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Anderson Cooper, Dishonest Hypocrite: Go Damn America (Anderson Cooper Is Gay Series)

Let us go back to a "Christian" LOON in whom Anderson Cooper and CNN were totally UNIINTERESTED (except to defend him).Yep.  We are back to the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was President Obama's pastor for 20 years (the closest thing to a SPECIFIC relition that Barack Obama has ever had, although Bill Maher and I. --declared agnostics bothl--have informed yu, correctly, that President Obama is not a Christian).

Remember Reverend Wright, who President Obama discarded for totally POLITICAL reasons, as President Obama's various positions on same sex marriage have been for totally POLITICAL REASONS (as James, Carville and I agree that his "real" positoin has ALWAYS been in favor of same sex marriage)?  CNN and Anderson Cooper considered the sermons of Revernd Wright IRRELEVANT (except then they finally threatened President Obama's candidacy):  isolated examples of hyperbole that said notihing about Presiident Obama being part of that church for 20 years. To refresh your memory, Reverend Wright is the one who professed the sentiment:  "GOD DMAN AMERICA".  No, that is NOT taken ut of context. Reverend Wright meant it, in the context of his crusade agaisnnst "white Europeans", and the alleged destruction by "America" of blackk people (especailly black males).  Reverend Wright even gave a RACIST speech to the Detroit NAACP, after his "bad sermonss were revealed, where he said things like:  "black people, becaukse of t their history, learn differently than white Europeans, and that has to be taken into account in or education systmen which is geaared toward white Europeans").   Reverend Wright is also the reverend who expressed this POLITICAL "conspiracy theory" that the CIA is deliberately providing illegal drugs to African-American males to DESTROY THEM (among other things, by making sure so many of them go to prison). Again, Anderson Cooper and CNN defended this as justifiable HYPERBOLE, as Reverend Wright expressed the frustrations oof t black people.  And, of oucrse, it had--in the Anderson Coooper/CNMN view--NOTHING to do with whether President Obama should be President.  After all, it was nothing but a few SERMONS from a single pastor.  To try to "tar" then Senator Ob ama with these seroons would be GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.  Message to Anderson Cooper and CNN:  You are the WORST HYPOCRITES to ever walk the Earth, on tow legs or four, as Anderson Cooper DAILY "tars" ALL Christians (who actually believe in their religion), and ALL peole who oppose a gay activist agenda, with the ISOLATED sermons of selected Christian pastors somewhere int hte United States.

As stated in prvious articles, this has everything tod do with Anderson Cooper's very PERSONAL agenda.  Anderson Cooper is gay.  He is USING his program to PUSH a gay activis agenda, BECAUSE HE IS GAY.  I have been asked, by "modern generation" peple who are all mentally challegned, why I CARE that Anderson Cooper is gay.  I don't care.  But ut I CARE that Anderson Gooper is pushing GAY ATVISIT PROPAGANDA, in a totally DISHONEST way, out there as "news'.  "Skip, yu don't have to listen" (as I no longer will, even giving up SURFING Anderson Cooper as a total waste of time). YOU HYPOICRITES who say tat, and then think that what Anderson Cooper is puttin gout is some kind of "news" that he has a RIGHT to put out.  Sure, he has a "right" to put it out, but he is NOT RIGHT to put out such dishonest propaganda.  Thus, look at the view of you HYPOCRITES.  Reverend Wright is irrelevant because he is only a single pastor putting out hyperbole explained by his background and who he is speaking for.   Anderson Cooper is supposedly merely a single, irrrelevant gy on CNN, who can put whatever he wants on his program, even  if it is DISHOENST stuff promoting his PERSONAL GAY ACTIVIST AGENDA. But ISOLATED Christian pastors around the country are "news", because they are "spreading evil".  Anderson Cooper, you ARE a DHISHONEST HYPOCRITE.  Doe s anyone have to listent o these sermons?  Of coures not.  And, small as Anderson Cooper's audience is, Anderson Cooper's audience DWARFS that of any of thee pastors. Lest you rally believe that Anderson Coope and CNN are realy against "guilt by associiation", need I mentin RUSH LIMABUGH--whhere every single "controversial" sentence is JUMPED on by CNN to condmen eVERY member of the GOP and every conservative.  Reverend Wright not only mma y have INFLUENCED the thinking of the President of the United States (evidence is that he did), but the President of the United States SUPPORTED Reverend Wright for 20 eyars (not on terms, necessarily, of monetary suppport, but in terms of supporting Reverend Wright by attending and promoting his church).  But Reverend Wright is "irrelevant, whoilke rural preachers can be said to represent the entire opposition to gay marriage in this country.  YOU HYPOCRITES. (Anderson Cooper and CNN).

