Sunday, May 13, 2012

Barack Obama Is Not a Christian: Blame Wolf Blitzer and John King, Bigots on The Bigoted Newwork for This Headline

Again, so long as the RELIGIOUS BIGOTS at CNN continue to concentrate on Romney's Mormonism as some sort of weird cult--something that never bothered them with either Harry Reid or John Huntsman, because these are the worst hypocrites to ever walk the Earth, on two legs or four, the hypocrites being King Blitzer and the other dihonsest hypocrites of CNN--this blog will continue to have some vairation of this TRUTHFUL headline:  "President Obama Is Not a Christian". Note again that Blitzr, King and the tother EVIL peole of CNN want to make THEOLOGY, and the details of reiligious doctrine, a lPOLITICAL ISSUE, which is about the most BIGOTED thing that has ever happened in American politces:  coming from one of the most BIGOTED "news" sources that has ever existed in America.  CNN is catering directly, and PROMOTING, anti-Mormn BIGOTRY based on THEOLY, at a time when HYPOCRITE Obama is not even a Christian.  CNN wants to turn the FACT that Obama is not a Christian--has no religon at all--into a weapon.  How can you criticize the RELIGOIUS DOCTRIINE of Obama's church when he has none? Actually, of course, you CAN.  The LAST specific Obama church ws the ANTI-AMERICAN "theology" of Reverend Wright.  Obama belonged to an ANTI-AMERICAN church, and resigned from thbat church ONLY because he was FORCED to by the publicidty about the sermons of Reverend Wright: RACIST sermons and ANTI-AMERICAN sermons trying to say that "white Europeans", likke those in the CIA, are tlring to DESTROY black people in America by providing them with drugs ("God damn American").  20 years Obama was in this anti-American, racist church, and the bIGOTWS of CNN are not goinog to convince me that the Mormon Chruch (which, from all apearances, generally produces people of high moral character) is WORSE.  Nope. Obama is an ATHEIST--never having departged from the admitted way he awas raised, and the ONLY church of which he has ever been a member is a church whihc bascailly advocated a WAR against "white Europeans" by "people of clor". 

What prompted this specific article. Weeel, if you read this blog carefuly, you know that I was away from my computer this Mother's Day wekend--at my mother's, in fact.  My mother, because AT&T took the une unfair and unbalanced lnetwork away from he, so that she only gets CNN and MSNBC (of the major cable "news" networks) in her "basic package", likes to keep CNN on as background noicse.  Therefore, even though I have sworn never to VOLUNTARIY tune in to the EVIL, BIGOTED Wolf Blitzer again, I heard snatches of his progarm on Friday.  BIGOTRY.  CNN is continuing its "full court press" of REIGIOUS bigotry against Romney's Mormonism.  Thus, the ONLY thing CNN was interested in with regard to Romney's sppech to Jerry Falwell's Libery Universtiy was the FEW (like less thatn FIVE) people at Liverly University hwho "protested" (mildly) Romney's chicie as a commencement speaker.  CNN is stil trying to convince evangelical Christians that they should vote against Romney based soley on his MORORMONISM.  That is-I mean it--exactly how BIGOTED CNN, Wolf Blitzer and John King are. They are not only among the wrorst hypocriess to ever walk the Earth, they are among the WORST--becasuse most HYPOCRITICAL--BIGOTS to ever walk the Earth.  Hh, don't forget that these peole on CNN trying to connvince peole to vote against Romney based soley on RELIGIOUS DOCTIRE are, themselves, ANTI-CHRISTIAN BIGOTS.  Should ANY "Christian" cast a vote based on ANYTHING NN says, as both a partisan proponent of Obama AND an anti-Christian, anti-Mormon group of BIGOTS?  Of course not.  The peole of CNN think Christians are this dumb.  Thjey are not.  I kid you not. The ONLY thing the truly EVIL Wolf Blitzer was intrested in regarding Liberty University was indications that evangelical Christians might be following CNN's BIGOTRY, and use religious dooctrine to "disqualify" Romney from consideration.  Note that I saw NO qu;estions abut whether the peole at Libery University consider BARACK OBAMA to be a CHRISTIAN.  CNN, of course, knows thqat Bill Maher (CNN's FAVORITE guest, because he is an anti-Christian atheist)and I (another noted agnostic, although not an anti-Christian biggot) are figh in our AGREEMENT: Barack Obama is not a Christian.  Exaclty why, again, CNN do you think Christians should prefer an anti-Christian atheist (Obama) to a man (Romney) whose religious VALUES pretty much match yours (if Romney has not always been so very consistent in those values)?  Mormons are KNOWN for a rather strict peronal morality fairly similar to that professed by evangelical Christians.  Obama, in contrast, my be faithful to hi swife (as Romney appears to be faithful to his early sweetheart), but his professed VALUES are totally out of step with those of evangelicial Christians.  From partial birth abortion to gay marriage, Obama goes right down the line with LEFTISTT IDEOLOGY.  There is NO indication that Obama's Christian "beliefs" (lol) have ANY effect on this thinking.  Bill Maher is right:  Obama real religion is "secular humanism" (leftist ideology).

