Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama, Polish Death Camps and Humialiting an Entire Country: Meanwhile, ABC and Yahoo Concentrate on WHINING Mother of "Humiliated" Eight Year Old

President Obama was giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a former member of the Polish underground, who opposed the Nazis.  In the process, Obama referred to a POLISH death camp. It was, of course, a GERMAN (Nazi Germany) death camp, as millions of Polish citizens (not just Jes) were killed by the Nazis. 

For Obama, of oucrse, WORDS are jsut things to be USED POLITICALLY, for which he never expects to be held accountable.  Thus, Obama promptly compounded the problem by simply expressing "regret", in a WRITTEN STATEMENT, that he (Obama) "mispoke". Poland--including the famous leader of Solidarity, Lech Walensa (sp?), now wants a much better apology that EXPLAINS that Poland was the VICTIM of Nazi Germnay. The man who took on the totalitarian Evil Empire of the Soviet Union, of curse, knows more about COURAGE than Obama even suspects exists.  Thus, Obama has managed to HUMILIATE Poland and all Poles:  an entire country.

Meanwhile, what is the ABC "News" headline FEATURED (main picture story) on Yahoo "News"?  The Yahoo (boycott Yahoo) headine is:  "Mom and eight year-old humiliated over award".  The ABC headline is:  Eight year-od humiliated over 'catastrophe' award".  This is what ABC and Yahoo-evil people spreading evil--regards as IMPORTANT, MAJOR "news" in this country.  Get over it, mom. Yep. I hereby give this "mom" my own award, featuring a "medal" with a WHINING woman on it:  "Persons I would least like to know" award.  Oh, I would give ABC and Yahoo my "Catastrophe in Journalism" award, but I have already done taht so many times that ti would merely represent an REDUNDANCY.

Nope.  I  am sorry.  In fact, I am SORRY FOR any child with a mother lie this.  The "award", by the way, was for  "most homework excuses".  Again. Get over it.  This is NO a 'national" story. This is NOT a LOCXAL story.  This is NOT worth even a complaint to the xhocol, because it sends the WRONG MESSAGE to the child.  I am now reading "To Kill a Mockingbird", and the difference in the teaching of PERSONAL RESPONSIBIITY (rather than WHING) is striking.  Exactl7y when did we become a NATION OF PRIGS ND WHINERS?  And when did our "journalists' totally abandon "journalism'? 

ABC and Yahoo, meanwhile, are likely to pay little or no attention to the HUMNILIATION of Poland by President Obama.  Sure, yu can argue taht Poland, and Polish people, are OVERREACTING to what is rally a verbal slip (although you might remember that Presdient Obama has previusly indicated he had no idea of the difference between a "death camp" and a "concentration camp" when he visited the sites at the beginning of his Presidency).  But let me be clear here:  Who has thr RIGHT to "overreact" a little?  A whining mom who is making WAY too much--although her CRIME does not compare with the "journalistic" CRIME of ABC and Yahoo--out of what should be a "teaching moment" for her child (rather than an opportunity for national pubicity, and teaching her child to WHINE)?  Or the man hwho stood up to the Soviet Union when the Soviet Union had tghe power of life land death over him?  If yoiu answer THIS questin wrong, YOU are a person I do not want to know. 

