Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John Boehner: Liar

John Boehner is in a class with President Obama and CNN, as far as LIARS go.  The man has no shame, and NO credibility.  He shuld just keep quiet, if he has nothing intelligent to say. That means he should never open his mouth. No one should have NY respect for the man, whic ch means that every tgime he opens his mouth, he goes into negative territory on "respect" (that being the only place to go from 0).

We are ack to the debt ceiling, and John Boehner "talking tough" on the debt ceiling. Remember last summer, when the GOP "cut" NOTA ONE SINGLE DIME from spending for either 2011 or 2012? Come on. You remember.  Boehner, and the GOP, PROMISED to make it all up during the debt ceiling debate, where they were going to "cure" all of their FAIURES on the debt and deficit.  .............................................Sorry..............................................Sorry.........................Sorry.....................Sorry..................Sorry, Sorry...................................................................................................Sorry, on the lloor in that fetal position:  laughing/crying...........................................What actaully happened was that Boehner engaged in a lot of "tough talk", as he ALWAYS does, and then CAVED with a SHAM deal,  You remember that total FRAUD of a deal that Newt Gingrich accurately said was a total fraud, and one of the worst things he has ever seen in politics (I leave it as an exercise for the reader to remember the Gingrich "one-liners" that helped almost propel him to the GOP nomination, before he imploded).

Look at Boehner's CONSISTENT record of fraud and lies.  2011 "budget deal" , in the spring of 2011.  Boehner and the gOP promised that 100 BILLION dollars would be "cut" from the spending for the second half of the last fiscal year. In the end, faced with a possible government "shutdown", Boehner CAVED.  Sure, he SAID that tens of bilions of dollars had been "cut".  As tit turned out, NOT ONE DIME was "cut".  Really, especaily when yu take into account the FRAUDULENT "payroll tax cut', wthich the GOP agreed to as part of the "saving" of the Bush tax cuts at the end of 2010, the GOP ADDED to the deficit and debt for 2011 by at least 140 BILLION dollars (and that is beyond the fact that these "cuts" are NEVER real "cuts", but merely "cuts" in PROJECTED spending).  It goes on. 

It was all going to be "corrected" in that "debt ceiling cisis". Instead, Boehner just accepted ANY deal--not involving taxincreases, because even the LIARS of the GOP know they can't survive that--that he could get.  That "deal" turned out to be NO CURRENT SPENDIN GCUTS (about which Boehner and the GOP LIED again, as they proved in the 2012 spending bills), and this ridiculous "automatic cut' arrrangement that BOTH the GOP and Democrats have no intention will ever take place. You remember that: the arrangement to "cut" DEFENSE and entitlements/social programs by EQUAL amounts (over TEN YEARS). 

That is tethe GOP's dirty little secret here: The GOP voted for EVERY SINGLE DIME of  spending that now REQUIRES the debt ceiling to be RAISED.  This blog told yu that during the debt ceiling debate, and thereafter. Boehner and the GOP deliberately SEPARATED the timing of the SPNDING bills from the debt ceiling.  Thus, the DISHOENST HYPOCRITES of the GOP (almost ALL of them) could--in their minds--vote for the SPENDING bills without explicitly acknowledging that the spending they VOTED FOR required the debt ceiling to be RAISED (sooner, rather than later, but not--deliberately--at the same time th GOP voted for the spending bills).  No.  You may hear the LIARS of the GOP tel yu that they had no control over spending, because Democrats would not let them make any "cuts'.  That is a LIE.  EVERY DIME of spending REQUIRED the House GOP to vote for that spending.  Spending canot occur without an AFFIRMATIVE VOTE. "But, Skip, Democrats threatened to shut down the government unless lthe GOP funed Planned Parenthod, the Natinal Endowment for the Arts, NPR (National Public Radio), and CPD (the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (including, of course, NPR)--along with every dime of the other spending)."  That does not change the FACT that the GOP voted FOR a "debt ceiling increase" when they voted FOR the spending.  The spending REQUIRES a debt ceiling increase, and LIAR BOEHNER knows that.  But look at how much a LIAR Boehner really is!!!!!  Time after time, the GOP has LIED about holding the line on debt/spending, because Democrats will not go along.  The GOP cannot even cut "minor" things. Indeed, spending keeps going UP., with GOP votes.  The excuse is that the GOP does not "dare" "shut the government down", for fear of the voters "blaming" the gOP. No "compromise".  Jut NO "cuts". But LIAR BOEHNER is doing the same thing again.  I don't even believe anyne can LIE lthis blatantly and shamelessly. 

