Monday, May 7, 2012

Jim Cramer, One of The Stupidest People on Earth: Austerity and Leftist Spin on the Elections in Europoe (the Economic Fascists of Wall Street)

Wall Street, and the economic fasicsts on Wall Street (almost all of them), were pretty much on the LEFTIST page with regard to the elections reults in Europe.  BAILOUT BEN BERNANKE BAILOUTS FOREVER as the likely result.  Free money--especially for Wall Street and members of teh worldwide banking and financial community: That is the rallying cry of these ECONOM:IC FASCISTS who regard conservatives like me as their EAL ENEMY.  Needless to say, I reciporcate. Doubt me?  Never, ever, do that.  Let us consider Jim "Che" Cramer as he praised COMMUNISTS today on CNBC (I could never make this stuff up). Message to Jim Cramer: You are deefinitely one of The Stupidest People on Earth (alng with the rest of CNBC and most of Wall Street), and you ARE an economic fascist (ditto).  I worry, as usual, Jim, that I am hooding too much in,and that you won't understand--stupid as you are--what I realy think of you!!!!!!

First, Cramer said this morning, on CNBC, taht the message of the European elections was that:  "Austerity has failed.". 

Hogwash, Cramer.  That is the LEFTIST message that the LEFT received fromt he European elections.  This blog gave yu the CORRECT message:  "INCUMBENTS LOSE if they don't seem to have any economic strategy other than to BAIL OUT people like Cramer, bankers and Wall Street.."  Cramer is an idiot.  Has GREECE really tried "austerity"?  Don't be silly.  The hole idea, and the Greek people know it, is to BAIL OUT the European banks, and Wall Street, by 'kicking the can down the road" on Greece, while the Greek peole TWIST IN THE WIND.  What the economic fasicists on Wall Street need to realize is that the peasansts with pitchforks are about ready to RISE UYP and REVOLT.  I am not talking about the "Occupy Wall Streeet" FRAUD, which is merely the usual leftist people taknig to the streets. Peoople in general have HAD IT with BANKS and WALL STRET getting the "bailouts", because we can't let them fail.  News for yu, Craemr:  The PEOPLE are more than ready for YOU, and the rest of the financial peole of the wrold, to FAIL.  They are especially ready to LET YOU FAIL, rather than keep PROLONGING AGONY by the same old trickswhich have no purpose but to BAIL YOU OUT. 

Isn't it amazing, if you don't read this blog, how surprising it might be to see the "Occupy Wall Street" types, AND WALL STGREET, on about the same page as to the "meaning" of the European elections?  Oh, Wall Street--deluded as they are, being The Stupidest People on Earth--thinks that Bailout Ben Bernanke "HAS OUR BACKS" (a direct quote from Cramer, and many others on CNBC), rather than wanting to tear us down like the "Occupy" pepole.  But these peole favor the SAME POLICIES.  No fiscal discipline.  PRINT MONEY.  Try to keep the "peasansts" 'hppy" (on the theory they will be happy with not much) with government SUBSIDIES.  Don't worry about free market theory, and the OBVIUIS truth tghan mere MEN cannot CONTROL the entire economy, by means of central planning, because they can NEVER know enough.  This blog has shown you time and time again that the people of Wall Street do NOT really believe in free market theory.  How can you possibly believe in free market theory, and still look toBAILOUT BEN BERNAKE to be lyour "savior" (even though BERNANKE "presided" over the current economic collapse and worst recovery since the Great Depression).  Yep.  Wall Street wants SPENDING, in general, jut as much as the "Occupy" peple, and yet they HATE each other.  Does that tell you how STUPID both of tghese groups are?  Wall Street wants everlasting BAILOUTS to "take care of" Wall Street .  "Occupy" peole want never ending WELFARE to "take care of" THEM.  These peole want the SAME thing, but both types think that THEY will control where the money ultimately goes.  Right now, WALL STREET--under the same Obama Administration that has attempted to push the "Occupy" "movement" as a COUNTER (lol) to Wall Street--seems to be carrying the day.  We DO presently have policies of, by and for WALL STREET.  And "the peole" are more than tired of it.  Can Wall Street really "favor" bailing out Wall Stret, and letting THE PEOPLE suffer?  Even Wall Street is realizing that this is absurd hypocrisy.  The "solution" is ECONOMIC FASCISM--this idea of a "partnership" betwween Big Government and Big Business--to "take care of" EVERYONE (especailly Wall Street, but trying to make the "little pepole" happy with BRIBES like that fraudulent "payroll tax cut').

"Austerity?" It hasn't been tried.  And what REALLY hasn't been tried is SMALLER GOVERNMENT, relying on free markets to work without the heavy hand of "central planners" (mere men).  And does Jim Cramer realy think peoople really LIKE government policy aimed at makng sure WALL STREET, and financial types like Cramer, never fail?  Not a chance. The more people UNDERASTAND abut this, the more they DO NOT LIKE IT. That is the real message  of the European elecitons.

