Monday, May 14, 2012

James Carville Labels Obama a Liar, But Has No Problem with Thatt; The Maverick Conservative Gets Carville's Name Wrong

See th eprevius article posted on this blog, where I correctly quoted James Carvelle as saing that Barack Obama has ALWAYS favored gay marriage, but did not say so in 2008 because of politics.  Yep. Carville did call Obama a LIIAR, although Carville mmade it clear that he had no problem with such LIES in politics.

Therefore,k I don't feel that bad--as far as Carville is concerned--that I originally spelled Carville's last name "Carvelle".  I did think I would mentin it here, tough, since it was a mistake of the MIND (rather than a proofreading or typing error).  Somehow, I got it in my head that Carville spelled his name "Carvelle".  I can't even say that "Carvelle" is the more logical speling, which is why it nagged at me that I may have spelled the name wrong.  Thu, this correctin, since I may not have successfully corrected all of teh incorrect spellings. 

Although yu have to sort of admire Carville.  He is just so OBVIOUS a political operative, who cares about NOTHING but "winning". Nevertheless, honesty--as a policy--simply neve seems to have occurred to him.  Stil, I don't like it that I keep getting these wrong spellings iof NAMES in my head, probbably because I can't really see the correct spelings very well (on TV "scrawls", or articles).  When it does come to my attentin--in this case because it nagged at me--that I have spelled a NAME wrong, I try to correct it.  I do NOT try to correct other ypos, or even incorrect spellings where I just spelled the word wrong, because I would not be doing anything else but ENDLESS, mainy unsuccessful, attempts at proofreading.  I cannot pick up spelling errors, even (consistently) with "spell check".  So I make no effort to try to correct ordinary typos and spelling errors, even shuld they come to my attention (except, sometimes, in the title, which I like to be correct). It is just not worth the amount of time and effort involved.  Names, however, even for a slug like Carville, should be right.  Sometimes I get a name so solidly in my head, such as "huckaby" for Huckabee", that I KNOW I am spelling it right, and continue to spell it wrong for YEARS.  When I find it out, I try to correct it.  Unless I am reading it wrong, threfore, "Carville" is the correct spelling of James Carville's last name. The substance of the previus article is reamins the same: Carville DID call Obama a LIAR (in effect), and agreed with this blog that Obama has ALWAYS been in favor of gay marriage.

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