To me, this is a microcosm of where we have recently gone wrong, and are going further down the wrong path.  Is it "right" to "humiliate" a young child (as, say, with a dunce cap) in school?  I would say it may depend.  But WHO CARES?  This idea that schools,m teachers, etc. have to "walk on eggshells", rather than "offend" or "humiliate" our "precious darlings" (sarc sm disease recurring) may partly explain why we have so many people who thin they are ENTITLED to a PERFET life.  GET OVER IT.  You are teaching your children the WRONG THING.  Indeed, I have much more respect for a child, and parent, who stands up for ANOTHER CHILD, than I do for a parent who makes a big deal about his or her "poor darling" being "humiliated" this way.  Again, READ "To Kill a Mockingbird", and realize how FAR DOWn we have sunk. 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell ehecking (bad eyesight).  I feel bad that I am HUMILIATED by some of you who keep pointing out how BAD mky spelling and typing is.  You should be ashamed of yourselves, picing on a BLIND PERSON that way (lol--go ahead, you may be right to criticize me for not figuring out a way to do better:  jsut not worth the ffort for me). Then there is my senior high school English teacher:  one of those old "ixtures" that they have at every school, who prretty much TERRORIZED her students.  I, personally, thought she was--and htink so today, 50 pus years later--a BAD teacher, while he very pretty 'trainee" eahcer (who tookk over my junor English class) was a VERY much beter teacher.  This evaluation MAY be affected by the fact that Miss Vaughn HUMILIATED me by making me READ my notebook to her (because she could not read my eriting).  You can see that some of the critics of my blog have a lot in commmon with Miss Vaughn.  I don't think Miss Vaughn thought I could write at all (and, admittedly, my handwring was always TERRILBE, and now my type writing is TERRIBLE--I can't win).  The only reason I got a "B" in her class was that I was VALEDICTORIAN of the schol (before the days of kids with an average beyond 100), and she was a little relucttant to givew me too low a grade. You may get the impression that I refused to be intimideated by authority, even that early (remember, I was an agnostic by age 13).  You would be right.  I LIKED the pretty young teacher, and not just becuase she was prety.  She was a BETTER teacher.  I did NOT LIKE Miss Vaughn, and would not likke here today. But it would NEVER have occurred to me to COMPLAIN to my parents about being HUMILIATED by Miss Vaughn.  Oh, I am sure I MENTIONED it, but both myself and my parents knew that there was SOME excuse for my "humiliation".  Miss Vaugh was facing the prospect of reading a notebook with some 10,000 words in it, and maybe her eyesight was not much better than my present eyesight.  She did not "stick it out", by the way.  I read a few pages after schol, and then she thoiught my 'humiliation" had gone far enough.  She have me a "B" on the notebook, with this notation:  "I assume there are some good insights here, if I could only read them."  More HUMILIATION for me (lol).  Did I actually make my writing WORSE becaue I did not like her?  I don't think so.  My handwriting really was "naturally" pretty bad.  But I definitely had NO incentive to offer--say--to TYPE thke notebook for her--I did take typing in high shciool, believe it or not, and got an "A"). Nor did I offer to have someone else write out the notebook for her.  Pigs would fly before I went to all of that trouble for HER:  fort of my attitude toward figuring out how to proofread this blog.  I have previously mentioned that a PE teacher FLOGGED me. No, I did not complain about that either, in high shcool.  I don't think I even mentioned that one to my parents. Okay, "flogged" is the Anderson Cooper/ABC exaggerated way of describing it.  Again, I was deliberately HUMILIATED by "suffering" several blows on my bottom with a thin SWITCH that STUNG (although left ono injury).  Today, Anderson Cooper  might devote an entire week to that sort of thing--especially if I were GAY.  Hey, wati  a minute.  At least half of the school (those who had an opinion, as we did not OBSESS abut the subject in those days) surely thought I was gay.  As, again, I have previously said, I did not even ASK a girl out during my ENTIRE high shcol years.  No doubt about it.  I was born too late. I could have been a STAR,. Anderson Cooiper would have made me a STAR, for being BULLIED by Miss Vaughnn and my PE teacher BECAUSE I WAS GAY (not a chance, by the way,, that this was any factor in my "humiliation").  Oh. My PE teacher "switched" me because I was in a nothing scuffle with another boy in PE class (no "bullying" there either). Maybe we should nto ahave physical disciline in schools.  But this constant overreaction to kids being 'humiliated" is doing kids HARM.  I can asure you that we were BETTER OFF when I ws a child, even if our "rights' were not so well "protgected".  You just can't go through life expecting that you will be "protectged" from EVERYTHING.  Now, too many peole seem to be TAUGHT that you CAN expect to be "protected" from even "mental" unpleasantness":  even thinking that the GOVERNMENT should GUARANTEE this (and everything else you need).  You can tell I prefer my "humiliation" in high shcool to the way we are FORCING schols to pander today.  I wonder if Anderson Cooper, who is gay (explaining why he obsesses on his CNN program on the subject) was "humilitated WROSE than I was in high school?  Heck, he probably got along better with GIRLS. (the vicius creatures). 

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Chazzo said...

Accidentally stumbled upon your blog a couple of nights ago. I have to admit that after reading the first article regarding the democratic primary I am hooked. Spelling and typing issues take a back seat to insightfulness and well thought out commentary. Keep up the great work!