Thursday, May 17, 2012

President Obama: The First Gay Female President

This is not a joke, except that the mainstream media people are a joke.  Newsweek labeled President Obama The Fiirst Gay President.  CNN--in one of those conversations trying to say that Obama will/should tet the "women vote"--labeled President Obama The Firat Female President (picking up on an article in the Washington Post by Dana Milbands--sp..?  Who ares--that referred to Obama that way.  Yes, you would think that these are not really "news" items but 'Saturday Night Live" satire (if yu did not know that "Saturday night Live" prrety much IGNORES real satire on the insanities of the left).

Obviusly, President Obama IS The First Gay Female President. 

No.  I am sorry.  I know you think I made a mistake by not calling President Obama The First BLACK Gay Femate Prresident.  I didnt'.

No.   This is not even becauswe it is a question of DEFINITION whether Obama is "black".  Why is he not "white".  He is just as much "white" as he is "balack".  See my previous article that totallyl destroys the entire concept of "affirmative action" by pointing this out, as I did at the University of Texas (in an article finally published in The Daiy Texan, although I had to write thte Texas Legislature to get that done.  There is NO such thing as "black" in America.  The DEFINITION does not existt, and would be RACIST if anyone tried to make one exist.  Elizabeth Warren did me the favor of makng my pont  by claiming to be "Native American" because of ALLEGED 1/32 Native American "blood" (the "blood" is red, in air). I, myself, am more "Native American" that Elizabeth Warren (someting like 1/8 or maybe 1/16, as I had what famiy history believes is a full bllooded Indian great grandfather). There is no such thing in the world a a "pure" race, or "pure' mmember of that race.  It is all a FICTION (which redneck racistgs don't like either, as the RECISTS of the left don't like it).  ANYONE can SAY they are "black", or "Native American", and who can say that is wrong?  Sure, you can concude that Elizabeth Warren should not be elected to the Senate in Massacusetts, both because of her rather outrageous claim and because of the outrageous way she handled it.  But, remember, the peole of Massacusetts kept electin Ted Kennedy to the Senate AFTER HE KILLED A WOMN. You can see why this particular seat--the "Ted Kennedy seat" for which Warren is running--is PERFECT for Elizabeth Warren.  After all, as far as we know, she has not killed anyone

Bt no, that is not the reason I could not, in good conscience from the informatin provided to me by the "journalists" of the meainstream media, label Barack Obama as The First Black President.  BILL CLINTON hold that title.  Remember that?  And the peole of the media no more RIDICULED that than they have RIDICULED these other "claims" for Barack Obama (deserving only of ridicule). 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell lchecknig (bad eyesight).

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