Then there is that other, trulyl EvIL, HYPOCRITE, John King.  You will remember that Jon King is the one who did that TIRADE about the EVIL of evewn making an "issue" out of "how people pray".  That is the ONLY "issue" with regard to Mormons:  whether they really believe in CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY, and whether their beliefs fit Christian theology  Exactlywhat, agan, do you call this, John King?  Right. You call it EVIL, and you are turly an EVIL man (you and Wolf Blitzer).  You now lhave joingfed my list of PROSCRFIBED indivdiuals.  I will no longer even SURF your program, or evern voluntariy listen to you again--even for matreial for this blog. The ONLY reason CNN is tryhing to convince evangelical Christians that Romney is "out of bounhds" as a Mormon--soely because of the "way he prays", and the RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE of his church (haiving nothing to do with what POLICIES he would propose as Presidetn). I am tellin gyou the exact trught heere. CNN wants to make RELIGIOUS DOCTRINE a POLITICAL ISSUE  in this country, while PRETENDING that the BIGOTS are evangelical Christians.  Nope.  The BIGOTS here are Wolf Blitzer, John King, and the EVIL people of CNN.   Of course, the real reason CNN is trying to do this is the very same reason that CNN tried to make an issue out of the RELIGIOUS DETAILS of Sarah Palin's PREVIOUS chruch (you know, the Pentecostal--slp.?--Christian movement famous for "speaking in tongues"):  CNN is a PARTISAN network pushing Barack Obama, whihc is why CNN will NEVER say that religion is any knid of "real" issue with regard to Obama (Whether the anti-American racist church of Reverend Wright that Obama attended for 20 years or the fact that Obama is really an atheist who does not believe in any religion at all).  Thus, CNN peole do not care if Mormons are really Christians. In fact, CNN people are mainly BIGOTED against Mormons because Mormons are TOO MUCH like evangelical Chrsstians: the very reason that "60 Minutes" asked Romney in the 2008 campaign wehtehr he had ever had premarital sex with his now wife.  Cna you imagine howBIGOTED it is to try to make an issue out of a chruch OPPOSING premarital sex, and whether a curch member complied with that positon of the chruch?  What CNN carfes about, ahich is waht it cared about with Sarh Palin and the "implication" that she may have been in a church where peole "splke in tongs", is ELECTION Barack Obama.  That was true in 2008, and it is ture todya.  These--the people of CN--are DISHOENSTR PARTISANS, and ANTI-CHRISITAN besides. 

Dbut me?  Just never do that. CN is trying to sell the idea--TO LCHRISTIANS--that Romney is not a Christian ;(totally a matter of THEOLOGY, wiht NO policy significance running against Barack Obama, as distinguished from Rick Santorum)).  Meanwhile, CNN is tryhiong to "jsutify" this by sayhing they are olyh 'reporting' on the narrow minded bigotry of evangelical Christians.  Bad try, CNN (not even a good try).  John King "reporeted" on Friday that "polls" (another CNN EVIL: their attempt to USE meaningless polls as WEAPONS) show that evangelical Christians favor Romney agasinst Obama "only" by a 69% to 19% margin. These are the peole--evangelical Christians--who CNN is tryhing to portray as "narrow minded", and only voting their specific, narrow minded religion.  John Kng and Wolf Blitzer: You are not only BIGOTS; you are DISOEHONEST, STUPID BIGOTS. I jsut fund out over the weekend that the ONLY one of my four brothers who could be regarded as an "evangelical Chrsitian" will vote for Obama, and considers me someawhat of  a hoplessly lost soul because I will not.  I thought that all FOUR of my brothers were of this view, but it turns out that another brother (who sometimes actually reads this blog, and is down as a "follower", is my om opinion;  He would rather "throw away his vote" (my evangelical brother's view) than vote for Mitt Romney . Nope.  This brother is not really religious either, although I have no idea whether he does have private religious beliefs.  CNN is tlyring to PROMOTE the idea that "evangelical Chrsitians" don't "trust" Romney BECAUSE of his Mormon religion, when even their BIASED poll has evangelcials supporting Romney to the tune of about 70%.  John King--lying hypocrite hthat he is--was GLOATNG abut this poll, or pretending to, because it shows LESS slupport than George W. Bush got from egangelicals, and no more than LOSER John McCain got. 

