Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Greece, Anti-Bailout People, Bailout Ben Bernake: Revolt Against Bailouts for Banks, Wall Street and the "Financial Community"

"Anti--bailout party leads Greek coalition talks"

That is the headline this morning featured on Yaho "News". Read yesterday's article on Jim Cramer, and his total adoption of the bailout (for peoople like hiim and his firends) of Bailout Ben Bernanke and the Obama Administration, to see why the stock market is indicating DOWN this morning.  Wall Street is "all in" for BAILOUTS (of them): WELFARE for bankers, Walll Street, and similar people. This is not about "austerity"--which is the way Cramer and other economic fascists of the LEFT tried to "spin" it yesterday.  It is about REVOLT against bailuts based on the idea that it does not matter what happens to PEOPLE in general, so long as the BANKS (and Wall Street) are "protectgted" from failure.

As stated yesterday, I fully understand that "people" tend not to like "austerity"--especially when it is "austerity" without hope, as politicians only promiset to "save" the FINANCIL SYSTEM, wtithout telling peole about any VsISION of the bright world they are trying to make possible.  As stated, "conservatism"--except for the false, Wall Street, GOP establishment brand-is NOT about "austerity". It is about a VISION of peoople UNLEASHED, and not being STIFLED by government.  It is a world where you don't look for mere MEN as "saviors" (FAILURES like Bailout Ben and Obama)--politicians as "saviors" to "take care of us", as they mainly take care of Wall Street--but to letting PEOPLE determine their own "prosperity".  Think how much BETTER it would be if we were not looking to Bailout Ben Bernanke for "prosperity", but to our own efforts:  efforts not being HELD BACK by an all-powerful, smothering government and TAXES (does not matter if they are supposedly on the "rich", as that merely means that we lok to GOVERNMENT to "create" "prosperity", rather than individual people, with the FALSE idea that the "rich" will take care of us all).

What we don't have is political LEADERS willing to get aay from the CENTRAL PLANNING (Soviet 5-year plans expanded to 10-year plans) by fallible men can "create prosperity".  No, the people don't realy like hopeless "austerity".  But the people--look at the Tea Party movement, and not the FAILURE its "leaders" have made it--are perfectly willing to turn away from the "false idol" of government (like Hugo Chavez turning to God--see next article), if only they have LEADERS to take them where they are willing to go.  Instead, all we have are POLITICIANS trying to BIRBE us, and generally do "politics as usual". I am afraid that is really what is happening in Greece, and everywhere, as the disastrous, "Bailout Ben philosophy" is now dominant.  If the peple see Wall Stret and banks getting "bailed out", they rightly ask: Why them and not me?  Contrary to Jim Cramer and Bailout Ben, there is NO answer to this, and mere "government dole" (while TRILLIONS are being used to bail out banks and Wall Street) is not going to cut it.  The people are willing to "bite the bullet",  if only they had a LEADER to apply that philosophy to Wall Street and the banks as well.  But people are not really that stupid (the best Romney line).  They don't buy the idea that THEY should SUFFER for WALL STREET and BANKERS. William Jennings Bryan never got elected Presdient, but he was still right (and vindicated):  People are not willing to be crucified on a "cross of gold".  Jesus Christ may have died for our sins.  People in general are NOT willing to die for the SINS of Wall Street and the worlds bankers (not to mention the world's politicians)>

The "answer" from the left is always the saeme:  MORE GOVERNMENT. That is now the answer from Bailout Ben, Wall Street and the financial community as well.  The peole have picked up their pitchforks?  Just bribe them with "cake', or whatever. And Marie Antoinette (no real education) was not even as bad as Bailout Ben. That is right.  I just told you that Bailout Ben Bernanke, and Jim Cramer, are MORE stupid than Marie Antoinette, especailly when you take into account their much greater "advantages".  The funcitn of Marie Antoinette was to produce babies, and take care of them. She did that functin very well.  Bailout Ben, and Jim Cramer, perofrm their functions VERY BADSLY. It is no accident that Bailout Ben has presided over the Great Recession (before it happened, becoming head of the Fed in relatively early 206), AND ha spresided over the worst "recovery" since the Great Depression.

Nope.  Wll Street may think that it has the politicians on board, and that people can be scared/bribed into always bailing out Wall Street.  This is fantasy and delusion.  These are truly The Stupidest People on Earth.  In the end, people will not stand for it, and they take up their pitchforks.  Wihout the right leaders, the people may go in th ewrong directin, but they will NOT tamely watch the world being run by Wall Street, for Wall Street, and of Wall Street. In the end. Wall Street GOES DOWN.  That is the lesson of Greece.  Wall Street is not learning it.  Next time--I guarantee it--there wil be NO BALIOUT.  Next time, we will LET WALLL STREET GO UNDER.  And it looks to me like there will be a next time.  Wall Street acts like they SUCCEEEDED ("smart" as they are) because the "people' (rather involuntarily) saved them by bailing them out when ALL of Wall Street was about to fail.  Maybe Wall Street is right, IF you can get away with it.  IF you can convince peole that they should save YOU, who helped cause the problem, instead of THESELVES (by letting you FAIL), then maybe you are smarter than they are. Are maybe you are much DUMBER than they are, as you head for ULTIMATE FAILURE that may yet bring down the whle system.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eysesight).  What happens if we get to the pont of total collapse?  I don't know.  In the 1930s, Hitler happened, along with the Soviet Union.  It is like a "singulairty"--like in a black hole, where the "laws" of physics break down.  Anything can happen. Leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Jon Adams, and George Washington may appear--as Abraham Linconln appeared when the United States was on the ropes.  Or things may collapse into chaos, as happened with the Roman Repubicc, and then the Roman Empire that succeeded the republic killed by cclass warfare.  Teh end of the Roman Empire led to a thousand years of "darkness", before "civilization" began to rise again.  It could happen again, as we don't have Abaraham Lincoln, or Julius Caesar and Augustus.  What we have is Obama and Bailout Ben Bernanke, and similar politicians around the world. ......................................................sorry, on the floor laughing/crying in that fetal position again.........................................You should see why I am a pessimist, even as I realize that what we need is a LEADER,like Ronald Reagan, with a POSITIVE vision of where we need to go.  Right now, unfortunately, I see no such leader. 

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