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Anderson Cooper Calls Muhammad a Murderer: Opposes Free Speech (Anderson Cooper Is Gay Series, as The Maverick Conservative Reveals More of His Past)

People like Anderson Cooper--dishonest hypocrites--are against frree speech (for those who disagree with them). The MaverickConservative has fought this battle, and these leftist hypocrites (whether calling thems welves by some leftist name or acting as part oof te GOP "establishment") for more than 40 years. 

Segue back to about 1970, when I was in the United States Army. I was stationed in Ft. Carson, Colorado (outside of Colorado Springs). At that time, I often read (at least in part, and often at least skimming through the entire newspaper) two newspapers a day.  In law school, after the army, I would often read (at least skim through) 5 newspapers, or more, in a single day (partly at the library), including The Daily Texan (liberal UT "student" newspaper), The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Times-Herald, and the Austin American-Statesman.  I quit reading ANY newsaper long ago--before my eyesight made it impossible for me to read such things. And this is NOT just because you can now get all of the "news" you want online.  It is a total wastee of time to read modern newspapers, as I have tried to show in my documented, decade-long, futtile Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honestr, competent AP "reporter" (the AP being pretty much a poxy for modern "journalism", and especially newspaper "journalism", everywherre). Once upon a time, I even regularly read LEFTIST pubications like The New Republic and The Nation, to se what the left was saing.  Again, I have long found thi sto be a waste of time, as the left has said NOTHING new in at least 40 years.  Again, I can tell that from TV surfing and internet surfing.  I digrrss (not realy).  Back to 1970, when one of the newpapers I read regularly was the liberal  Denver Post. Back then, however, it was not "all agenda, all of the time", even in the so-called "news" pagges, as it is today.

One of the stories I came across--as if Anderson Cooper were a reincarnation of the same people trying to stamp out free speech then, as now--was a story about the FCC (Federal Communicatins Comission) taking away the license of two "Christian" radio or TV stations who put out rather exxtremee, "right wing", religious fundamentalist views. These were still the days when the "Fairness Doctrine' was being used to SUPPORESS free speech.  It is no accident that the LEFT has recently tried torevive the "Fairness Doctrine"., to try to silence people like Rush Limbaugh. Then, as now--and as I have been for at least 52 of my almost 65 years--I was an agnostic.  Take my word for it that these preachers on radio and TV have never been my cup of tea.  In fact, I grew up in the era when Oral Roberts, and others, would "heal " people on TV:  lay on hands and tell people on crutches to "rise' and walk (supposedly "cured").  The particular "fringe" preachers putting out this stuff were not the kind of people I either like or "support" (except that on ISSUES< including even premarital sex, I probably agree with most of their positons, if you can separate their political positions from the extreme religius rhetoric). 

Well, I wrote a ltter to the Denver Post, and it was printed.  What I said was the same thing I say regularly in this blog, and had said earlier in my philosophy class term paper on Juhn Stuart Mill's "On Liberty".  (when I was an undergraduate at New Mexico State University, before going into the army).  What I said in the letter was that I had no real sympathy for these two radio stations putting out a rather extreme, "intolerant" 9although Bill Maher culd give them lessons on intolerance) view. What I said in the letter, and what I say now (more than 40 yhears later), is that it does not matter that those two radio stations (I believe, althugh it is possible they were TV stations)  were putting out stuff that I did not like, especailly in a way that I did not like.  That did not give me the "right" to try to SUPPRESS the FREE SPEECH of peple whith whom I disagree--even disagree strongly.  No, it  does not even matter if some might call what these two statinos were putitting out "hate speech", it was still a SUPPRESSIN of free speech to shut them down becauseeople did not like the material they were putting out (not, I would mentin, material that used prohibited words, or anything like that). Yes, the letter was an ATTACK on the very idea of the "Fairness Doctrine", as I was again ahead of my time.  People like Anderson Cooper, and others on the left, would STILL like to shut down the kind of radio station shut down 40 years ago, and for the same reason:  DISAGREEMENT with what is being said.  In fact, I have no doubt that attemts are still being made to use the GOVERNMENT to STIFLE the speech of peple like this . See below, as to what DISHOENST HYPOCRITE Adnerson Cooper tried to do with one North Carolina pastor (ONE poor guy giving SERMONS in his church). 

