Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michelle Obama and CNN Over-Hype Gardens, Making Donald Trump and Other "Birthers" Look Good: Environmentalists , Meanwhile, Continue to Kill People

Food is not a problem in this country, which produces more than enough food. Now the PRICE of food is a problem, exacerbated by teh INFLATIONARY policies of  Bailout Ben Bernanke and teh Obama Administration.  But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Radical environmentalists are KILLING peoiple world wide with any number of DEADLY lpolicies that are dpriving poor people in the world of food.  There is the fraud of 'global warming", which is taking food out of the mouths of people to be used as FUEL (as the United Nations even said).  This WAR ON FOSSIL fuels by the left is KILLING PEOPLE, and rasing worldwide fod prices in a number of ways.  Framers are being encouraged to plant crops that can be used for FUEL, instead of FOOD. Then the price of TRANSPORTATION is much higher than it should be, because of the DISCOURAGING of the drilling of oil.  Then there is that WAR ON LIVESTOCK (supposedly another "global warming" thing, but I think mainly coming from PETA as "global warming" is exposed as the general excuse ofor LEFTIT policies that it is). Igm etgabik us ab UBFFUCUEBT fyek, 

Now we have First Lady Michelle Obama out there PUSHING gardens.  Now I have nothing against gradens.  If you LIKE gardening, have a garden.  You may even get some "ehealthy" food out of it.  However,

Youu ARE a KOOK if:  (a new entry in my 'you are a kook if:" series)

201. You believe that "gardens" are the answer to ANY kind of food "problem"

202.  You believe that having a "garden" these days is the equivalent of a World War II "Victory Gardnen" (which, tthemselves, did not material good, excpet maybe to morale).

203.  You believe that gardens are a way to "fed" communities.

204.  You believe that "gardens" can show that Americans have not lost what it take. 

No.  Donald Trump is a MINOR LEGAGUE KKOK comared with the kooks of CNN (and maybe Michelle Obama).  After all, even though the mainstream media likes to pretend otehrwise, Barack Obama COULD have been born in Kenya.  I have called my own mother a KOOK for believing that Obama WAS born in Kenya, and I definitely regard Donald Trump as a kook.  There is no EVIDENCE that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and considerable evidence that he was born in Hawaii.  Still, he COULD have been born in Kenya.  Have not mothers gotten babies into the U.S. before, when they were born in other countries.  Notice that this does not even say AnYTHING about Obama, if it haed happened.  He was a BABY.  The media likes to pretend that this is some kind of MORAL EVIL, to be open to the POSSIBILITY that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.  Again, it is a mere matter of FACT, and if he WERE born in Kenya he would be FACTUUALLY barred from being Prfesident of the U.S., no matter whether Obama is a good President or not--even if Obama THINKS he was born in the U.S.  However, you are still a KOOK if you still want to make somehting of the "Brigher" "issue", because peoile are rightly going to dismiss the idea without CONVINCING evidence.  The MINOR "evil" here is hthat people who profess to believe that Obama was born in Kenya MAINLY oppose Obama for other reasons, or want to PROMOTE themselves (Trump). My mother does not like Obama, and therefore is willing to assum me the wort about him (although it is not OBAM'S fault if he were born in Kenya, was "suuggled" into the U.S.  I am maybe more open to this idea than many, because I live in El Paso, and I KNOW it has happened here on the Mexican border.  However, I don't dislike Obama so much as to think it is plausible that Obama's family managed to SMUGGLE him to Hawaii from Kenya, without any REAL evidence that such ever occurred.  Still, as state, this is a MINOR "kookism" (and lpartisan blindness).  This idea that 'personal" "gardens' are some sort of "magic wand" to provide peopele with food--"heatlhier" food than supermarkets--is a MAJOR KOOKISM that threatens to KILL EVEN MORE MPEOPLE: people crucified on the ideology of the left. 

It is not too strong a statement to say that CIVILIZATIN itself comes from a DIVISION OF LABOR, where every person does not have to hunt or grow his own food.  Personal "gardens" are an INEFFICIENT way to grow food for masses of peole.  Obviosly, that does not mateer if you LIKE gardening, and LIKE growing items of food YOUR WAY.  I have no problem wiht that.  But I have a HUGE problem with the way the really stupid WoMEN of CNN hyped the truly asinine idea that "personal gardens" are some sort of "gransforming" idea for America.  yep.  They would "transform" us all right, if we really relied upon them for food:  "transform" us right back tot he days of pre-civilizatin, hwere no okne had the leisure to do something useless like typee on a blog few people read becakuse every one is too busy merely scratching out a way to STAY ALIVE.  Sure, SOME peole like to sew their own clothes, as well.  I ADMIRE those people (admittedly because it brings back visions to me of the way some women used to be before we made the mistake of lettting them have the vote--my one personal 'kookism"). You can't FEED the masses this way.  You can't CLOTHE the masses this way. 