Q.E.D.  "Evangelicals' are FLEXIBLE, and NOT BIGOTS. The BIGOTS are the people on CNN trying to make relgius doctrine a ONE WAY "issue" in religious politics.  I even learned today, after I got home, that CN has some sort of BLOG devoted entirelly to strictly religoius issues in POLITICS (but NOT, I am sure, the isue of whether Barack Obama is a lying hypocritee when he clamis to be a Christian). Evangelicals are MORE likely that people like me, and my one brother, to vote for Mitt Romney baed n the (really incontovertible) fact that Romney cannot possibly be as lbad (for Christians, but also for everybody else) as Obama.  That latter statement is true, but just not god enough for me.  It is good enough for evangelical Chrsitians, probably because they are generallyl better people than I am and reluctant to write this country off.

Just look at how BAD CCNN is.  I guarantee you that MORE lpeople at Libery University have qualms about Barack Obama than the HANDFUL (admitted by CNN) of people there who have a probmem with Mitt Romney being a Mormon. John King, you are a DISHOENST BIGOT.  Wolf Blitzer, you are a DISHONEST BIGOT.  And you want to DESTROY the American system by maknig THOLOGY an "issue' in American politicas. You may think that you can limit this tto a ONE WAY "weapon  I--with more excuse, since it proves Obama is a liar and a lhypocrite that he lies about being a "practicing Christian--am out to show the lpeole of CNN that they are WRONG.  From now to November, as I have stated, the most common headline on this blog will be some variation of:  "President Obama Is Not A Christian".  And I am gong to tell Christians time and time again that they should NEVER vote for Obama.  I am an ganostic.  I KNOW.  one when I see one.  Besides, Obama is not merely an atheist. He is, like Bill Maher (who gave him a million dollars) an ANTI-CHRISTIAN ATHEIST. 

As I have told Christians before:  you have a perfect right to prefer to vote for someone who shares your religious convictions.  Why would you have those convictions if you did not thing that having those convictions gnerally shows you recognize RIGHT and GOOD, and are looking t the right place for guidance.  But, as I told Christians, you would be WELL ADVISED to vote for ME, from a POLICY pont of view as to what I would do as Presdient.  There is NO way for you to truly know what is in another person's heart.  Here, I think you CAN KNOW that Obama is not a Christian.  Btu you can never know with someone not as obvius as Obama.  Al things being equal, you certainly have a right t prefer somoene who is of your religion.  The problem is that things are never equal.  How do you know that God id not want ME to be pPresdient, even though I am an agnostic, to advance His chruch on Earth (as I believe I would probably do better than any present politican running for Presdient, although the mere idea may horrify you). After all, did not He trust me with that futile Sodom and Gomorrah search for an honest, competent AP reporter (a creature who does not exist)?  No.  I am serius here.  Christians should vote for the person who you belive will best ADVANCE your POLICY goalsl--including policy goals influenced by your religion. You are being stupidly shrot-sighted if you let your ENEMIES on the left try to INFLUENCE you to advance THEIR GOALS.  That is what CNN is trying to do.  Remember when CNN even had a piece on their bebsidte entitled: "The Gospel according to Herman Cain"?  These are people--peple who do not believe in the Christian religion themselves--trying to USE the Christian believfs of others to aadvance their agenda.  You aare absolutly stupid if yo ulet them get away with that.  My evangelical brother is not that stupid. Neither should you be.  No. I am not that stupid.  I pay no attentin to CNN, or the rest of the media, when they tell me "conservatives' have doubts about Romney.  CNN IS MY ENEMY. CNN IS THE ENEMY of Christians.  No one should ever let what CN says influence your vote by even an infintesimal amount.  My problem is that I regard the GOP estalbishment as my enemy, as well, and I jsut can't stomach voting for Romney.  That has nothing to do with CNN, or what CNN tells me aobut Romney.  In fact, CNN being such an enemy of Romney TEMPTS me to vote for Romney (the enmey of my worst enemies being my friend).  Sorry.  I jsut cant't stomach it.  But if YOU let CNN influence the way you think about ANYONE, you are simply being stupid. That goes for the whole mainstream media. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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