Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Obama's Job FAILURE Continues: ADP Reports Job Growth at 6 Month Low--as the Economic Fascists on Wall Street Cheer

ADP, the private employee data processing firm providing software servies for employers for payroll and employee benefits--for which my only female freiend, Sylvia, works--reported that private sector emplyment rose only 11,000 in April, whihc is the WORST report since last September.  No, the number is NOT good enogh to even kkeep the job market "even". No matter what Obama may tell you, it is a BAD number for a "recovery", although it does nto show the econmy getting nificantly WORSE.  It does indicate what this blog has been telling you, correcly as usual" The economy has STALLED, and is merely treading watehr. 

The Dow, meanwhile, is within 6% of an ALL-TIME high.  That shows, as this blog has conntinually tried to twll Rush Limbaugh, that the stock market is totally DISCONNECTED from the economy.  First, they are  COMPUTER GAMERS, rather than "investors".  Secondly, they are ECONOMIC FASCSTS, thinking they have this "parftnership" with government--especially Bailout Ben Bernanke--that GUJARANTEES that WALL STREET will do all right, even if YOU do not.  Thus, CNBC even said this morning that there may be a BIG MOVE in the stock market after the GOVERNMENT job figures are released on Friday, but CNBC saaid it was UNCLEAR which directin that move may be if the numbers are BAD.  Why?  It is because Wall Street is depending on BAILOUT BEN, and even Obama/Geitner, to save THEM (to HELL with YOU and ME). Indeed, as this blog has told lyou, Bailout Ben and the Fed CONTINUE to STIMULATE (inflate), wiht the specific goal of driving up the stock market.  Gasoline prices?  Food?  Sure, YOU SUFFERas these people continue to try to ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE the econmy. In fact, ALL of this "growth" can be attributed to MONEY Bernanke and Obama have thrown at the economy, with LITTLE result.  Doesn't that "validate" their policies?..............................................................Sorry, on the loor in that fetal position again, laughing/crying...........Of course it doesn't.  There is a rEASN this is the WROST "recovery" since the Great Depression.  It is true that ALL of the "growth" we have is ARTIFICIAL, and really MORE than all. But that is because we have made a REAL RECOVERY IMPOSSIBLE. We are mortgaging our entire future just to keep the economy STALLED.  That is a LOSING "strategy".   Thus, the people on Wall Street expect Bailout Ben Bernanke to save THEM, with continued BAILOUTS, and for Bernanke to do even MORE if the economy continues to look like it is faltering.  The BAILOUT psychology is fully endorsed byt he economic fascists of Wall Street, and they fully EXPECT bailouts to INCREASE if it looks like they are in trouble. All the while, Obama will LIE to you, and say that "no more bailoiuts" (veen as the bailouts have NEVER STOPPED). 

Oh. CNBC also told lyu this morning, agian, that The Maverick Conservative was RIGHT.  There was a lot of talk about whether the WEATHER misled people as to how well things were going, and whether that is distroting the present numbers. Again, this blog has already TOLD you, for months, that such could be the case (along with a recurrent SEASONAL PATTERN over the past several years).  However, that does nto mean that things are GOOD.  It could mean that things are not DETERIORATING as much as it appears they are, but that it becasuse things were NEVER AS GOOD as they appeared to be.

The weekly number of new unemplylment claims will be "reported" tomorrow.  That news CANNOT BE GOOD (no matter what the number is).  Why is that?  It is because the last 3 weeks have been TERRIBLE (almost 390,000 every week).  That means that the FOUR-WEEK AVERAGE cannot possibly be "good", even if the VOLATILE weekly number "improves" tomorrow.  Indeed, any LARGE "improvement", after WEEKS of BAD numberss, would only raise quesionns about whether the number is an ABERRATION.  In case lyou did not realize it, "layoffs" do NOT "turn on a dime".  Any supposed indication that that have so turned, on a dime, merely indicates a GLITCH in the "seaonsal adjustment". 

CNBC also tried to dismiss the ADP number released today, saing that the "important" numbers are the GOVERNMENT numbers to be released on Friday.  As this blog has shown you, these GOVERNMENT numbers are WRITTEN ON WATER (almost so unreliable as to be useless).  The new unemployment claims data has been BAD for all ofa April.  The ADP number was SIC MONTHS BAD.  What wuld a "good" GOVERNMENT "jobs created" number, and god unemplyment rate number, indicate?  Right.  It woululd indicate that thewse numbers are INCONSISTENT (including the government numbers themselves, since lthe number of new unemplyment claims is a GOVERNMENT number). 

No. The data onn  "jobs" to be released Thursday and Friiday CANNOT BE GOOD. The "best" it can be is not as bad as it could be.  Notice that, despite the attempted medai "storyline" for this year--adopting, not coincidentaly, the Obama storyline--there is NO "IMPROVING TRND" in jobs, or the economy in general.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  By the way, did you notice how Obama PROVED this blog right about his ARROGANCE, and how all he really likes to do is CAMPAIGN and travel (so he can be treated as a BIG SHOT)?  How many other Presdients have you heard about who woulduld travel all of the way to Afghanistan just for a CAmPAIGN SPEECH. Remember how my my 89 yar old mother's MAIN complaint agasint Herber t Hoover was that he showed more concern with OTHER CONUNTRIES than he did with HER not having enough to eaat?  Well, Obama keeps doing that, more than Herbert Hoover (wihout a private jet) ever did. As the economy at home struggles, Obama is off to Afghanistan for a CAMPAIGN SPEECH.  "Likable?"  Give me a greak.

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