Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bailout Barry and Bailout Ben: Barack Obama, Liar-in-Chief Ready to Bail Out Eurozone, iwht Help from Bailout Ben Bernnanke

What is the worst lie President Obama has told us, as President/  I know.  So many lies to choose from. There was the lie about how we MSUT "learn" to "live within or means, like ordinary familites".  You kow how ordinary families "live within their means: spending TRILLIONS more than they will have on the PROMISE that their SUCCESSORS (after the father and mother retire) will "cut" the same amount from famiy spending in the far future.  But a fair case can be made that the WORST lie President Obama has ever told is"  No more bailouts."  So many speeches, so many lies. But I think this one was in the State of the Union sppech, and cntradictred within th same paragraph (as Obama praises himself for previus bailouts).  Then there are the LIES of Bailout Ben Bernanke, The Worst Failure in the History of World Fianance (presideing over--along with SENATOR, and then President Barack Obama--both the worst recession since the Great Depressioin and the worst recovery since the Great Depressioin.  Bailout Ben, Federal Reserve chairman, has both denied that the Fed has "printed money"..................................Sorry.................................................Sorry...........................................Sorry....................................Sorry, on the lhe flkoor, laughing/crying again, in that fetal lposition.............; and Bailout Ben Bernanke has also denied that the Fed has HELPED with the bailout of Greece and Europe.   Message to Bailout Ben Bernnke:  You are a LIAR, and you ARE The Woprst Failuore in the History of World Finance:  an ONGOING FAILURE< as HISTORY will label you for as long as the USA exiss (not so lng,, if yoiu have anything to do with it). I know. I, too, as usual, worry taht I am REPRESSING my true feelings about Bailout Ben, and not expressing my contempt in vivid enough terms.

What is this about?  It is about the headline today that Obama (always about OBAMA-the most ARROGANT man to ever by President of the Unitted States) saying that the "G-8 to focus on eurozone crisis." 

What does this mean?  Are you not paying attention?  Do yu not listen to CNBC?  What am I saying? Of oucrse, yu don't listen to CNBC, whse RELIGONI is Bailout Ben Bernake. No SANE lperson listens to CNBC, as any SURFING on Friday (the day of the FACEBOOK HYSTERIA) would have convinced you.

We are being 'prepared" for another BAILOUT of Wall Street and banks.  Actualy, the bailouts--by Bernanke and the Obama Administration-have never stopped.--despite the LIES taht they have.  And we have laready been involved in the attmpeted bailout of Greece and Europe. But the whole point here is to push MORE BAILOUTS;  this time bailing ut EUROPEAN BANKS.  That is why this is being called a "crisis".  You know what happens in a "crisis".  Our Liar-in-Chief, along with economic fascist Bailout Ben, cannot possibly be expected to hold to theeir promises IN A CRISIS.  They are are GDS, responsbiele for TAKING CARE OF US.  More imortantly, they are the GODS OF WALL STREET (especailly Bailout Ben), expected to tAKE CARE OF WALL STREET. 

If you think I will not tell Wall Street people this TO THIER FACE, you should have been on the call I got from Fidelity (my broker), telling me how they could "help me' (as "experts") how to invest.  'Skip, you didn't."  Yep.  I did. I told the poor guy:  Look.  You are The Stupidest People on Earth (or ords to that effect).  You think you are smart, but ALL of Wall Street woud have GONE UNDER (in 208), except you looked to US (peole who you think don't understnad you smart peole) to BAILUT YOU OUT.  That is an exact truth.  Whenever yu hear Jim Cramer, or anyone else, talk about how SMART they are, remember that they looked to YOU and to ME to BAIL THEM OUT, when we should have LET THEM FAIL.    Now they are gong to look to US, and to the PEOPLE of Europe, to do the same thing.  The fact that they now think that they are ENTITLED to be "bailed out' whenver they decide they neeed it was the WORST thing about the 2008 bailouts, and all of the bailouts since.  If you want to "balame, the J. P. Morgan debacle on anything, you shuld BALME THE BAILOUT PSYCHOLOGY.  There is NO amount of pinn that we would have had to go through that would have been wrose than THIS message to Wall Street: "Do what you want.  You can always be FAILED OUT"  This "philosophy" is KILLING US, and iwll continue to kill us, so long as it exists  And when it finally FAILS, as it will ultimately fail, it will be way too late to avoid WORLD ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.  Yep.  I just told lyou that Bailut Ben and Bailout Barry are in the process of DESTROYING THE WORLD. Where are "The Avengers" when yu need them?  Mitt Romney ain't it.

On that uplifting note, I will close.  Whehter yu agree with my pessimism or not, be prepared. You are being "prepared" for some sort of 'crisis" BAILOUT of EUROPEE.  Hold on to your wallets.  Oh.  And, again, this BAIOUT will be for WALL STREET, and for BANKS, and not for YOU or for ME.  As I told the guy from Fidelity: "you have a nerve talking abut how much you people on Wall Street 'know', when you keep asking US to bail YOU out."   

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