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John Boehner, Liar (Part II): Joined By Multiple Otehr Liars, Including Anderson Cooper (Keeping Him Honest on The Liar Network)

This whole "contgroversy" over raising the debt ceiling appears to be a total SHAM.  Even I, although I had ubderstiid that the whole purpose of the last "debt ceiling deal" was to get beyind the nexxt election, was momentarily confused by they way CNN was reporting this "crisis".  I slhould have known better.  CNN is The Liar Network, and Anderson Cooper (keeping him honest, as always), is a LIAR on The Liar Network.

Nothing has changed. One of the things that the GOP "got" out of that last SHAM of a "debt ceiling  deal" was for President Obama to be REQUIRED to present a further raise of the debt ceiling to Congress, and for th ePresident to TRY to make some sort of long-term deal with Congress DURING lthis electin year.  That is, I THINK that is the case. Anderson Cooper, and teh other LIAS in teh mainstream media, are UNINTRERSETED (as usual) in the FACTS of what is gong on here. I am not totally sure this is exactly the correct description of the situation, and there is no way the media (including the unfair and unbalanced network) is going to GTLL either YOU or ME.  What is certain (unless Anderson Cooper is lying on this) is that the debt ceiing does NOT "have" to be raised until after the electeion. What is clear is that john Boehner, LIAR and total idiot that he is, WANTS the House to be ON RECORD (BEfORE the election, that the GOP House "opposes" a debt ceiling increase without equivalent "spending cuts' (a LIE; se part I posted previously today).  By the saeme token, Obama and the Democrats WANT to be ON RECORD saying that any "debt ceiling deal" (new one) MUST be a "balanced approach": meaning TAX INCRFEASES.  Waht you can be sure of is that any "tgax increases" in a Democrat bill will be FREAL, and any "spending cuts" will be FANTASY (sometime in the future).  The problem is that the GOP is really no diffrerent, except that they KNOW that they can't agree to "tax increases".  It would mean their puny little "job"--in a GOP primary, if not in the general electin---for them to agree to a tax increase.

Okay.  Look at where we are.  I stand by everything I said in part I of this article, except I was not nearly cynical enough.  The LIARS here are more blatant, and more obvious, than even I told you.  The debt ceiling does not HAVE to be increased before the elecdion.  What that means is that IT WON"T BE.  This is 100% certain, and for CNN (including the dishonst Anderson Cooper) to portary this as a present "crisis" is  a LIE.  No, it does not do any good at all to say that American politics should not work this way, and taht we should not maneuver to make these "decisions" in a LAME DUCK SESSIONI . That is who theDEMOCRATS have worked since 2009, and it is how the GOP WOULD WORK (if they were in control, and thought it was to their TACTICAL benefit).  The Democrats simply REFUSE to pass AnY  BUDGET, and they REFUSED to pass ANY SPENDING bills until after the electin in 2010, fr totallly POLITCAL reasons.  That is AlL that is happening on the "debt ceiling". 

You are INSANE ,if you think that EITHER the House GOP or Barack Obama and the Democrats are gong to make a "deal" on tghe debt ceiling before the electin.  I know it.  CNN knows it.  John Boehner knows it . The unfair and unbalanced network kknows it.  Every Democrat in Congress knows it.  Every member of the GOP in Congress knows it.  Did I just call Anderson Cooper INSANE?  Well, he may be.  But no, I did not.  What I just called Anderson Cooper, and CNN, was DISHONEST.  It is ABSURD to suggest taht this "debtt ceiling" "debate" is a "repeat" of last summer.  Yes, the Boehner MISTAKE was to make it LOOK like a "repeat" of last summer, but all it really is is POSTURING (on both sides) prior to the electin. Obama wants to remind people of last summer, and suggest he is willing to "compromises".  He is nto . The GOP--who engaged in that SHAM and BETRAYAL last summer--wants to TALK TOUGH (knowing that they don't have to DO anything before the election).  President Obama has NO "incentive to agree to rEAL "spending cuts'.  All he wants to do is POSTURE about "taxes on the rich", while saing he is "open" t unspecified "spending cuts' in the farture.  The GOP just wansts to go ON RECORD as being agaisnt spending and these constant incrases in the debt ceiling, and that is a LIE (see part I).  Neither side has any intention of "making a deal" (unless they found it in their interest to do a TOTAL SHAM), and they will not make a deal.  This blogtg was absolutely right, ni part I.  These people (Obama, Congressional Democats and Conngressional members of the GOP) could not make a deal last summer, UNDER PRESSURE.  There is NO PRESSUE this summr, excpet mild political pressure and the LIES of "journalists" like Anderson Cooper,, others at CNN, and others throughout the media. There is no "crisis" here, and neither side has the VOTES.  Taht means NOTHING will be done before the election. 

This means that Boehner was reallyl a worse LIAR than part I suggested. Boehner KNOWS t--as does the dishonest Anderson Cooper, and the rest at CNN--that this is NOT a "crisis":  that NOTHING "has" to be done before the electin.  That means that nothing WILL be done. The GOP is NOT going to "cabvve" to Obama before the lectin, and Obama is NOT going to "cave" to the GOP.  Obama has his "class warfare" campaign against "the rich", and the gOP has its FALSE campaign against debt and deficit spending.  Note that I am perfectly aware that Obama and the Democrats want to spend MROE than the GOP.  However, the LIE--see part I--is that the GOP is SEROIUS about "sovling' our deficit and debt.  Paul Begala (as DISHOENST a lperson as any who has ever existed on this Earth) accurately said tonight (on CNN) that the Paul Ryan budget would ADD 5 TRILLIN dollars to our debt  Waht Begala failed to mentin, of course, was that the OBAMA budget (there is NO Democratic budget, because the Democratic Senate has VIOLATEED THE LAW and not produced one for some 3 years) would add 10 TRILLION dollars to the debt over the next ten years.  Both budgets are total fantasy, althoough the Obama budget is beyond FANTASY (NO DEMOCRAT even being willing to vote for it).  Begala is the worst, most dishonest POLLITICAL HACK on this plantet,, and the perfect choice for Anderson Coopr's (keeping honest) main political commentator (at least on the Democrat side). 