Boehner is publicly saying that the GOP will INSIST upon a "dollar of spending cuts for ever dollar of increase in the debt ceiling". How can a man LIE that blatantly, and still live with himself.?  I guess Prfesidetn Obama (as James Carville and I agree) could tell me, as well as the liears of CNN. Boehner says he is gong to do this withut tax increases. What can yo say abut a man who thingks peole actually believe in his FANTASY world. This is an election year.  Boehner did not have the GUTS to "hold firm" at any time since he became Speaker of the House in January of 3011.  And Boehner is now "taling tough" about how the GOP House is going to INSIST on its conditions for raising the debt ceiling?  And the GOP House is ging to do this DESPITE having voted for EVERY DIME of spending that now requires the debtg ceiling to be raised?  .............................................................................................There is no "luaghing" here.  I am merely CRYING. A man this dishonest  would not even make a good male whore.  You know, and I know, exactlyhy what is going to happen here.  There is gonig to be another SHAM DEAL.  Even though Democrats COULD actually drive Boehner into the ground, and FORCE him (and the other liars of the GOP) to siply CAVE and pass a raise in the debt ceiling WITHOUT CONDITIONS, Obama and the Democrats MAY not want to risk that.  After all, they want to come across as "concerned" about the deficit as well. They are probably GREATER LIARS than even Boehner, although that is really hard to imagine.  That is why we got that SHAM deal last summer.  Therfore, expect another SHAM deal. Can you even IMAGINE Boehner and the GOP actually going "beyond the brink" in an election year, with the whole electin at stake?  Not a chance.  Somehow, the GOP will get beyond the election.  Maybe they willl even do what HONEST people would do, and what this blog told them they HAD to do last eyar.  They can "extend" the debt ceiling (by hook or crook) so that debt ceiling increases are directly TIED to SPENDING BILLS.  In other words, a debt ceiling increase should be AUTOMATIC, based on the spending bills that are passed, and there should be a REORT on exactly how much the spending bills APPROVED by Congress (including the House GOP) require the debt  ceiling to be raised.  In other words, ven Bailout Ben Bernanke (on of The Stupidest People on Earth) realized, and said, that it is necessary to LINK the spending bills and the debt ceiling.  Having them disconnected is insane, beccause the spending bbill REQUIRE the debt ceiling to be reaised. It is an inconsistent, dishonest, schizophrenic kind of vote--a John Boehner kind of ovte--to vote for the SPENDING bills, and then vote AGAINST the raise in the debt ceiling REQUIRED by the spending bills for which yu have voted. MSNBC LIARS, by the way, would have you believe that we have ALREADY SPENT the money.  That is not qauite true, and was definitely a lie last year (when the spending bills had been passed only for the first half of the year).  But the spending has been AUTHORIZED in the spending bills already passed for all of 2012, and that rEQUIRES the debt ceiling to be raised (unless you try to limit the spending for the rest of the year, when you couldnot even limit the spending in the original spending bills--not going to happen).  However, if the debt ceiling were to be raisd INTO THE NEXT FISCAL YEAR (to cover spending beyond the end of this fiscal year), that money has definitely not "already been spent".  That is the reason that Bailout Ben and I agree that spending and the debt ceiling need to be LINKED.  Thus, Boehner shuld really be concentrating on merely keing the debt ceiling to the spending bills--merely getting through this fiscal year, so that the debt ceiling goes up at the BEGINNING of each fiscal year (AFTER the spendin gbills have been passed) to cover the spending APPROVED for that fiscal lyear.  Bailut Ben and I aree that this is the only thing that makes any sense at all. But that is exactly why Boehner and the GOP do NOT want it.  They LIKE the present "system", because it encourages DECEIT.

But what is the Orwellian Big Lie here, totally adopted by almost ALL of the GOP?  Note that John Boehner is saing that the GOP will "insist" on one dollar in "cuts" forr every dollar the debtg ceiling is raised.  That is a LIE.  No, it is not just that Boehner is going to enter into some sort of SHAM "deal" over TEN YEARS, when the "spending cuts' in the future are not likely to be real.  Even if Boehner got what he professes to want, this would still be a LIE.  This whole idea of "payring for" present debtgt incrases NOW with "cuts' over TEN YEARS is a LIE.  It is absurd.  Look at it this way.  Would we actualy NEED to raise the debt ceiling if we "cut' one dollar in spending for every dollar we raise the debt ceiling?  Obviously not, at least if spending and the debt ceiling were properly in sync. If we actaully "cut", from CURRENT SPENDING, the same amount that we "need" to raise the debt ceiling, suddenly theer is NO NEED to raise the debt ceiling.  Noper.  Boehner, and tghe entire GOP, are LIARS.  They are not proposing to cut "current spending" by the same amount that we are increasing the debt. Waht they are propsosing to do is to supposedly "ctu" spending OVER TEN YEARS by the same amount we are raising the debtg ceiling in ONE YEAR.  Not only do the "spending cuts" never eally occur, but the "math" does not work.  It is the SAME math that says we can "pay for' NEW SPENDING in ONE LYEAR by cutting spending over TEN YEARS.  This is simply a LIE.  There is no kinder way of putting it.  Look at the 'payroll tax cut", as an examle.  This has ADDED 300 BILLION dollars to the deficit/debt in two years. Boehner and the GOP--despite vehement statements to the contrary--did not even PRETEND to "pay for" this 300 billionover the next ten years. But say they had adoopted "cuts" to 'pay for' that 3000 billilon  That would have been a LIE.  The 300 bilion is being "spent" (in a BRIBE disguised as a "tax cut) over TWO YEARS.  It is absurd to "pay for' that over TEn YEARS. 

