Monday, May 14, 2012

Governor (Dem) of North Carolina to People of North Carolina: You Hicks Have Embarrassed Me

I could never make this stuff up.  I saw the cclip on CNN, where the DEMOCRATIC governor of North Carolina said:  "I am embarrassed by our state (because of that vote on the amendment to the state constitution banning same sex marriage and civil unions). I thoiught I had suddenly ended up in Mississippi instead of North Carolina.  This is not what the peole of our state are all about." 

The governor of Mississippi promptly, of coures, reacted to this SLAM at Mississippi.  I know.  You know. Everyone knows what the governor of North Carolina meant by this:  it is the standard reaction of the left to peole who disagree with them, even if it means talking like a PREJUDICED BIGOT (in this case, against the peope of Mississippi). The governor of North Carolina was claling the peole who voted agasint her position in North Carolina HICKS.  That is what the left calls everyone who disagreeis with them, or some variation of same.  But this is the elected governor of the state calling her own peole HICKS.  Do you want to discuss the odds of this governor getting reelected?

Again, this blog has been PROVEN right.  NOt only was this blog out front on the probable llL"protest movement" to remove the Democratic Convention from North Carolina, but the North Carolina governor has jsut PROVEN this blog right as to North Carolina NOT being a "swing state".  If Mitt Romney cannot win North Carolina, he cannot wint he Presidency.  The oddds are about 90%. Ture,. That is not as high as Texas, or Mississippi. But it is NTO a "saing state".  That ST UPIDITY is only in th eWET DREAMS of the people of CNN, and the rest of teh left.  When the governor of the satte starts atttacking her own voters, you KNOW that North Carolina is not "in play"--unless something turns this into an Obama landslide. That is NOT the definition of a "swing state", but you already knew that the partisans of CNN, and the mainstream media, are STUPID, as well as partisan. 

No.  This blog is right.  North Carolina is not a swing state. Virginia is not a swing state. And leftist Democrats will say ANYTHING about their opponents, even if their opponents are the voters of their own state!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is getting harder and harder to imagine how the Democrats hold their conventin in North Carolina.  Talk about "embarrassment".  When the governor of the state is saying she is embarrassed by her own state, how can even she "justify" holding the Democratic Convention there. That conventin will be made up of people like the North Carolina, who regard the PEOPLE of North Carolina as HICKS. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).

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