Thursday, May 10, 2012

Anderson Cooper: Dishonest Hypocrite (Keeping Him Honest, Impossible Though That Is)

CNN, and the other partisans of the left, are in a full court press to SAVE Presdient Obama from political disaster.

It is not just that President Obama is for "gay marriage", in the face of ALL of the thousands of eyars of human history--including before the Christian religion even existed. The problem is tha tPresident Obama obvviously LIED about it, as this blgo told yolu four years ago, and PRETENDED to oppose same sex marriage simpy to get votes; the very thing that the Obama campaign accuses Mitt Romney of doing.  In fact, the Obama positin on same sex marriage was designed to also help "convince" believing Crhistians thatq Obama was one of them.  Tha thas now gonne by the boards, as Obama has chosen his lefftist ideology (as he HAD to do--no "clurage" involved) over whatever "Christian" instincts he was trying to portray himself as having.  Presdient Obama is not a Christian, and his is further convincing evidence of tthat.  If Obama would calim to have a FRIM plosition on same sex marriage in 2008, just to get elected and help get Christian votes, why is it now BOVIOUS that Obama would LIE about being a 'Chjristian" for the same reason?   This question cannot be answered, even though the DIESHONEST Anderson Cooper and mainstream media wil never ask it, and there is absoutely NO reason to believe Prfesdient Obama is a Christian.  Why is his 'position" on that not "evolving"?  There is simpy no asnwer to this question that reflects well on Obama  (Liar-in-Chief).  Tis will lead us to Andeson Cooper, tonight on CNN, as CNN tries desperately to COVER for Obama. 

Firt (last night, althugh they havve still not quite given up on it), CNN and Anderson Cooper tried tthe "courage" gambit--the "man of principle" LIE.  A previous blog article, in the past two days, gave the liee to this one.  But OBAMA gave the lie to it today.  He admitted that Joe Biden FORCED him-Obama--to come out in favor of gay marriage, when he (Obama) would have preferred to do it in his own way, and in his own time. In other words, Obama ADMITTED that he is a LIAR, but was FORCED to tell the truth by Joe Biden . Joe Biden even went to the White House and APOLOGIZED for "putting Obama on the stpot"--after the DIEHOSNTEST HYPOCRITES like Anderson Cooper had refused to put Obama on the spont previously (despite that truly outrageous Obama absurdity about his position on same sex marriage "evolving").  So much for 'couragge".  Obama has NO "courage".  He ccame out for gay marraige at a time when he CALCULATED that it would do hiom less harm than trying to continue to walk the fence (after Biden put himm, Obama, on the spot).   Agai, so much for "courage", and being a "man of principle". Political CALCULATON is not "courage", and it is not principle. 

This brings us to Anderson Cooper (trying to keep him honest, as impossible as that is), on CNN tonight. This "courage" and "principle' gambit will obviusly FAIL. What to do, if you are an Obama partisan.  What to do.  If lyu were HONEST, of course, you could ask the questin whether Obama was DECEIVING Chrstians in 2008, and all of the time since then, until Joe Biden FORCEDD him to go with his real religion: leftist ideology.  But Anderson Cooper is NOT an honest man, and he is on  The Liar Network.  So forget about bringng up the THOUSANDS of quotes, from 2007 and 2008, where Obama professed to believe that marriage should only bebetween a man and a woman.  Forget abut askng WHY Obama previously "believed" that marriage should be  between a man and a woman, and what CHANGED (except POLITICAL CALCULATION by a sociopathic liar (Obama). No.  Anderson Coper and CNN were UNINTERESTED that Obama said what was POLITICALLY ADVANTAGEOUS in 2008, and now has said what is POLITICALLY ADVANTAGEOUS in 2012.  Now CNN and Anderson Cooper are tryig to LIE and tell youy that it is a "political risk" to say you are "for gay marriage".  CNN, do you really think people are THAT STLUPID?  Obviuisly you do.  The questin here is NOT whehter it is a poilitical "riskj" for Obama to do what he did not want to do :  take a position on same sex marriage.  The question is: what was the GREATER political risk, once Joe Biden put Obama on the spot.  Thbis is a no brainer.  Obama simply could not come out and say that he was FIRM on marriage being only for a man and a woman.  That would have been political DISASTER.  And it was obvius that Joe Biden had made it IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to try to continue to GET AWY with "walking the fence" (with media cooperation) . This, agian, was POLITCAL DISASTER (to try to continue to DECIEVE and OBFUSCATE.  Obama knew that he HAD to s---, or get off of thepot.  Once you understand that, as CNN is tryuing to OBSCURE iwth the FALSE idea that Obama volluntarily changed his mind for "principle", then you understand that Obama HAD NO CHOICE.  He HAD to come out for gaymarriage.    That was the LEAST political risk for him  His porblem was that EVErY choicde he had was BAD (as, again, Biden and Obama have both admitted), and the only question was which "announcement" carried the LEAST risk.  This was a "no brainer".  Obama HAD to come out for gay marriage, no matter how "risky", because any other choice was MORE RISKY by far. 