Segute to 2011, and Andeson Cooper conducting his crusade against Christians, or at least large sections of them.  This time, a religius writer put out a book (actually a series of books) about "Christian discipline". All  this Christian writer advoated was the "old-time discipline" ("spare the rod and spoil the cild") in effect for basically the entire 19th Century, and most of the 20th Century. In fact, this tlype of discipline was siill beig used in HIGH SCHOOL (at least by PE sinstructors/coaches) when I went to Silver City High School rom 1970-1964). The idea, of coures, was that discipline should STING (cause "pain", to the sanctimonious "horror" of Anderson Cooper) so that the lesson would be remembered.  You know know, because of this series of articles (if you did not know before), that Anderson Cooper is conducting a VENDETTA agaisnt Christians (especailly fundamentalist Christians) because ANDERSON COOPER IS GAY. He does not like the Christian oppositon to homosexual conduct.  Anderson Cooper did story after story--I think at least 10 of them, including a REPEAT of the whole theme in a "special" last Labor Day), accsuing this poor religious couple of "child abuse" and MURDER for WRITING A BOOK. The CNN assertion was that this book was present in the homes of some three people (or couples) who committed murder and;or extreme child abuse.  AT least in one case,  passages in the book wre even underlined (HOORORS!!!--my od sarcasm diseasease recurring).  Anderson Cooper actually USHED the idea that maybe the writer of this BOOK could be CHARGED WITH MURDER.  Does Ray Bradbury know abut this Anderson Cooper idea that this book should be effectively BURNED?  If I were Cooper, I woud worry about Bradbury HAUNTING him from beyond the grave.  I kid you not . Coper attacked a BOOK forom the point of view taht a book on "old-time discipline" (NOT advocating seriuos injury or death to any child) be effetively BANNED.  Anderson Cooper, BULLY that he is, PERSECUTEED this poor Christian couple for merely writing a BOOK on old-timme discpline.  Not that Anderson Cooper, DISHOENST HYPOCRITE that he is, falt out AVOIDED the "issue" of whether modern discipline is too lax, or whether "physical disciipline" (like spaniking, or rapping a hand with a ruler) shuld be BANNED.  Iinstead, Cooper--really an EVIL man trying to spread extreme evil--was trying to TAR these people with MURDER and cCHILD ABUSE for merely writing a book on Oold-tie discipline" that even Coper could not assert actually advoated either cild abuse or murder (as Cooper --dishonest hypocrite that he is--did not quite DARE to say that spanking, and other physicaal disciipline of all kineds, was child abuse). Did I mentin that Anderson Cooper is a COWARD?  Well, he is. 

If MISUSE of a book by psychotic individuals DISCREDITS the BOOK, and the BOOK AUTHOR, has not Anderson Cooper said that Muhammad is a MURDERER, along with MUSLIMS who "teach" the Koran?  Should not Muhammad be "trie" poshjumously for MURDER, or at least suffer an Andeson Cooper "special" on how he has PROMOTED MURDER?  Logically, yes.  But, remember, Anderson Cooper is a HYPOCRITE, merely ursuing a PERSONAL VENDETTA agaisnt Christians.  That vendetta will be the direct subject of a futre article.  Is not the Koran allleged to specificaly INSTRUCT MURDER by many extreme Muslim ms (yu may remember 9/11)?  Did even Anderson Cooper, LIAR that he is, say that this Christian boook on not 'sparing the rod' ADOVATED MURDEER?  Nope.  Even Anderson Cooper could not even ALLEGE lthat.  But look at the Koran. Again, and I accept that this may be a PERVERSION of the Koran, as any use of this book on discipline to "justify" extrem child abuse wass a PERVERSION of that book, but it is absolutely ture that there are Muslim CLERICS out there saying thtat the Koran TELLS Mulims to murder infidels. 

Note that I COULD have used the BIBLE, and JESUS CHRIST, in the headline.  Has not the Bible been used to "justify" MURDER?  Of course it has (albei maybe mainly in the Old Testament).  "Thous shalt not suffer a witch to live.".  Was that not directly responsible for the Salem Witch Trials?  And what aobut the Spanish Iquisitin, and all of those other attacks on heretics and infidels (including Muslim infidels) by the medieval Christian church?  This blog has told you that one of the problems with the world today is tha tthe CHRISIANS ha ave MAINLY left the Spanish Inuisition behind.  But TOO MANY MUSLIMS have not left  behind the idea that peole here on Earth should ENFORCE God's law here on Earth, instead of letting God do it by condemning heretics to Hell.  Too much of the Musim religon is still stuck in the palce the Christian Chruch was at the time of the Spanisth Inquisition, and that is a very BAD thing. However, that is NOW wy I chose the Muslim reference for the title, and not a Christian reference:  an  assertion that the BIBLE is attacked by Anderson Cooper as an evil book ushing child abuse and murder.  The reason I used the title I did should be obvious to you.  If I used Christians, and the Bible, in my intended SATRIIC headline, it would not be "satiric".  That is exactly what Anderson Cooper is really asserting with regard to Christians and the Bible--although he is too muc a COWARD to directly say so.  However, Cooper is NOT, even by impliatin, saing those things about the Koran, and Muslims.  It is the LOGICAL consequence of the RIDICULOUS "book-banning" pproach of Cooper  that the Koran is an EVIL book because of its effect on the minds of people giving to Muslim extremism.  But no one can really find were Cooper has actually aTTACKED the gneral Muslim religion for ENCOURAGING PSYCHOPATHS, and thus the title I actually used can have a SATIRIC effect.  If I had used the Bible in the hedline, the headline would hav been LITERALLY TRUE. 

