Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hugo Chavez Forfeits Respect of CNN, Bill Maher, the AP, and the Rest of the Left, as Chavez "Turns to God" (President Obama Is Not a Christian)

I kid you not.  Here was the AP/Yaho "News" headline yesterday:

"Hugo Chavez turns to God,, after his cancer"

Now Hugo Chavez can suppress free speech and oppposition, and trash the USA, without damaging him in the eys of the Ameri acan left.  The AP, after 9/11 and the "conspiracy theories" about the "involvement" of Presdient Bush, even did a SERIOUS (lol) "news" story about how the Hugo Chavez government thought that Presdient Bush was comopicit in the 9/11 atack.  Then there were those stories from the dESPICABLE AP about how Hugo Chavez had 'evidence" taht Presdient Bush was gong to have him assassinated. No ridicule.  The AP played all of this stuff, alng with the rest of the mainstream media, exactly like these were "rfeal", serius "news" stories (which, of course, the EVIL peple of the AP privately believed were more than possible, although they did not dARE actively endorse the insanity--which is where Chavez came in handh).

No.  Hugo Chavez, and his bovernment, can say almost ANYTHING without being RIDICULED by the leftist American media, such as The Anti-Christian Network (CNN).  But let Chavez "turn to God", and the AP comes as close to RIDICULE as it has ever come with Chavez.  The ATHEISTS of the AP, in the very first paragraph, noted how Hugo Chavez has openly admired "socialist" atheists like Karl Marx and Fidel Castro, but was now turning to a different kind of "inspiration":  Jesus Christ. This, of course, is the DESPICABLE AP--th e subject of my FUTILE 8 year, Sodom and Gmorrah search for an honest, competent AP reporter,:  a creature that does not exist--explaining the reference to Karl Marx and Fidel Castro as "socialists".  Karl Marx, of curse, is a "comunist".  He FOUNDED "communism".  Fidel Castro is the amain Soviet Union type Communist left in the world today.  Hugo Chavez, despite his ambitions, never quite achieved the Castro Communist totalitarian statte, on the model of the old Soviet Union.

The DISAPPOINTMENT.  It almsot oozed off of the scren, as the AP tried to restrain its contempt. GOD.  Chavez can criticize the USA as the Great Satan, and CNN, the AP and Bill Maher (the most MILITANT anti-Christian alive in the world today)would pretty much cheeer (because they agree, especially as to Americans who actually believe in their religion).  But GOD!!!!!?????  How could Chavez BETRAY them like that?  CNN is not nicknamed  The Anti-Christian Network fornoting. 

Be comforted, you people on the left.  Hugo Chavez is really no different from President Obama.  In case you had forgotten: President Barack Obama is NOT a Christian.  He merely trties to USE the Christian religin, when it suits his political convenence.  Hugo Chavez has taken this a step further, altthough you would rightly SUSPECT that Barack Obama would be ARROGANT enough to try to try the same thing.  No, Hugo Chavez has no more idea of what it means to be a real Christian than Barack Obama, and considerably less of an idea than I do (agnostic that I am).  The AP story goes on to say that Chavez has been "praying' for DIVINE INTERVENTIN to help him wiht his cancer. In other words, Chavez is trying to USE GOD to "cure" him, so he can go back to "admiring" those GOD--FEARING men: Karl Marx and Fidel Castro.  Somehow, I don't think this is what makes a real Christian, or that God is quite this DUMB.

No.  Hugo Chavez is no more a Chrisitan than Barack Obama, but you have to admire the sheer GALL.   Why add the statement:  "President Obama is not a Christian"?  Well, I am convinced that both Hugo Chavez and Barack Obama are not really Christians. But the main reason is that I have PROMISED to do so, to counter the RELIGOUS BIGOTRY an dHYPOCRISY of the mainstream media (who try to USE religion as a political weapon in the most HYPOCRITICAL way ever devised by the mind of man).  And it is true: Barack Obama is not a Christian.

P.S.  No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Stay tuned, as wwe follow the saga of whether the left ever forgives Hugo Chavez for this HERESY.  Further, I hereby make this promoise (in the traditin of Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle): If Hell exists, I will do my best to get a message back, fromm beyoond the grave (after I am dead), to describe what has happened to Hugo Chavvez, Bill Maher, Wolf Blitzer, Brack Obama, almost all of the rest of the mainstream media, the people of the ACLU, and most other leftists.  Yep.  This blog has told you before that these are people I fully expect to meet in Helllsdfa, if it exists, as I expect I will be there.  I have told you before that I don't know if God will LET me have the pleasure of knowing I was right about the ETERNAL TROMENT, without court appeal, to be suffered by these people. However, I will do my  very best to get a messsage back, in which I fuly expect to agan confirm that The Maverick Conservative is simply never wrong. No. I am not even going to worry about reporting back on Muslim exxtremists. They carry Hell around with them, wherever they go.  I might try to report back on how many people in Hell are like Barack Obama, and CLAIMED to be Christians.

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