Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Piers Morgan, R.I.P.: The Maverick Conservative Gets It Right

You remember that my 89 year old mother asked this question with regard to Piers Morgan: WHY?  Why is this man on American televison--on ANY television. 

You may have thought I was kidding when I told you that I basically found it to be redundant to call for a BOYCOTT of CN (The Liar Network, The Anti-Christian Network, and The Racist, Bigoted Network).  That is because Americans are already BOYCOTTING CNN, without even being consciuas of doing so.

Present Drudge banne headline:  "CNN Hits 15 Year Low"

Now the headline is a LITTLE misleading  It turns out that this was the rating for ONE program (Piers Morgan) for one night, and only for the "prime demographic" (25-54 year ollds).  Still, the report was that 39,000 people, in taht age group, were ALL taht watched Pies Morgan at 9 p.m.  It is no exaggeratin to say that a TEST PATTERN wuld pobably do taht well. 

This blog gets it right, even in samll things.  This blog told you long ago that Piers Moran is hopeless. He is a partiasan hack with a British accent. My mother's one word question is best:  WHY?

There is no anser, except taht CNN is fading into the dustbin of history. If only the unfair and unbalanced network were really doing any better.

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