Dirty little secret (to our politicians) We NEED very "cut" we can get just to 'pay for' the spendin gwe HAVE.--ethe government we currently have.  We CAnNOT "pay for" BOTH current spending, AND past spending/birbes, with the SAME CUTS. This is simply a LIE.  Again, there is no kinder way of putting it. And the media, including the unfair and unbalanced network, will not even TAlK abut this LIE.  I beg you:  BOYCOTT THE UNFAIR AND UNBALANCED NETWORK.  And:  DEFEAT THEM ALLL (all incumbent GOIP members of Congress).

Let us, for the record, complete (not really, but the biggest) litany of Boehner LIES.  Boehner and the GOP promised to CUT the spending for 2012:  the spendin gbills that were passed at the end of 2011.  What happened?  Right.  The GOP, including the supposed Tea Party heroes (like Jim Demint), WHINED about how the DMOCRATS did not "let them" "cut" ONE SINGLE DIME form spending.  Taht is right.  The GOP had promised to "cut' 100 billin (not enough) from the 2012 spending.  They "cut' NOT ONE SINGLE DIME.  As stated, the payroll tax cut alone ADDED some 150 BILLIN dollars to the deficit/debt, in combination with the further extenstin of unemplyment benefits. The number for all of the "goodies" in this bill ws sometimes stated as 180 BILLIN dollars.  The media was UNINTERESTED in these numbers, because the media are DISHOENST (and don't want to go "in the weeds" to actgually provide informatin).  The 2012 spending bills: antoher Boehner LIE exposed.

And what about that "payroll tax cut'. You remember Boehner on this one, and the whole GOP.  You know how Boehner is now putting out the LIE that he will "cut" one dollar for every dollar the debt ceiling is raised?  Well, he said--just as emphatically--that the GOP House wuld NEVER agree to an extension of the "payroll tax cut" BRIBE unless it was "paid for" ("paid for" being another LIE, even if the GOP House had got what it wanted).  Boehner and the GOP simply CAVED  There was not even a PRETENSE of "paying for" that "payroll tax cut".

Let us list the EXPOSED lies of John Boehner:  the 2011 omnibus spending bill, form which the GOP cut NOTHING;  the 2011 "debt ceiling crisis", which ended with a whmper in that famous SHAM deal with itss "automatic cuts"; the 2012 spnding bills, from which the GOP "cut" NOT ONE DIME (violating, I believe, that FRAUDULENT debt ceioing "compromise"):; and the "payroll tax cut" debacle", where Boehner and thet GOP did not even PRETEND to "pay for' it. Even the ordinary LIE was not good enough. The GoP just punted. And now LIAR BOEHNER has the nerve to talk about "kickng the can down the road".  Give me a break.  John n Boehner, you are a LIAR and a HYPOCRITTE.  And I have said the same things, and continue to say the same things, abut the supposed "Tea Party favorites" in Congress.  That is why this blog has accurately called the Tea Partty a FAILURE.

Then there are the "minor " things.  That failure to even make the case for cutting the funding for Planned Parenthood, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporatin for Public Broadcasting.  If the GOP can't make THAT caSe, or for "cutting' any nummber of OBVIUS instances of wasteful spending (including, by the way, federal pensions and salaries), then the GOP is not willing to "cut" AnYTHING, if the Dmeocrtats merely THREATEN to "shut down the government" over NPR (for example--lol). If the GOP believes it will LOSE the argument over whose "fault" it is that the government was shut down over funding for NPR, oar Palnned Paarenthood, then yu must realize how much of a LIAR John Boehner is.  Where are Boehner and the GOP going to find tthe GUTS to go through another "brinkmanship" battle over the debt ceiling, and WiN.  It ain't going to happen.

Q.E.D.  John Boehner is a LIAR.  And, reallly, the whole GOP membership in Congress is composed of LIARS,m who have adopted this FRAUD of "apying for' CURRENT deficits with "future cuts" needed to pay for the spending in future years. The GOP has still not 'cut" ONE DIME from current federal spending, and has actually aDDED hundreds of BILLINS of dollars to the CURRENT debt/deficit.  And the GOP has adoopted the 'philosophy" of the Soviet Union-type "five year plan", except that the GOP has totally bought into the FRAUD of a "ten year plan".  Nope.  Hell WILL frreze over beofre I vote for any of these peoople (o,kay, maybe Ron Paul). 

P.S  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  I really can't get over it. How can John Boehner be THIS DUMB (in additn to being this dishoenst).  He is deliberately setting himself up for the SAME battle that he LOST laSt summer-in a year where the GOP is LESS likely to take major risks.  He has NO cards-only lies.  And he can be ATTACKED successfully-as he is already being attacked--for simply prooposing the SAME BRINKMANSHIP of last summer, on the very same "issue'.  Makes no sense to me.  I guess that is why I am not a politician. 


Richard Brady said...

when will his lies stop ?

Richard Brady said...

when will his lies stop?