Monday, May 14, 2012

Barack Obama Is Not a Christian: Noted Agnostics Bill Maher and The Maverick Conversative Agree

See the blog articles over the past week for the reasons for this recurring headline.  This is one of the few times that the INTOLERANT, anti-Christian Bill Maher has ever been right:  President Obama is a "secular humanist", who believes in NO religion except leftist ideology . That is why Maher, both as anti-religoius and anti-Christian as they come, gave one MILLION dollars to the Obama campaign.  It is why PARTISAN HACK Piers Morgan (as to whom my 89 year old mother asks ONE questin: WHY--why is this BRITISH IDIOT on American TV/) did on long interview on the anti-Christian CNN talking about how GOP candidates are insane (literally, that is what they did), without ever MMENTIONING that the desicable Maher is the most anti-Christian person on the planet.  Needless to say, the dishonest Morgan never even ASKED Maher abut his statement that Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Again, that is because both CNN and Morgan are DISHOENST and PARTISAN--not to mention ANI-CHRISTIAN. 

Again, you can blame CNN and the mainstream media for this recurrent headline.  The BIGOTS of CNN just will got give up on this BIGOTED "issue" that Mitt Romney is "not a Christian", as a matter of THEOLOGY . Not that Romney has lied about anythkng.  He says he is a Mormon. But CNN wansts to make this campaign about BIGOTRY against Moromns, and other SMARS. 

CNN, and other mainstream media people, remain the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four.  For CNN , and the mainstream media, the CYNICAL POLITICAL MOVES of Barack Obama on the absurdity of gay marriage represent "courage", while it is a 'flip-flop" on the part of Romney to be CONSISTENT on gay marriage, but not to be very  definite on soemthing like gay adoption (a truly stupid idea, by the way, except i isolated situations). 

This morning, CNN was ushing the idea (I think because it finally dawned on them that this "gay marriage" stuff, and anti-Mormon stuff, was NOT HELPING OBAMA) that both Obama and Romney have gotten away from the issue that is most important to the voters:  the economy.

I id you not;  CNN JUST CONDEMENED ITSELF.  WHO is "pushing' the idea thtat the issue of "gay marriage", and gay rights in general, is IMPORTANT to this country?  Right.  CNN, and the rest of the mainstream media.  The mainstream media/CNN amantra has been that people should SELL OUT THEIR COUNTRY (let ita go down the tubes) for PLANNED PARENTHOOD, abortion, FREE contraception, gay rights, and the rest (because they know Obama can't win on the economy).  NOW they are strartng to get nervoous.  These truly are the worst, most dishoenst, hypocrites to ever wlk the Earth, on two legs or four.

Look at Newsweeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cover:  "The First Gay President", with a pciture of President Obama with what I would swear is a halo over his head (but my eyesight is nto good) . Even CNN realizes this is BAD for Obama, which is why they are trying to back off of this (only, of course, to return , because they can't help who they are.  President Obama may be the First Gay President, AND the First Anti-Christian President (maybe not the first President who has not really been a Christian). But CNN is the First Gay Network, AND the First Anti-Christian Network. 

Trust me.  I am an agnostic, but a tolerant one (unlike Bill Maher and CNN people).  I recognize people who don't BEIEVE in Christianity when I see them. And I recognize INTOLERANT people when I see them.  As I have said, in previous articles, I have NEVER experienced "intolerance" for being an agnostic from CHRISTIANS. I have experienced a lot of INTOLERANCE from people of the left for being a CONSERVATIVE (even if a "maverick" oone).  I ecognize intolerance when I see it. 

Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Taht makes him a liear and a hypocrite. But, worse (and the reason no actual Christian should vote for him), Obama, CNN and Bill Maher share the same defect: They are ANTI-CHRISTIAN, intolerant people.  Yes. This blog has told lyou thatt his election will be determined by how the economy looks on electin day (and the months right before electin day).  This blog has predicted that Obama will LOSE, becaluse it is almost impossible for the economy to look GOOD.  But this blog refuses to let the media get away with their attempts to make religon, gay rights and other "social issues' MAJOR "issues" in this campaign, while telling peole who oppose them on those issues to SHUT UP.  Forget it, CNN (and you other people of the mainstream media). There is NO WAY for yu to get me to shut up. 

This recurring headline wil continue to recur until the November election.  Can the First Gay President, and a proven hypocrite and liar on that issue, as well as the related issue of whether he isreally a Chrisitan, really 'handle' the economy?  Of course, not. But you dont' have to vote on that basis.  He has PROVEN that all he can do is make SURE we had th eWROST "recovery" since the Great Drepression.  I am truly sorry I just can't vote for Mitt Romney (having nothing to do with religion.  But Hell would have to freeze over, and the sun die, before I could ever delude myself that Barack Obama should be President of the United States.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Oh. How have people KNOWN that I have been a skeptical agnostic since the age of 12?  Well, unlike President Obama, I have NEVER HID IT. I said so in law school discussions (where I gog MUCH more flak for being a conservative).  I said so, in about 1971, in a letter in the El Paso Times, when I was in the United States Army.  I got NO FLAK from that letter, even though my sergeant commented on it to me.  Again, I have NEVER found CHRISTIANS to be INTOLERANT.  I canot say that abut leftists, and Obama, CNN, Piers Morgan, Bill Maher and the rest of the left are turly INTOLERANT people.   It is no joke when I call Wolf Blitzer, John King and Anderson Cooper BIGOTS on The Bigoted network.  I mean that literally, and try to show why as often as I can.

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