How could the DISHONEST HYPOCRITE, Anderson Cooper, COVER for a Presdient who had gotten himself in this much of a meess (including destrying his, Obamaa's, own credibility, for anyone with a brain)--a mess partially "created" by Joe Biden, but mainly created by Obama's OWN DISHONESTY in trying to have this "bay marriage' thing both ways.  What the dishonest Anderson Cooper, and CNN, chose to do was to go back 18 years and try to ACCUSE ROMNEY of "political opportunism" and dishonesty.  I could never make this up . Anderson Cooper is really THIS DISHONEST< and this much of a hypocrite.  The man is a piece of work (keeping him honest).  It turns out that Romney--actually sort of unusual for Romney--has kept the same positon on gay marriage: opposing it.  He has kept that same posion as governor of Massachusetts.  He has even kept that same ositon since he was running for the Seante against Ted Kennedy 18 years ago.  In other words, Romney has NOT FLIP FLOPPED, like Obama, on the direct questin of whjether Romney favors homosexual marraige.  Romney has ALWAYS had the same position.  This did not both a man as DISHONEST and H:YOCRFITICAL as Anderson Cooper, or The Liar Netwrok (CN).  They went back to 1994, and that race wtih Ted Kennedy.  It turns out that Mitt Romney said then that he favored "full equality" for homosexuals.  Remembver, Romney was ASKED whether he favored gay marriage, and said he did not.  Bu--I kid you not, the man is this DISHONEST--Anderson Coper spent about 15 minutes saying Romney was DISHOENST because he tried to send the message that he was on the side of homosecuals, while refusing to acknowledge that "full equality" necessariy meant approval of same sex marriage.  The DISHONEST Anderson Cooper even went so far as to say that Mitt Romney is being DISHOENST now when he says he oposes "discriminationi" against gays, but still beieves marriage is between a man and a woman (EXACTLY the Obama positon before this week). 

That is the problem here.  What Anderson Cooer has DELIBERATELY done is take what OBAMA has done, and accuse ROMNEY of it.  This is a deiberate attempt to COVER for Obama (keepng Anderson Cooper honest).  OBAMA is the one who tried to gain POLITICAL ADVANTGAGE by giving gays the message that he was on their side, and in faovr of "full equality", while tryin gto COZY up to Christians at the same time.  And Obama did that in 2008.  Anderson Cooiper did not have to go back to 1994.  What Cooper kept tyrin gto do was CHANGE THE SUBJECT: trying to suggest that you can't be against "discrimination" for gays, and for "full equality", unless you are for gay marriage.  Who says?  YOUI, Anderson    what makes YOIU the authortiy.  Gay marriage has NOT been allowed in ALL of the thousands of years of ALL human societies, unitil basically this century.  Why is Romney "dishonest" for saying that marriage is a totaly different thing from TOLERANCE, and has been dEFINED the same way for ThOUSANDS OF YEARS. Why can't Romney say that, as Romney essentially is saying?  No reason, excdept the DISHOENST, HYPOCRITICAL Anderson Cooper wants to try to PROTECT Obama, and ATTACK Romney. This is actually a case where Romney has been remarkalby CONSISTENT.  Romney said in 1994 that he oposed discrimination against gays, and he said the same thing as governor.  He is saying the same thing now.  At all of those time,s, however, Romney has said that he sees no reason to change the standrad DEFINITION of marriage bbeing betwtween a man and a woman.  Romney cuolld alos mentin, but won't, tha tmarriage has SOMETIMES been defined as including INCEST and POLYGAMY, but NEVER two individuals of the same sex (until this century). Contrst that with the OPORTUNISM of Obama, who tried to COURT CHRISTIANS in 208, to get himself elected, and then was FORCED by Je Biden to "come out of the closet' for gay marriage when OBAMA DID NOT WANT TO DO IT.  Who is DISHONEST here?  Well, first Anderson Cooper is one of the most DIESHONEST HYPOCIRITES who has ever lived on this Earth.  How can Cooper KEY his program on supposed ROMNEY DISHONESTY, when Romney has been CONSISTENT, and ignroe the OBVIUS OBAMA DISHONESTY.  Oama, in 2008m, made NUMBEROUS stqatemetns MORE FAOVREABLE to gays then Romney's "full equlity" stat3metn.  yet, Anderson Cooper and CNN NEVER PUT OBAMA ON THE SPOT, OR ACCUSE +D HIM OF DISHONESTY.  Anderson Cooper, you are a DISHONEST HYPOCRITGE.  And there is only one reason for it:  You, and CNN, are PARTISAN HACKS covering for Obama. 