Doubt me?  Never do that.  I live in El Paso.  We have a WATHER problem in El Paso.  Yuo may remember that California CUT OFF WATHER to a significant number of California farms for suposed "environmental" reasons.  Those Californinas who did this, or supported it, were KOOKS--the industrial grade kind rather than the harmless Donald Trump kind.  But look how much BIGGER a problem it is to try to "water" a PERSONAL GARDEN in El Paso (or, really, many areas of California).  If you are not in an irrigation area, you may well get in TROUBLE with the 'water police" in El Paso.  It may certainly cost you an arm and a leg.  And it is MASSIVELY INEFFICIENT.  No. Don't even START to tell me how you radical "environmentalists" would "get around" this problem of WATER in El Paso, to make Michee Obama's "vision" come true.  That would merely emphasize that you reallyl need PROFESSINALS to grow food, or people wiling ot become EXPERS, or else it is just an inefficient "hobby" which may make you happy (not to be sneezed at, so long as you don't get Obama/CNN delusions of grandeur).

Did I just call ur First Lady a KOOK?  Maybe.  I certainly have an article doing so IN RESERVE (on "obesity" and the "body mass index").  But I am not sure thi stime . That is because the peole I KNOW are KOOKS here are the WOMNE OF CNNN.  I did not really hear jsut how far our First Lady went.  If I can go by experience, I have no trouble believing she went way TOO FAR.  But I do not have a cable TV mind.  I refuse to speculate on what I don't realy have any evidence on . Her, all I have is the DESCRIPTION of how GREAT Michelle Obmaa is trying to TRANSFORM American, and bring back our GREATNESS, with "victory gardens".  I HEARD a CNN anchor call this VISION of "feeding communities" with personal gardens as POETRY.  But the anchor was listening to a KOOK guest talk about how personal gradens would transform America into this paradise.  Thus, the "you are a kook if:" items below really only aply, FROM MY PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE, to CNN.  They MAY apply to Michelle Obama, and CNN certainly led me to believe they do.  But I have learned NOT to rely on CNN (The Liar Network).  CNN wa trying to HYPE BOTH personal gardens and Michelle Obama.  It would make sense that Michelle Obama "oversold" this idea as some sort of "magic wand", because otherwise it is just a piece of "happiness" advice from the First Lady ("happiness advice" being something with which I have no problem, so long as it is not OVER-HYPED the way CNN definitely did).   You CANNOT "feed communities" wiht personal gardens and it wuld be INEFFICIENT if you could somehow do it.  I don't dilike people ttalking about how "fulfilling" gardening is, or extolling its virtues. But when people start saying how "gardening" can "gransform" this country--showing aht we have not lost our mojo--then I have to point out such peoiple are KOOKS.  More importantly, once peoile startr ADVOCATING NATIONAL POLICY based on INSANE FANTASY, then they are worse than mere kooks. They are EviL KOOKS, trying to ram their  kooisms down the throats of other people.  Michelle Obama has shown herself that ind of kook on obesity. CNN would have me believe she is that kind of kook on gardening.  If the glove fits, Mrs. Obama, wear it (multiiple pun on O. J. Simpson and gardening gloves).

By the way, I have not NEARLY exhausted my list of how radical environmentalists KILL PEOPLE.  I have not even gotten into PESTICIDES, which are important in providing FOOD for the masses. They also happen to be important in STOPPING MALARIA.  This blog has previously noted how INSANE it was that we have patted ourselves on the back for providing MOSQUITO NETTING to places like Tanzania, because we REFUSE to provide PESTICIDES.  MURDER is what I call this.  Are any of yu people really so insane to believe lthat MOSQUTIO NETTING can be used so extensively as to keep people frm being bitten by mostuitoes?  I hope not. I like to think better of anyone smart enough (and patient enough) to wade thought these blog araticles. 

"Sklip, how can yu ATTACK gardening?  You will attack motherhood next.' 

I leave attacking motherhood to the left.  But, again, I am NOT attacking gardening.  I am attacking the KOIOK idea that "personal gardens" can have a major impact on this country. Now you should realize lthat my Constituionial Law professor, Lino Graglia, kused to use the examle f the Federal Government REGULATING the growing of wheat in a BACK YARD as an example of the reach of the POER of the Federal Government under the Interstate Commerc Clause.  If gardens DID start really affeting FARMERS, and government "farm policies", then you might well find the Federal Government tring to REGULATE GARDENS> Needless to say, I OPPOSE farm subsidies, and this kind of really expansive extension of the "Commerce Clause".  You wil note that Barack Obama wants to extend the "Commerce Cluase" even further with ObamaCare.  The questin is now, of coufrse, before the U. S. Supreme Court. 

Oh-another "by the way"--I DO know MUCH more about Constitutional Law than Barack Obama.  I actually have a lot of company as far as people who can say that. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight).  No, I have not forgotten that Anderson Cooper is gay, and my stil incomplete finale as to how that has influenced Coooper's program on CNN (and maybe CNN itself, although this is a "chicken and the egg" problem).  But I thought you deserved a break from that subject for today. My brother even "joked' that he had gotten the  point (although it realy is not quite the point):  Anderson Cooper is gay.  See previous aricles over the past several days. 

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