Go back, mentally, to 1970 again., and my letter in the Denver Post.  Waht did Anderson Cooper do with regard to this North Carolina pastor who "advocated" rounding up lesibans and homosexuals behind electirfied fences (non-werious as you have to regard any such hyperbole, whether the pastor actually believes that would be a good idea or not)?  Well, Cooper was not satisfied with merely attackng this OBSCURE North Carolina preacher for over-thhe-top hyperbole, on multiple shows.  Remember, Cooper OPPOSES free speech for those who oppose his agenda (the entire idea of this ridic;ulous "featuring" on a single North Carolina preacher being to INTIMIDATE other Christians with the threat of "guilt by association").  It is not enough for Anderson Cooper to merely "criticize" this single preacher.  Cooper wants to SHUT HIM UP.  The "Fairness Doctrine" no longer exists, and never did apply to SERMONS (lol--as if the DEVIL wre entitled to "equl time").  So what do leftists DO when faced with wanting to SHUT DOWN someone, without any real jsutification to do so (other than the real leftist view that peole just should not be ALLOWED to say these things)?  Well, the government DOES have  "nexus' with churches.  It is called the IRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Churches of all kinds, along with many LEFTIST organizatinos, receive a TAX EXEMPTION.  Yu are not supposed to receive that tax exemptn if you "engage in politics".  Think of how ABSURD it is what Anderson Cooper did.  It is well known that the Caholic Chruch says things about ABORTION (and other things) WITH POLITICAL EFFECT.  NPR and PBS use TAXAYER MONEY to actualy PUSH a LEFTIST point of view (which realy is bad).  If yo believe in the Frist Amendment, about freedom of religion, yoiu simply CANNOT try to USE this government tax exemption to try to ATTACK BOTH RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AND FREE SPEECH.  That means you can't start picking apart the POLITICAL intent of what a leftist BALKC PRECHEER, or "right-wein" fundamentalist preacher, says. You just can't inoovle the Federal Government in SERMONS this way, unless lyou are a DISHOENST HYPOCRITE like Anderson Coooper, hwo does not believe in either religious freedom or free sppech.  Sure, you can't have a church FINANCING a political campaign, or actually involved in the POLITICAL OERATION of a candidate's campaign (or the political operation of a referendum campaign). However, you simply cannot try to slay that giving sermns, knowing that they have political effect, even if they "advocate" a political position in some, way, gives lthe government an EXUSE to tlry to take away a church's tax exemption . That is an EVIL, UN-AMERICAN thing.  That actually describes Anderson Coioper:  an EVIL, UN-AMERICAN person on TThe Evil, Un-American Network (also The Anti-Christian Netwrok). 

My life life has just about come full circle.  I am still fighting, in my own way, the same battle s I wa fighting 40 yars ago, when I wrote the Devenver Post, on the same goround (read Joun Stuart Mill's 'On Liberty", if you are still not sure what that gouround is). As Mill said:  If every person but one believes one way, the majority is no more justified in silencing that one than h would be in silencing everyone else-had he the power to do so.".  But I believe in free speech.  Anderson Cooper does not believe in either free speech or religious freedom.

P.S.  No proofreading or sepll checknig (bad eyesight).  This is especially bad in an article this long, where I get tired.  And here they made Twitter just ofr people like me, who can't type or proofread more than a few words with any coherence.  Too bad I can't limit myself to a few words. Too bad mainy for you, if you try to read all of the words.  Still, you will miss some important stuff.   Oh yes, Anderson Cooper is gay.  That is relevant because it explains the AGENDA behind the way he donducts his program, and the hyhpocrises and lies in the program.  There are sitill a few "Anderson Cooper is gay" articles to go, as this blog reachees a crescendo before leaving Anderson Coper forever (unless my nowse is rubbed in something by someone else).  I have stoopped even surfing Cooper, as of the first article in this series, and therefore there will be no NEW material (except by accident).  But I need to finish up the old material, and I will .  This blog is MINE, as Cooper's program is his.    I still invite Cooper to try to shut me up. It would make my year, but I don't think e ven Cooper is that dumb (given my very limited audience although Cooper may underestimate my VAST influence well beyond the size of my audience).

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