What am I talking abou? First, again, you need to realize that Anderson Cooper is gay.  No, I con't care aobut that in the abstaract.  But ti EXPLAINS the gay activist propaganda Coooper puts out almost every night.  North Carolina, yu may recall, recently had this ELECTIN (Anderson Cooper and the left do not believe in dmocracy when it does not fit their agenda).  60% of the VOTERS of North Carolina ut in the North Carolina constitution a provision that both gay marriage and civil unions would not be recognized in North Carolina.  Was Anderson Cooper interested in WHY 60% of the people of North Carolina would oppose gay marriage (aligning themselves with MOST of the world, and ALL of human history up until this century)?  Not a chance.  Before the electin, Cooper featured video of a SINGLE North Carolina pastor talking about what parents shuld do if they suspect a child of "turning gay":  "Take that child's limp wrist and crack it.  Punch him.  Tame stuff, right, especailly from a pastor evidently known for hyperbole?  Tame stuff, in any event, in com parsion to "GOD DAMN AMERICA", from the pastor of a man running for President of the United States.  But this--straight off of the gay activist internet--was FEATURED "news" on Anderson Cooper's progaram two nights in a row (mabye more, but I saw it two nights). So a single preacher in North Carolina said a FEW SENTENCES that were unChristian.  SO WHAT?  Why is this 'news".  It is "news" ONLY because ANDEROSON COOPER IS GAY, and has this crusade and vendetta agasint Christians where he is perfectly willing to use GUILT BY ASSOCIATION.  There is no eviddence that this pastor is "typical" of people in Norhth Carolina, or people who opose gay marriage.  And hwhat the siad was NOT MUCH.  Yet, Anderson Cooper featured this guy for TWO NIGHTS right before the North Carolina vote.  It didn't work ((surprise, surprise!!!!!).

But Anderson Cooper, and the gay activist community, were BITTER aboutt he Noth Carolina vote.  "Trrops" fanned out over North Carolina.  'Surely, we can find more examples of "hate speech' showing what HICKS voted for this'  was the refrain that went out across North Carolina, from Anderson Cooper, CNNN and gay activists everywheree.  These propaandists were determined to invoke GUYILT BY ASSOCIATION against 60% of the voters of North Carolina.  Lo and behod, they FOUND another North Caolina preacher who went "over the top" with a sermon.  This preacher fit the Anderson Cooper AGENDA-the gay activist agenda--perfectly.  He said "agin".  No, that was not his pronunciatin of "again" (I do that).  That is this preacher's way of saying "against".  Pure hicksville, right?  If yoiu have an AGENDA it certainly is (no caveats about 'background", or speakng in the "language" of the people wh you know), since this is not Reverend Wright). Did tis preacher talka bout some sort of "conspiracy theory" about how gays are kidnapping children and FORCING thm to be gay (instead of forcing school curriculums to refelct a gay activist agenda)  Nope.  This preacher went off on an obvius FANTASY.  Sure, it was a HATEFUL fantasy, but it was still NOT REAL.  This preacher said something like this;  "We need to set up two aras surrounded by electrified fences. We gather together all of the lesbians and put them in one area.  We gather together all of the queers and homosexuals and ut them in another area. Then we drop them supplies and let them die off"."  Anderson Cooper  sneered at the idea of gays "reporcuding".  But Anderson Cooper is a DISHONEST HYPOCRITE, and professed to take this stuff literallly (when his pont HAD to be that this represented a hateful ATTITUDE toward gays).  Did this preacher really expect that gays would be rounded up, and tha we would eliminate mosexuals in this manner?  Don't be silly.  It takes a LIBERAL PRESIDENT to round people up and put them in concentratin campss (Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with Japanese AMERICNANS in World War II, over the objections of J. Edgar Hoover).  This was pure hyperbole, and Anderson Cooper knew it . Sure, it was hateful stuff, but this preacher had as much "right" to say it as Anderson Cooper does to put out his nightly gay activist propaganda. No one has to listen.  Cooper, by the ay, makng clear the INTENT to invoke the GUILT BY ASSOCIATION,  that CNN and Cooper have declared to be an EVIL thing,, make a point of syaing (in the extensive segments on both of these preachers) that you can hear the "audience" saying "amen". I imagine you could hear that when Reverend Wright said"God Damn America" too.  So what?  Cooper is tryig to CONDEMN60% of the people of North Carolina based on ISOLATED hyperbole from two preachers. Anderson Cooper, you are an EVIL person: convicedof that by yiour own network, which aso convicted itself in the process. No attempt to put on a rEAL spokesman for the North Carolina votters. My daughter sugggested last night that Anderson Cooper put ME on his program, to rEALLY ratchet up this "guilt by association"  tactic.  He will not do it, because I would accuse him of usng his pr0ogram for PROGAGANDA to advance his own, PERSONAL, agenda.  And, as an agnostic, I would hardly fit the Cooper narrative, or be regarded as a proper spokesman by most Christians.  But putting some SEROUS person on to defend the North Carolina vote would be "news". Waht Cooper did was straight PROPAGANDA (as my snide daughter recognizes).  Again, Anderson Cooper FEATURED this second preacher at least TWO NIGHTTS, and went so far as to PUSH the idea of taking away this poor preacher's "tax exemptioin" for dARING to oppose the Cooper agenda.  Actually, of course, Cooper probably tthnked God (who Cooper believes in conssiderably less than I do, on the anti-Christian networrk) for this preacher, since how else could Cooper adance his theory of GUILET BY ASSOCIATION.  Oh, by the way, Cooper is surely right that you cannot eliminate homosecual CONDUCT by not allowing them to reporduce.  But Cooper is transparently WRONG when he impies that  'homosexuals" never reporduce.  My nephew married a woman who has now declared herself a lesbian, and they HAD A CHILD.  The governor of New Jersey had a family, and then declared himself to be gay.  It is Anderson Cooper who is bone-deep STuPID.  Butyou already kew that.

