Wednesday, May 9, 2012

North Carolina and Gay Marriage: The Maverick Conservative Calls for Democrat Boycott of North Carolina (Yank the Convention)

Remember Arizona?  Democrats called for, and probably still call for, a BOYCOTT of Arizona because Arizona merely sought to HELP ENFORCE FEDERAL LAW.

Now you have North Carolina. Presdient Obama basically just called the people of North Carolina BIGOTS for their overwhelming vote on gay marriage.  And most leftist Democrats have been more vehement than even the "evlovling" (dihosnest-let us be honest, as I will be in the next article) President in their rhetoric about the "bigotry" (lol) of  opposing a form of marriage that NEVER existed in human history. INCEST has existed , before the 21st Centruy, as a form of marriage. Cleopatra married her brother.  POLYGAMY (talk aboutBIGOTRY!!!!, as there is no justificatin for distinguishing polygamy and homosexual marriage) has not only existed throughout human history, but still exists.  Did I jsut call yyou people who support "gay marriage" STUPID--standing against the ENTRIE history of the human race.  Damn right.  If yoiu can call me a BIGOTED HICK, I can damn well ccall you STUPID and INSANE.  And I do.  Deal with it. Yu shuld get th eicture here.  The leftist Democrat osition here is that North Carolilna has ENDORSED BIGOTRY, in a more defnitive way than Arizona ever "endorsesd" bigotry agaisnt Hispanics.  My older daughter, Kenda, has a long-time acquaintance, from Boston (who I think she met while Kenda was at Boston Huniversity), Alex (sp?  I don't know).  Alex was actually an aide to Ted Kennedy: a Democratic Party activist.  Alex actuallyl helped CHOOSE North Carolina as the site of the Democratic Convention, and is presently involvved in the planning.  How can Ales LIVE WITH HIMSELF, affter the North Carolina vote.  How can leftist Democrats in general LIVE WITH THEMSELVES>

Is not the Cemocratic Party ENDORSING BIGTRY?  Are they really HYPOCRITES of this magnitude?  Actualy, of courrse, they are.  Look at the GAMES Obama has played with this "issue" for more than FOUR YEARS (our Liear-in-Chief: see next article). Stil, how do Democrats JUSTIFY having their conventin in North Carolina? 

Let The Maverick Conservative be the first:  Democrats, you need to BOYCOTT North Carolina, if you have any principles at all, and have your convention somewhere else. 

People of North Carolina to Skip (hackng into this disgraceful blog, with the help of Hacker Boy):  "Skip. What have you got agaisnt North Carolina?  This is imprortant to our ECONOMY.  You have to realize that Democrrats might actually take you seriously, or be embarrassed by your sarcasm enough to really take actino on this.  You should not give these people ideas. We, in North Carolina, know that leftist Democrats are INSANE.  But why encourage their insanity.  It is like poking a stick into a hornets nest, or beating on their nest with a stick, like we understand one of your brothers did in the city of St. Louis."

Well, my borhter did find a nest of "Yellow Jackets" in the city of St. Louis, and beat on it with a stick until he was stung some 99 times (or whatever).  They had to undress himn to get all of the creatures off of him. And I agree leftist Democrats are that VICIUS and VINDICTIVE.  However, I plead "not guilty" here.  I am not beating on an old lg that contains a nest. I am merely "poling" a nest that has ALREADY been "stirred up".  Take my word for it.  Threre will be leftist Democrats who Call for this. I just wanted to be FIRST. At the every least, leftist Democrats will want to USE the Conventin to take on the biogts of North Carolina on "gay rights".  This will be even more true, as the Democratic Convention approaches, because it is going to become OBVIUS that North Carolina is NOT a "swing state".  If Romney loses North Carolina, or Virginia, or Indiana, he will ZNOT be Presdient of the United States. Those are ALL GOP STATES, in a Presidential election like this one, unless Romney implodes.  If that is obvious before the Democratic Convention, as I think it will be, will leftist Democrats "care" about the "feelings" of tghe peole of Noorth Carolina?  Of curse, they alreaedy don't care, but they want their VOTES. When they realize that they are not going to get those votes, the vicius creatures (leftist Democrats) are gong to TURN ON the peole of North Carolina with more ferocity than those hornets/yellow jackets turned on my brother in St. Louis al of theose years ago. 

I know. My daughter associatges with a BAD CROWD.  What can yu expect for a woman who has adopted Boston as her "soul mate" of a city--the place where she SHULD have been born (instead of El Paso).  Boston, of course, is one of the most leftist cities in America--especially in the circles in which my daughter moves.  So, really, she has NOTHING but a BAD CROWD. with whom to hang out. And the Boston media are hopeless.  My daughter's husband-to-be gets HIS "news" from NPR.  Al in all, I have my work cut out for me to even register with my daughter.  Needless to say, she does nto read this blog. Oh.  And she is a radical feminist.  The SHAME is sometimes to mcuch for me, copounded by the fact that I have been forced to "come out of the closet" as a FEMINIST myself (much more of a feminist than lamost eveyrone of the left).  Given all of this, my daughter can show signs of intelligence, only to show signs that she is regularly BRAINWASHED.  What else can I expect?  I need some input here. Maybe yu can tell me:  Should I hire a "deprogrammer", who will FORCE my daughter to do nothing but listen to this blog read to her for at least a week?    Would that be enough to counter the "bad crowd", or is it hopeless?

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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