Monday, May 14, 2012

North Democratic Governor: Sour Grapes, as Leftist Democrats Never Blame Themselves

Se the previus article, about how the governor of North Carolina gave a tirade against the people of  her own state with the "ultimate " insultt: "I would havv e thought I was in Mississippi." Yep.  The governor called her own state's voters HICKS.  But why?  Oh, I know that Obama, and every other leftist Democrat, never take ANY responsibility for failure.  But was not this governor burning all of her bridges in North Carolina.  Well, I found out the answer to that.  The governor was only burning OBMAA'S bridges, as she had already announced that she would not run for reelection. 

Thre you have it:  a BITTER woman willing to destoroy any chances that Democrats have might have had in her state because of personal bitterness. She obviuslyl blames the VOTERS of North Carolina for makng it clear that they did not want her again.  She got that message, and was sending her own message back:  "I  don't care what you HICKS think about me. I only care abuot ENLIGHTENED people, like those in Chicago, New York (especailly CNN offices) and California." 

Look at how BAD a chice North Carolina has turned out to be for Democrats. 60% of the people of the state voted to BAN both same sex marriage and civil unioins, right before Joe Biden FORCED Barack Obama to try to cut his political losses--with the help, as he knew he would get, of The Liar Network (CNN0, and the rest of the media left.   Still, Obama is now going to go to a state where the DEMOCRATIC govennor has called her own people HICKS, and a state whose people are being VILLIFIED by leftist Democrats everywhere. 

It is worse than that.  Why did the governor decide not to run for reelectin? A no brainer. The unemplyment rate in North Carolina is almost 10%.  North Carolina is actually the poster child fo r FAILED Obama policies, despite a Democratic governor and Democratic President.  The Democratic governor now hates the people of her own state (the vast majority of them), and the feeling is surely mutual. A GOP governor is LIKELY to be elected this next election.  Gee, Alex (that long-time acquaintance of my older daughter, Kenda), you, and our fellow Harvard types, who chose Charlotte for the Democratic Convention did a GREAT JOB (my old sarcasm disease returning).

Nope.  North Carolina is NOT a "swing state". In the previus article, I said that the odds were at least 90% that Romney would carry the state.  I have laready revised that, based on my new informatin.  The official odds are now 95%, and rising, that Romney will carry North Carolina.  If he does not, it wil ony be because something happened causing an Obama landslide. The electn is still 6 months away, making an absolute mockery of the continued total reliance of the ENTIRE MEDIA on POLLS for election "coverage".

Move the convention from North Carolina? There is no questin that Obama would NEVER have let it be set for Noorth Carolina if he had enough vision to see that the present situatin might occur.  But it APPEARS to be TOO LATE.  You just can't shift conventions around that easily.  But, then again, look at what leftist Democrats INSISTED that peopole do to Arizona. 

It does not matter.  If Dmocratws hold their convention in North Carolina, it will be a disaster. If Democrats pull a last minute move, it will be a disaster. And THESE are supposed to be the smartest peole in the room (the Obama people, and people like Alex).  Think of how dumb the DUMBEST people in the room must be!!!!

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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