Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mitt Romney, Liar or Gloria Borger, Liar: Choose (The Maverick Conservative Research Dept. Is Puzzled)

"Skip, who are you kidding?  You don't have a 'research department'. There is just you, and yu can't see."

Wrong, bison breath (Johnny Carson/Karnak reference).  I actually do have a pretty good research department, when I can get them to actually do research for me.  My brother, in Nashville, is both a tech geek and a long-time trucking comopany executive, as well as a CPA. He is a pretty good--sometimes very good--internet researcher (when he is motivated to eo it. My two daughters, lawyers in Boston and New York respectively, are two of the best internet researchers on the planet.  The challenge there, of course, is to get them to do ANYTHING I might want them to do. 

In this case, my brother in Nashville provided the research.  You might remember the recent blog article entitled:  "Mitt Romney:  No Guts, No Glory".  I stated in the article that I faced a dilemma. Gloria Borger, on CNN, is a LIR: a political hack with the intelligence of a rock (makng it often unclear if she is lying, or just incapable of knowing what the truth is).  To refresh your memory, Borger was in a panel discussin on CNN on the "issue" of Mitt Romney and women (as CNN was still disturbed by that mainstream media poll "showing" a 3% LLEAD by Romney among women).  CNN, and the mainstream media, of course, are in a "full court press" PROPAGANDA campaign to convince women that the GOP is conducting a "war on women" (which would imply that the GOP had both SOME courage and  SOME real principles, which is not true). Paul Begala, absolutely the worst leftist Democratic Party political hack on this planet, and part of the Obama campaign, asserted that Mitt Romney had mortally offended (lol) women by being "against contraception".  This was referring to that Obama regulation FORCING (as part of ObaamaCare) employers to provide FREE contracepton in any health coverage (no matter how much it costs, and whether or not it would make more sense to provide better CANCER coverage). See the previus blgo articles over the past two days about how this is an issue of FREEDOM, and not an issue of either contraception or religioi (although Catholics shuld rightly realize that it is an ATTACK on the Catholic Church for political purposes).  Gloria Borger piped up, and told Begala that Romney had said that Romney would NOT support rescinding the regulation (Romney supposedly saying this in New Hampshire, although Borger was unclear on the date).  Begala actually backed down.

This raised problems for The Maverick Conservative.  We know Gloria Borger is a liar (or cannot recognize the truth, and does not care about it, whcich amounts to the same thing).  Yet, it SOUNDS like something Romney would do (trying, coward that he is, to "defuse" the "contraception issue", since Romney is too much of a coward to try to shift thee debate to the proper subject of FREEDOM). Remember, this is part of ObamaCare. Romney has promised to REPEAL ObamaCare entirely, which would necessarily revoke this "regulation".  Then there is teh CATHOLIC  VOTE.  It is impossible to believe that Romney really approved the idea of CATHOLICS being FORCED to violate their religious conscience (although I have NO problem believing that Romney wuold approve of the Federal Government FORCING ME to violate MY conscience). But would Gloria Borger, liar that she is, lie this BLATANTLY, when the CNN AGENDA would seem to be advanced by what Begala said? A quandary. 

Enter The Maverick Conservative Research Department.  Okay, we (i.e. my brother) did an EXTENSIVE search trying to find out what Gloria Borger was talking aobut.  Waht we found, and the ONLY thing we found, wsa the OLD "news" about Romney getting ambushed with a questin way back when the primary campaign was undecided (MONTHS ago).  Rick Santorum, if you will remember, promptly JUMPED on Ropmney about this.  There was a GOP bill pending in Congress that would RESCIND the Obama regulation (I think for ALL employers, which is how the GOP SHOULD have been framing this debatte).  Romney was asked about it.  He APPERED to say that he did NOT support the GOP bill.  However, Romney romptly reversed himself (taht day or the very next day), and said he did not understand the question, if that is what he was being asked, and that he DID support the GOP bill.  U was perfectly aware of all of this, and may have even mentioned it in an article at the time.  But would even Gloria Borger go back SO FAR, without saing so, and LIE about what Romney had said?  Maybe.  Our research department could find no OTHER statement by Romney that appeared to say taht he would KEEP this regulation.  As stated, I flat out don't believe that Borger got this part right  Romney is NOT going to "offend" Catholics.  At most, he might say that he wuld PROTECT CAHOLICS, without repealing the regulation for othe emplyoyers and insurance companies.  Yep.  As far as I am concerned, this would make ROMNEY a LIAR--although leaving Gorger as also a LIAR.  Borger, and CNN, of course, ar not interested in actual FACTS.  Still, would Borger go back MONTHS to contradict Begala with an INACCURATE statement of what happened with Romney earlier in the primary campaign?  If she did so, then she is a WORSE LIAR than even I though she was (and I already thought she was pretty bad).  All in all, I just don't believe that Romney would nto at least support RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, as he certainly argued in the GOP debates. And the way the original "controversy" ended was that Romney SUPPORTED the GOP bill REPEALING this regulation . What makes Ropmney think he could keep SHFTING back an forth on this issue? 