Oh. "Che' Cramer (you know, the nickname EARNED from Che Guevara, the Cuban Communist revolutionary hero). Cramer, and CNBC,. were trying to explain how The Stupidest People on Earth thought the European elections over the weekend (showoing this rEVOLT against the incumbent Bernanke ideas) were "fine".  The first statement was that "austerity has failed", since CNBC , Cramer and Wall Street don't want "austerity" INTERFERING with the BAILUTS of Wall Street. One of those BAILOUTS is to PUMP central planning money into the economy (one of the main causes of the Great Depression). That is inconssitent with "austerity".  Conservatives, of course, want GOVERNMETN FISCAL DISCIPLINE, and NOT AUSTERITY.  Conservatives, in other wrods, want an entirely different directin, with LOW TAX RATES and a VIBRANT, FREE MARKET ECONOMY. Cramer, and leftists those unholy bedfellows in economic fascissm) want CENTRAL PLANNING to CONTROL the ECONMY, and EVERYONE in it, based on the fantasy that a meer man like Bernanke can successfully "take care of" Wll Street and the economy--while someone like Obama keeps the "peasants" happy with BRIBES.  Oh, back to "Che" Cramer. Afater the "austerity has failed" mantra, Cramer had to take the positon that the SOCIALISTS in France were not so bad.

Tis is what Cramer said about the economic fascists on Wall Street: "Everyone realized that the socialists previusly had control in France, and that things were not really that bad.".  In other words, the left can now QUOTE CRRAMER, as well as probably Buffett and Gate, for this:  "Socialism is not so bad."  The underlying theme here, of course, is that OBAMA IS NOT SO BAD, even if he and Bernanke have FAILED to actualy engineer a "real" recovery.  But it is worse than that.  OBAMA WAS LRESPONSIBLE FOR THE ECONOMIC COLLAPSE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Oh, not aolone.  But DEMOCRATS, including Obama in their numbers, took CONTROL of Congress in January of 2007.  The economic collapse did NOT occur under "Republicans".  It occureed under a governemnt 2/3's controlled by DEMOCRATS (of which Obama SHOULD have been a LEADING force). This bog DISOWNED George W. Bush in  2006, because he was OPEN to almsot anything the DEMOCRATS wanted (so lnog as it was not a TAX INCREASE).  OBAMA voted for ALL of the Bush spending, except when he wanted MORE.  I don't even understand why the GOP cannot make this pint.  They seem to be UNABLE to criticize the BSUH DEMOCRAT CONGRESS, because it would mean criticizing BUSH.  These peope (GOP establishment) DESERVE TO LOSE.  Cramer, after defending socialism, was not through.  I did you not.

Cramer then said:  "And it is the COMMUNISTS  who seem to know how to produce growth in the conomy."  Sure, Cramer said it with a smile, and would surely say it was sort of a joke (not funy).  Problem:  This was in the context of DEFENDING SOCIALISM.  How much of a "joke' could it really have been?  Obviously not much of a joke.  Oh.  You don't know what Cramer was talking about?  Did not the Soviet Union FAIL with central planning Communism?  Of course they did. Cramer was talking about CHINA (lol).  But HOW did China do so well?  Actually, there are two reasons:

1.  China ABANDONED COMMUNIST ECONOMIC POLICIES in faovr of capitalism--often being MORE "capitalist", wiht LESSS government interferecnnce, than the government of the United States.  Sure, the Chinese governemnt has kept overall COTOROL, but they have SUCCEEDED  y giving business (in Chin) pretty much a free hand (no Soviet five-year pllans, or governemntl-run businesses, at least the government pretty much stays out of the OPERATION of businesses so long as the overall Communist control is not threatened). 

2.  Cmmuinst China has succeeded because of US, and--to a lesser extent--the rest of the world. Especially with regard to the areas outside of China, China has almsot endorsed the old ROBBER BARON idea of capitalism, and pretty much endorsed the most cutthroat capitalism there is.  Sure, China has used its currency policies to try to gain a cmpetitive edge. But does CHINA worry about whether WalMart gavbe bribes IN MEXICO (if WalMart were a Chinese company)?  Not a chance.  China has UNLEASHED the COMPETITIVE instincts of its business peole, and EMBRACED capitalism.  And they have COMPETED in the United States, and other western economies.  No, they have NOT really raised the mass of the Chines people into our kind of standard of living.  But they have USED capitalizsm--a FREER kind of capitlism, in many ways, than ours--to COMPTET against our handicapped businesses. The problem China has, esdies rising expectations of its people for a better life, is that China RELIES ON US (and other wetern countries) for its growth.  China ha sunleashed capitalism on the world, jsut as the world has so ABANDONED fiscal discipline and free market ideas that the world is FAILING economically.  China will ultimately FAiL, if we fail.  Maybe China should TEACH US CAPITALISM AGAIN.  I certainly think Jim Cramer could use instructino from China.

I kid yu not . This accurately--if you discount the screaming, and with Cramer you get just as much screaming as from me--tells you how CNBC and Cramer approached the "storyline" that the European elections were not really so bad, and that Wall Street was right to think that things are still fine (such that the stock market should REAMIN near an ALL-TIME high in the Dow).

These truly are The Stupidest People on Earth.  And Jim Cramer is one of the stupidest of those stupidest peole on Earth. "Che" Cramer, on the Che network, would not know a real insight if it clobbered him on the head (with some minor aberrations, such as his CORRECT advice today that ordinary investors should SELL every time a "takeover" is announced, if they ownn stock in a company that is being taken over, for teh reason that ONLY "professionals" sholuld be "betting" on whether the takeover will be successfully concluded).

P.S. No proofreading or spel checking (bad eyesight).  It really did feel good to be talking aobut that idiot, Cramer, since I felt no restraint at all in SCREAMING.  If Cramer can do it, I certainly can do it talking about Cramer.  I know. Youi have seen no evidence of rpeviuos restraint on my part.  Yuo just don't know ho w bad I could be.  This article may give you a clue. 

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