER when she sees it, and knows a PARTISAN network with an agenda when she sees it (CNN, and rally the entire mainstream media).  I don't even know how the unfair and unbalanced network is treaing this.  They SHUYLD be IGNORING it TOTALLY.  I have given up on them doing what they shuld do.  That is why I am boycotting them.

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