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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics : Piers Morgan Is a Kook (Y"Your Are a Kook If:" Series)

I know.  I have already PROVEN that NO ONE watches Piers Morgan (for good reason).  He basically has the same number of viewiewers as this blog has readers, excpet Piers Morgan is BONE DEEP STPID (which I am not). But there is a reason I use CNN as a proxy for general left wing stupidity, even though no one watches CNN (making it rather redundant to convince people not to watch).  CNNN, however, is a convenient place to learn the present "talking points" of the left, when the left is actaully trying to convince people who are not of the left to vote for them.  MSNBC is useless for this purpose, because MSNBC only preaches to the chorir, and is merely an obvius POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE for leftist Democrats.  Now I do hjave some advice for you:  BOYCOTT COMCAST AND GE:  Comcast being the PRESDENT owner of NBC/MSNBC and GE being the former owner (laong with being an all around EVIL comoany, which even found wasys around trade restrictinons with IRAN). Enough of this soapbox.  This is part of this blog's "your are a kook if:" series, and came about from me seeing this TEN  SECOND (literally) statement on he Piers Morgan program (and some peeople, like ME, saay that they have no evidence that there is a Christian God): 

"Every hour that peole sti at their job increases their mortality by 11%." 

This is what I cal a PHANTOM statistic. It is absurd, blut these things are never challegended. It is in the tradition of President Obama, our Liar-in=Chief, saying that Obama's health car bill would "reduce health insurance premiums for small businesses by 3000%".  The "explanatin for this latter absurdity, by the way, was really WORSE thatn the origingal absurd statement (as this aprticular lLIE was tooo much for even Obama's sycophants out there to really defend).  Obama, of course, DID NOT CARE that he LIED (he never cares) . He just wanted to say something that SOUNDED GOOD, with the idea that he would never really be "called" on it.  The saeme Phhilosophy' was behind the Obama statement, around the same time (during the ObamaCare debate) that doctors would rather get $20,000, $430,000 or even $40,0000" for an AMPUTATION than provide preventative diabetes care. (a MEGA-lie, in that not only are the amputation "fees" ABSURD, bbut the docotrs involved in amputations are generaly NOT the same doctors involved in preventative diabetes care). This bllog ha already told you that you are INSANE if you favor Obama, and you are a docttor,. But that applies to CHRISITANS, and to EVERyOINE ELSE.  I digress (sort of).

Tiy ARE a KOOK if you:

199.  Make a statement like that quoted above.  Do I really have to explain this?  If you sit down on yoru job 10 hours a day, you are ALREADY DEAD (11% times 10 being 110%, meaning ayone who sits down that much on his job is ALREDAY DEAD). Oh, by the way, the "mortality" of every person living on this planet is 100%, except--maybe--one person/God (Jesus Christ). nope.  If yo make a statement like this, you ARE a KOOK. More accurately, of course, you are a DISHONEST KOOK, since you are merely slaying an absurd tghing for the same reason President Obama said thos absurd things quoted above (Obama also slaying, in the 2008 campaign, that 1000 people died in a Kansas tornado because Presdient Bush had the national guard in Iraq, ehn only 13 people died and when the governor of Kansas said that the National Guard being in Iraq had NOTHING to do with the ability of the state to respond to the tornado--that governor now being part of the Obaa cabinet).

200. You are Piers Morgan.  Piers Morgan will "challenge someone like Rick Santorum,amd LUAGH about how INSANE Rick Santorum and similar minded GOP candidatates are with anti-Christian KOOK Bill Maher (anti-Christianss--including Morgan) n The Anti-Christian Network.  But Morgan can't be bothered to "challenge" an ABSURD statemetn like that quoted above.  This is the marrk of a "journalistic" KOOK.  It is also the mark of a DISHOENST POLITICAL HACK. Both descriptoins are exactly correct with regard to Morgan. Notice that Piers Morgan has received the DISTINCTIN of being no. 200 in the long-running 'you are a kook if:" series.  A plaque is in the mail to Morgan, to commemorate this. If you suspect--SHAMEFUL for you to be as cynical as the author of this blog--that the numbers were MANIPULATED (like so many of our emplyment numbers) to make sure that Piers Morgan was KOOK 200, you are correct.  As previously stated, I don't keep close track as to where I am in the series.  There have been ABUT 2000 kooks, or grroups of kooks, identified in teh series, but the exact nubmer is lost in the decade-long 'history" of this blog.  But Piers Morgan DESERVED to be no 200 and he is (forever more).  This blog HAD to make sure Morgan got this kind of "award" QUICKLY, because he (Morgan) is not going to be around much longer. 

P.S. . No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). Waht is a phantom statistic?  Well, Planned Parenthood (the most DISHOENST organization to ever exist on this Earth) once said that MORE women were KILLED by "back-alley" "abortions" in the sate of Minnesota than were killed by ALL CAUSES in the state, in the right age group and with the kind of problems that could have been causeed by an illegal abortion. Similarly, you have heard that only 1 in 10 "rapes" are reported.   Now we may agree that rape is an underprported crime, but his is a MADE UP statistic. If you pay attentin, you will find that MANY of hthese statistics are MADE UP--really reporesenting an ESTIMATE by an INTGersT GROUP.  Then the GUESS, by an interest group with an exttreme bias, is ACCEPTED by KOOKS like Morgan (and other "journalists"). I have received "complaints" that I lump ALL "journalists" together.  I am debating whethe rto includ these two items in the "your are a kook if:  series:

1.  You are a kook if you are a "journalist" (not in the sense I am, but in the sense of being an "accepted" "journalist").

2.  You believe that there is such a thing as an honest, competent "journalist". This blog, of course, was ordered (yes, by HIM, although it is still a pet peeve of mine that He would have an AGNOSTIC perform this impossible chore) to search out an honest, competent Associated Press reporter in a SODOM AND GOMORRAH search.  No such creature, of course, was found to exist in almost a DECADE of diligent search by this blog.  You might remember that "journalists", and Obama supporters, were saying that Presidetn Obama had the "highest IQ" of any President.  DON IMUS (himsself a sELL OUT) actually exposed this one:  'What is Obama's IQ?  Do you have an IQ test showing a number?"  Obama, of oucrse, will not even release his Harvarfd or Columbina transcripts (after the mmedia made much out of Bush being STUPID, and insisting upon his academic transcripits). 

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