Then there are Muslims.  Hypocrites Andeson Cooper and CNN CONDMEN--as evil--the idea that Muslims in general should be held responsible for terrorists and Muslim extremists: the idea that the Muslim RELIGION should be held responisble for the CLERICS, and other inndividuals (however numberus) who are corrupting the religion. Let us be honest here, as Anderson Cooper and CNN are not: When you COMOPARE the relative EVIL of a rural North Carolina preacher's FANTASY of how to get rid of homosexuals with the Muslim extremist REALITY of how to get rid of "infidels', whichg is the more "newsworthy" and DANGEROUS.  There is obviusly not contest. In fact, this North Carolina preacher mentioned that homsexuals were oce hnged.  Who is it that PRESENTLY HANGS HOMOSEXUALS?  Right.  President Ahmaninejad, of Iran, BRAGGED that there are no homosecuals in Iran, "because we hanng them".  But do Anderson Cooper, and the other hypocrites of CNN, scour the country to find MUSLIM CLEIC who say bad things abut homosecuals?  Not a chance.  "But Skip, Muslims are a small minority in this country."  Yuo DISHOINEST HYPOCRITE you (Anderson Cooper, the people of  CNN, and all who think this way).  Are Muslims really a SMALLER minority in this  country than the congregations of thiese individual "Christian" pastors?  Not a chance.  That is a LIE.  The Orwelian, evil Big Lie here, than Anderson Cooper is deliberately promoting, is that ALL Christians (at least evangelical Christians) can "fairly" bwe "tarred" with EVERY statment madde by eVERY Christian pastor.  CNN itself says this is an EViL BIG LIE, but the hypocrites at CNN only say that with regard to MUSLIMMS, "Occupy" pepolee, Reverend Wright, Bill Maher, and any other LEFTIST "extremist" who says indefensible things.  Dirty little secret here: If Anderson Cooper and CNN LOOKED around the world for OUTRAGEOUS things said by MUSLIM clerics (including  those how are not directly terrorists), they wuould not have space for any other examples of religious "hate" speech.  Unilike North Carolina rural preachers, these Muslim clerics are atually RESPONSIBLE for much of the terrorism in the world. Al-Qaida grew out of the "eaching" of Saudi Arabuian clerics in the refugee camps of Afghanistan.  Where were CNN and Anderson Cooper, talkng about the EVIL these Muslim clerics were spreading (real evil, and not the "hate" fantasies of individual Christian preachers). If you really think that North Carolina preacher was SERIUSLY advocating that we have concentratin camps for homosexuals, anywhere but in his fantasies, then you should aply to work for Anderson Cooper/and/or CN. Your mind will fit perfectly . In contrast, these MSULIM EXTREMISTS are SEROUS abut what they want done, in the name of Islam.  If yu doubt that, go back and look at those vidoes of what happned on 9/11.  Notice that I don't defend what this one crank North Carolina preacher chooses to say, other than being willing to defend to the death his righ t to say it.  Nor do I condmn aLL muslims.  Wht I condmn are Anderson Cooper and the otehr HYPOCRITES of CNN.