Message to Anderson Cooper:  You are invited to post anyu comment you lwant on this blog, without editing, explaining--if yu can--why ;you are not a disshonest hypocrite.  I, of course, do not promise to let lyou get away with more dishonesty. I will REPOND to whatever you sa.  But I will be MORE HONEST than yu, and CNN. I promise nNOT TO EDIT anything yoiu slay. Message to Anderson Cooper: You are one of the most dishoenst men it has ever been my misfortune to observe, and you claim of "keeping them hoest" is the BIGGEST DISHOENSTY of all. 

By theway, if you think I am happy with Romney's position on homosexual CONDUCTG, and how society should deal with it, you are wrong.  It is actually yet another example of why I cannot vote for Mitt Romney.  I won't complicate this already long article by going into my substantive position on homosexual COJNDUCAT at this time. But I have some ADVICE for Romney, and other GOP canddiates HANDICAPPED by an inability to EXPLAIN their ositon.  As far as I can tell, all Rpomney is dong is SAYING that he believes marriage shuld remain defined as between a man and a woman  If it were ME, I would say that there is no reason for society to APPROVE homosecual conduct as the same kind of theng as the heterosexual conduct that propagates the race, even as we preach TOLERANCE.  Tolerance is tnot the same thing as APPROVAL, and what this blog has CORRECTALY told you for a DECADE or so is that Homosexual activists want AFFIRMATIVE APPROVAL, rather than tolerance.  Btu Romney can't say this, becasue he has already bught into the leftist idea that "homosexual rights" are something like racial civil rights.  But waht Romney, and other GOP canddiatges, CAN DO is simpy SAY that saeme sex marriage has NEVER been within tghe definition of marriage for ALL of the THOUSANDS oOF YEARS of human history, even when homosexual CONDUCT has been accepted.  It has simply never been part of the definition of marriage, even when things like polygamy and incest have been within that definition.  The idea that same sex marriage makes any sense is ABSURD, and AlL of human hisotyr (before and since the Crhistian religion even cae into existence) shows that to be ture.  Word it how you like.  But if you don't even make this case, becasue you are AFRAID of the media reacitn to any actual ARGUMENT, then you do NOT ahve my respect.  If yoiu think this is saying that I do not respect Mitt Romney, you are correct.  No, he is NOT as much of a liar as Obama, and I am confvginced he is mroe competent, but I just can't suport Mitt Romney.  This is merely one of the HUNDRED of reason why. Note that this is not a matter of Romney being 'dishonest," in the obvius way that Obama has been dishonest (Obama even using the sAME eEXCUSE he gave as to "changing his mind" on the "individual mandeate" that Obama OPPOSED in 2008).  But Romney ,and GOP politicians in general, do NOT generally DEFEND their positn. They just STATE IT, because they are AFRAID.  No respect.  That is what they deserve, and it is what I give them.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight).  Paul Begala, by the waym, is yet another DISHONEST HYPOCRITE. He is catered to by CNN and Anderson Coper (dishoenst as they are)m, even though Begala is part of the Obama campaign.  But then so is CNN . Begala just adimits it.  But Begala tried to make himself look good tonight by trying to DO BETATER than the obvius HYPOCCRISY of Anderson Cooper. Yep.  I kid you not. Begala SEEMED more honest than the dishoenst Anderson Coper tonight.  But he was not  What Begala dis was say that Obama DID believe in wrongful discriminatin, and so did Bill Clinton, when they failed to comme out in faovr of gay marriage or for gays int he military.  Note that CNN deliberately onted out that the CUNTRY has "evolved" so that Obama is suppsedly on the "majoirity side" NOW.  The DISHOENST people of CNN, including Anderson Cooper, do not seem to realize that this only emphasizes how DISHONEST Obama is.  So CN and Anderson Cooper are telling us that Obama WAITED until the country was not aganst gay marriage, before standing on "principle' (when Obama was FORCED to do so).  How, CNN and Anderson, is this DIFFERENT from BLATANT POLITICAL OPPORTUNISM?  BAck to Betala.  What is the LIE here?  It is EASY for Belgal to say NOW that Obama was BIGOTED, and not really honest iwth himself, when he refused to folow the logic of his principels in 2008.  The quesitn is: Did Begala say this in 20087  Not a chance.  Begal is one of the most intense PARATISANS who has ever existed, and a lying hypocrite.  It costs Obama NOTHING for Begala to say that Obama's positon in 22008 waqs WRONG, since Obama has now been FORCED to come out and sate the positin he realy had in 2008 (and conveyed to gay groups, wiht a wink and a nod).  Begala thinks he si being CLEVER.  Sorry Paul.  You are "too clever", by considerably more than half, and one of the most DISHONEST men I have ever seen.  You are irght up there with Anderson Cooper.  No wonder you are a regualar on Cooper's progaram, even though you are a MAJOR part of the Obama campaign. 

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