You choose. No, I don't like the way Romney has handled the thing from the beginning, since he has NEVER made any kind of stirring statement about FREEDOM, and how this is about FORCE and not about "contraception".  But has Gloria Borger misrepresented Romney?  Almost certainly.  The questin is:  HOW MUCH??  If anyone out there knows where Borger got her "facts" (such as they are, as she did not even talk about this EARLIER alleged "flip flop" by Romney), I would encourage a COMMENT ssetting forth the FACTS (ot opinioin on the "war on women", or some similar thing).  What exactly, has Romney said RECENTLY about this subject (this "free contraception" regulation), and what is his PRESENT position?  Our research department is not aware that Romney has changed his final position, after he said he misunderstood that original question.  But I am not confident of that , probably because I don't trust Romney.  I would be interested in knowing the FACTS. It will not make me acutally support Romney, but I would think a little better of him if he still supports REPEAL of this regulatin (which RFomney appears to be REQUIRED to do, to keep his pledge that he supports REPEAAL of all of ObamaCare).  Is Romney SO COWARDLY that the mere WORD "contraception" scares him into waffling all over the place? I hope not.  Help me out here, and either confirm our esearch department, or give FACTS where are research has been INCOMPLETE.  Now, the reserach is CORRECT on what happened earlier in the primary campaign, because I REMEMBER that.  But what has Romney said RECENTLY?  What could Gloria Borger have been referring to, or is she just a DISGRACEFUL LIAR?  I really would like to know, and my own eyesight is not good enough to do better than my research department (absent me jsut SEEING a clip, or headlien, about Romney's present position) 

I DID see Michael Reagan today, and he DISAPPOINTED me.  He basically suggested that Romney and the GOP should leave the ATTACK on this regulatin up to Notre Dame, and the other Catholic organizations which are SUING.  I agree, of course, and have said, that the EcoNOMY is going to control this race, despite the OBAMA and OBAMA MEDIA attempt to make this race aobut 'social issues'.  But this iparticular regulatin is about ObamaCare and FREEDOM--not a "social issue".  "Contraceptin" is NOT a "social issue".  It is not an ISSSUE at all..  FORCED FREE CONTGRACEPTIN, forcing employers and insurance companies to comply with the RELIGION of Obma, is the issue here.  I remain convinced that if the GOP cannot even frame this kind of issue correctly, what good are they?   This really IS abut the ECONOMY, as it shows how Obama wants to "double down" on puttin gever more BURDENS on private businesses.  Nope, Michael Reagan, you are WRONG.  The GOP should NOT be leaving this up to the Caholic Church, and Catholic organizations.  Yes, I am saying that Romney may be trying to DODGE this "issue".  He doesn't have to revolve his whole campaign around ti, but it is a MISTAKE to not be at least clear abut what your positoin is, and why (in a HONED, short, concise explanation--unlike this blog). 

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  That means you can't blame ME for any errors by our research department.  I refuse to discuss typing errors, or garbled sentences and entire articles, based on the Firth Amendment: it may tend to incriminate me.  What you get in this blgo is a 'stream of consciousness" FIRST DRAFT, as there is no way for me to read all that I have written and EDIT.  As I have said before, if I had not used up all sympathy I was born with by age 10--even before I became an agnostic--I might feel sorrry for you readers out there.  As it si, SUCK IT UP.  MAN UP.  Be thankful you are a beneficiary of the insights of this blog, if you are patient enough to wade thrugh to the meaning that is there. (lol)


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