CNN is simply NOT INTRESTED in the 'extreme" statements of clerics in this country who are not "fundamentalist" Christians, Catholics, or some other DISFFAVORED religion.  Look at the "Occupy" peple.  They have SAID--inividuals--some of the most HATEFUL things saifd by any people alive in this country today: much more HATEFUL than this North Caolina preacher, because more connected to erEALITY.  These "Occupy" peple have COMMITTED CRIMES.  The North Carolina preacher has not . But are CNN and Anderson Cooper, interested in publicizing the HATE SPEECH (and bizarre speech) of "Occupy" peple?  My daughter says that the "Occupy Boston" peple squatting in a park appear to be a cloection fo HOMESLIESS peole (and this daughter voted for Obama). CNN and Anderson Cooper are simply UNINTERESTED n the EXTREMISTS and SLEAZEBALLS int eh "Occupy" mmovement.  Ratehr, the CNN "toryline' is how the "Occupy" people express a real frustation, even if they don't all articulate a coherent message. YOU HYPOOCRITES (referring to Anderson Cooper and CNN).  You support the "Occupy" people, and therefore would not think of geaturing the (numerous) outrageous statements thyhey make.  But let a rural Christian preacher, ANYWHERE in this country, say ONE SENTENCE  that could be regarded as "hateful", that Christian pastor is likely to find himself FEATURED on Andeson Cooper's CNN program.  There is ONE reason for this--well, actually two.  First, ANDERSON COOPER IS GAY, and pushing a gay activist agenda.  Second Cnnn is The Anti-Christian Network.  Nope.  These preachers are not braking the law, and defeecating in public parks (not to mentin raping, and wore).  These preachers are merely putting out there (admittedly rather extreme) view of what the Bible tell s us, in their own relatively small churches.  But these preachers are the target of an anti-Christian VENDETTA (amounting to a bllod feud) by Anmderson Coooper against believing Christians. 

Q.E.D.  Anderson Cooper is a DHISHONEST HYPOCRITE (keeping him honest).  And this is the most relevant fact behind Cooper's agenda:  Anderson Cooper is gay.  Taht would not matter to me, excempt it is BEHIND the disgraceful propaganda Cooper puts out on his program.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  Is there ANYONE out there REORTING on what MUSLIM clerics are SAYING in the United States to their "congregatinos?  I would be interested in knowing.  Nope.  I am positive the unfair and unablanced network is NOT really reporting on this, UNLESS it hits them in the face. They are too mcuh COWARDS, and wanting th e"aproval" of CNN types (not matter how much they may deny it).  The ony difference, of course, is that CNN will NOT "report" on Musllim clerics unfavorably, EVN IF IT HITS CNN IN THE FACE.  To be as blunt as I can, and as this blog said with regard to that florida rpreacher who announded he would burn the Korran:  The statement sof these individual passtors, in hcurch sermons, are NOT  NEWS.  The only people, like Anderson Cooper, wo try to MAKE this stuff "news" have an AGENDA, and are tryng to USE this on-news stuff to promote that agenda. By the way, the "gay activist moovement" and the peole who support it, are aobut lthe most DISHOENST people who have ever existed (esceeded only by Planned Parenthod).  How INSECURE are these peope to REFUSE to "debate" the publkic policy as to homosecual "issues' ON TH EMAERITS--instead relying on CHARACTER ASSASSINATION, and every other unfair, dishoenst tactic they can cnceive.  Thiis is all about INTIMIDATION.  You will notice that this blog refuses to be intimidated. For those of youy, like my daughters, who think I should just ignore Anderson Cooper (jsut not watching), I want you to consider just how much LESS excuse Anderson Cooper has for not ignroing these individual preachers out there.  I am not a Christian.  I do not turn the other cheek.  If Anderson Cooper is going to be this HYPOCRITICAL and DISHOENST, he is going to here from me. As I told lmy younter duaughter, who promised to write Anderson Cooper and tel him he needs to look into this blog spreading "hate speech" about him, I am morally certain Anderson Cooper will never invite me on thhis progaram (even though I probably have more acutal "influence" than these OBSCURE preacers, small as my "audience' may be).  Anderson Cooper well knows thaat having ME on his program would do ME a whole lot mor good than it would do Anderosn Cooper.  Cooper is bone-deep StUPID, but not THAT stupid. One can dream, however,  ypep.  It does not matter if Cooper mademe look like a fool, because it is HIS program  (or lyou think I am a fool).  It would still be GREAT for me, and bad for Cooper, to have me on his progrram (or to mentin thi sblog, or comment on it).

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