Waht is "funny" (not "ha-ha" funny) is what will likely happen if the GOP should WIN the electin in November.  Suddenly, it is the DEMOCRATS who are gong to talk about not raising the debt ceiling, and who are going to try to make the GOP "bite the bullet".  This may actaullly be a problem, in the "lame duck" sessioni, depending on when the debt ceiling MUST be raised. Remember.  The original "story" was that the debt ceiing 'had" to be raised in something like the SPRING of last year, but it turned out that the "real" deadline was about two months LATER than that.  Remember, also, that SENATOR OBAMA voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling, using basically teh sAME language as Tea Party GOP members are using today. Yep.  This is ALL POLITICS. In fact, it is ALL LIES>  I will go fruther:  if Obama were still in the Seante, he would make the sAME VOTE.  He has said that vote was a "mistake", just like he has said his osition on gay marriage "evolved" (along with his opsition on the "individual mandate" for health care insurance). President Obama is truly "Liar-in-Chief, and the most UNTRUTHFUL man to ever be President of the United States. And he has the NERVE to make a big campaign issue about Romney "flip flops) . Obama has LIED about the DEBT CEILING, and his previous VOTE, which was ALL POLITICS.  Even Begala, partisan political hack that he is, acknowledged that the previus Obama vote was likely POLITICS.  Not the OBAMA has never acknowledged that, just as he has never acknowledged that his 2008 "positon" on gay marriage was a POLITICAL LIE.  Isn't it Amazing? The Maverick Conservative has AGREED with BOTH Paul Begala and James Carville on Obama LIES.  Begala admits that Senator Obama's debt ceiiling vote was POLITICS (a LIE, in combination with the Tea Party rhetoric), and Craville has admitted that Obama's stated oppositon to gay marriage (in the 2008 campaign) was POLITAICS (a LIE, when Obama, in Carville's correct opinion, was ALWAYS in favor of gay marriage).

Okay.  This is all POSTURING,despite the Anderson CoooperCNN imitation of Claude Rains (in Casablanca, as he falsely claimed to be "shocked" that gambling was going on. Everybody is lYING.  So why is John Boehner so BAD?  Easy. He is so OBVIUSLY a LIAR. In other words, he is being STUPID. All he is doing, when he says he "will not accept" a debe ceiling increase without a "dollar-for-dollar spenidng decrease, is REMINDING peole of Boehner's LIES ast summer.  Boehner is phrasing the "debt ceiling debate" EXACTLY THE SAME WAY he tried to freame tit in 2011, hen he LIED when he said the GOP woud "not accept" "politics as usual".

Nope. It is not ture that Boehner HAD to do this.  No, Boehner culd not possibly say that teh GOP would accept the Obama "soulutioni" to the debt ceiling problem.  But Boehner desperatgely needed to CHAN NGE THE ARGUMENT from 2011.  Instead, he went out of his way to remind peole of that debacle.  What Boehner should have done is follow this blog's advice.  What Boehner needed to do is say that the GOP was tired of GAMES.  In a way, Boehner is saying that, but in a way that EVERYONE recognizes as playing the SAME OLD GAME as last summer. What Boehner needed to do is shift the debate in a way that made it obvius he no longer ws wiling to play games. This blog told him how to do that last summer.  KEY the debt ceiling to the SPENDING that REQUIRES the debt ceiling to be increased. That means FORCING Congress to vote on SPENDING bills BEFORE the debt ceiling is increased, and with the knowledge that there will then be a VOTGE on raising teh debt ceiling by EXACTLLY the amount required by the spending bills that Congress has approved. That includes any "omnibus" spending beill, and any "continuing resolutin'. Bailout Ben Bernanke and I agree that the debt ceiling MUST be linked with the SPENDING that creates the necessity for rraising the debt ceiling. Bernanke and I gree that a DISCONNECT between the spending and raises in the debt ceiling makes the debtg ceiling pretty much worthless. The debate on lon spending bills and the debt ceiling needs to be CONNECTED.  That is exactly why Boehner and the GOP don't want to do it.  Boehner and the GOP, jsut as much as Obama and the Democrats, WANT the debt ceiling to be disconnected from teh spending bills.  How else can Boehner and teh GOP DECEIVE. Make no mistake about it.  Boehner and the GOP do want to DECEIVE YOU about exactly what they are doing with spending (requiring a raise in the debt ceiling). 

Again, everything said in th efirst part of this article, posted earlier today, remains true, EXCEPT the ruther LIE that something MUST be done about teh "debt ceiling" beore the electin.  Not only does nothing HAVE to be done.  Nothing WILL be done.  That is as close to certain as you can get.  If ANYTHING is done, it will be merely "kicking the can down the road" (to use Boehner's own words, which accurately describe HIS (Boehner's) performance since hecame Speaker of the House). 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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