Friday, May 4, 2012

Obama's Jobs Failure and CNBC: The Stupidest Peopole on Earth (CNBC and Wall Street)

Read yesterday's article in which the truly STUPID people of CNBC were featured. No. I am sorry.  You just don't get any dumber than these people, or is it all agenda?  Yep.  The monthly jobs report came ut this Friday morning, and it CONFIRMED the ADP report released earlier this week:  a minusclue 115,000 jobs were added to the economy (actually almost within the margin of error, as this number is often rEVISED by 50,0000 or mor, in subsequent months). This blog  told you YESTERDAY that the number HAD to come in something lie this to be CONSISTENT with th prevvious numbers released in the month, including not just the ADP number, but the weekly numbers on new unemployment claims, anemic GDPgrowth, and numberous other numbers showing a sluggish econmy.  Meanwhile, the people of CNBC were DSIMISSING the ADP number, and IGNORING the other numbers that made anything inconsistent with the ADP number likely FALSE.  The peole of CNBC, withthe possible exception of Rick Santelli, truly are The Stupidest Peole n Earth.  I realize that the headline is a little ambiguuous, and could be construed to be saying that Presdient Obama is also one of The Stupidest People on Earth.  I amopen to that idea.  But, for now, this blog is merely calling President Obama what he is:  A FAILURE.  It is CNBC, and Wall Street, who are truly showing themselves unable to look a DAY ahead, much less a month, a quarter, or a year.  Message to CNBC:  I invite you to respond and EXPLAIN why you people are not The Stupidest People on Earth, even after I have PROVEN you are. Can't do it, can you?  Yes, this is my usual use of the standard MEDIA POLY, but it remains true. This blog has CONSISTENTLY llshown that CNBC is omposed of The Stupidest People on Earth, and there is not way for them to convincingly deny it.

Then there are the "expert" ecosnomists.  When is the last time they got something RIGBHT?  You can't remember, either.  Join the club.  Economists were again WAY OFF on the "jobs created" number, as they are CONSSISTENTLY off on the number of new unemplyment claims.  The unemplyment RATE was, by the way, UNCHANGED, as it has essentailly been all year. . However, even the idiots at quoted what is correct:  the nominal, meaningless "fall" in the unemplyment rate (from 8.2% to 8.1%) is for all of the WRONG reasons .Job "growth is not even enough to keep the rate from going UP,  However, workers are becoming DISCOURAGED in ever greater numbers, and leaving the labor force (apart fromthe CHANGE in the baseline numbers thant went inot effect in January, making this year's numbers totally useless as comparisons to December's numbers, or really all of teh numbres for last year). .It is no accident that JANUARY of each year sees BIG job "growtgh".  The formula CHANGES every January, and this is DISTORTING the numbers badly--especially in January, and maybe February.

Notaice how Obama, CNBC and the media in general have been again exposed as LIARS.  This blog has told you the truth.  Over the past THREE YEARS, including this one, the job "numbers" have looked GOOD in the winter, and the media story is all about how the TREND is improving. NOT SO.  Marketwatchcom put a BAR GRAPH with its story this morning showing how the numbers have FLUCTUATED since last Nanuary.  NO TREND.  What has happened, and this goes back not just to 2011 but to 2010, is that the numbers have IMPROVED in the winter--beginning to improve in the fall.  Then the numbers DETERIORATE in the spring and summer. The bar graph is STRIKING.  Way up in Januay (when the formulas change) and February, and then DRAMATIC dorp offs as we go into April and May.  This blog has told you that there appear to be SEASONAL patterns now in effect that are simply not adequately accounted for in the "seasonal adjustements" that make ALL of these numbers ESTIMATES, instead of concrete numbers. That doesn't even take into account that REVISIONS are often made, even months later.

The bottom line is that we are STUCK.  No, we are not getting substantially wrose.  Neitehr, however, are we getting substantially better (and we SHOULD be, if the pattern since World War II were to be repreated, instead of BROKEN in a BAD way). If you say, as CNBC and other Obama apologists are beginning to say, that this blog was RIGHT as to this apparent DETERIORATION being mainly a new SEASONAL PATTERN (exacerbated by god weather in the winter this year), then you MUST agrree that the news was NEVER THAT GOOD IN THE FIRST PLACE.  In othe words, three is NO "improving trend".  There is only an up and down movement, repeated each year, with NO overall "improvement".  Sure, yu can say we have "improved" since 2009--the depths of the Great Recession.  But we HAD to "improve" from then, or we would have been in another Great Depression.  The problem is that we have STUIUCK, and we are not CONTIUING to improve (and have not really done so since the end of 2009).  We remain STUCK, and stuck in a BAD place.

The problem is twofold. First, we are not"improving'. There is NO consistent "improving trend".  Second, what happens if we FALL from here?  This ANEMIC "recoery" (wrost since World War II, presided over--as was the Great Recession--by a maningly Democrat government, since January of 2007, and Bailout Ben Bernanke, since early 2006) has us constantly ON THE EDGE.  We remain ON  THE EDGE of slipping BACK.  What happens if we do slip back?  Great Depression here we come, and it will be presided over by The Greatest Failure in the Hisotry of World Finance (Bailut Ben Bernanke).  You can see why Bailut Ben is so DESPERATE to ARTIFICALLY STIMULATE the eoncomy beyond what AnY Federal Reserve has ever done berfore.  He is afraid that he will be seen by EVERYONE, and not just me, as what he is:  The Worst Faiure in the History of World Finance.  That is why Bailout Ben is will ing to SELL OUT HIS GRANDMONTHER, and GRANDCHILDREN--not jsut you and me--in his desperate attempt to NFLATE.  Yep.  I am definitely saying that Baiut Ben is willing to KILL OF F the POOR, who cannot even afford FOOD as Bernanke INFLATES (a stealth inflation mainly affecting things like food and energy, along with other commodities). 

Whhat is the BEST we have to ook "forward" to?   More of the same, as we remain STUCK IN A BAD PLACE, waiting for the final ax to fall.  Our debt keeps rising.  Bailout Ben keeps INFLATING, as best he can., as he CONATINUES to bail out Wall Street each and ever day.  And any REAL "recovery" becomes more impossible every day. 

This is a grim assessment, and I mean it to be.  This idea that mere MEN can CONTROL the eoconmy is a FANTASY of Barack Obama, Bailout Ben Bernanke, and the economic fascists of Wall Street.  Doubt me?  Look again at how often thoese "expert" economists are rIGHT.  Almost NEVER. Yet, these are the "experts, includnig Bailout Ben, upon whom CNBC and Wall Street are RELYING to SAVE THEM.  And we are supposed to rely upon them to SAVE US.  If we continue to make theat misteke, we DESERVE to be classed with CNBC as The Stupidest People on Earth. 

P.S. No proofreading or sepll checking (bad eyesight). Read this blog's previus articles this week ans SEE who has been right and who has been wrong.  Hint:  CNBC IS ALWAYS WRONG. 

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葉寶珊 said...

Last year in august. I sent 4 letters to the CNBC individually.
I mean to appologise to herbert hoover adn to Maria Bartiromo, i found the subject of the 4 letters humiliating.and also to the Chinese fellows, because i deliver the word kneel. i wish the fellow chinese and foreigners stop to hurt me by letting me know they can reconise me and show their anger towards me.
Here i beg for forgiveness.I have serious mental illness, both borderline personality disorder and schisophrenia, and didnt have treatment until April this year. i was restringed by depoting Helldo.
anyway, i do mean to appology towards the people i offended.