Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Romney Wins North Carolina: The Maverick Conservative Makes the Call

Again, The Maverick Conservative has scooped all other media outlets with tis CALL on the North Carolina vote in the Presidential election.  Yuo will remember that this blog has already told you that North Carolina is NOT a "swing sate", but likely firmly in the Romney camp. 

Well, our 'election desk" now has sufficient information to MAKE THE CALL n teh North Carolina vote.  ROMNEY WINS.  From now on, this blog--based on this projectin--wil  refer to Romney as the WINNER of the North Carolina electoral votess.  This call is based on preelectin polls AND our exclusive "time trave"--more accurately, "time viewint"--technology using "tachyons" (whatever the spelling of those particles that travel ONLY faster than the speed of  light, which I could look up but will leave as an exercise for the reader).  With this exclusive "time viewing" technology, polls and expert judgment, The Maverick Conservative experts now hav eenough informatin to make a CONSERVATIVE CALL on the North Carolina Persidential election Again, ROMNEY WINS NORTH CAROLINA.  Yuo might wonder why we just can't look at the FINAL VOTE, using our exclusive "time viewing" technology, but that is because you don't understand the technology. We can, unfortunately, only receive partial information. But, combined with the usual information used in the inferior network projectins on election night, The Maverick Conservative is confident of this "call".  Romney has WON North Carolina, even though the votes will not be actually counted until November.

You want evidence?  Present Drudge banner headline:  "Poll: in North Carolina:  Romney 51%, Obama 43%".

I know that this blog has accurately said that polls are evil, meaningless things.  That position stands. Our electin desk, however, still uses this information in its decisin making, for COMPETITIVE REASONS (just like the networks).  However, pre-electin polls have ony a MINOR effect on the decision makng of our elecitn desk.  Th emain factors, besides our "time viewing" technology, that went into this decisin are as follows: 

1.  Obama's LOSS of popularity since 2008, when he only BARELY won North Carolina--in a year when John McCain had to "defend" the economic faiures of George W. Bush in a BAD eeconomy.  Now, it is Obma trying to "defend" economic FAILURE, in the WORST "RECOVERY" since the Great Depressoin.

2.  The Democratic governor of North Caolina did not even run for reelectin, and the GOP is expectged to win the governor's race.  Then the DEMOCRATIC governor of North Carolina TRASHED the people of North Carolina for bing HICKS,, jsut like the peole of Mississippi (not actually using the word "hicks", but that is what she obviusly meant). 

3. North Caoolina voted, with 60% of the people so voting, to ban gay marriage and civil unions in the North Carolina constitutin, the very week that Presdient Obama came out for gay marriage (with James Carville and The Maverick Conservative AGREING that this was the actual Obama positoin all along, but that Obama had LIED abut that positin, for political reasons, in 2008). 

4.  Leftist Democrats in general are TRASHING the peole of North Carolina, pushing to pull the Democratic Cnvention from Charlotte.  It is probably too late for that, but the Maverick Conservative projectin proves that it is also too late for Obama in North Carolina. 

5.  The Obama push to BRIBE dumb women is not likely to work in a state like North Carolina (still a Southern state, even if 'evolving").  I have lived among women int he South and Southwest all of my life.  As I have repeatedly said:  "The voice drips honey, but underneath is stainless steel covered by barbed wire."  More importantly, for this ponit, Southern women are NOT DUMB.  They may be VICIUS, but they are NOT DUMB. This PNADERING to the "women votge" by Obaa and his supporters, with totally bogus BRIBES like "free contracepton", jsut is not the kind of thing that goes dwn well with Southern women.  And then there are Suthern MEN  Will Obama get the vote of a SINLE Suthern man, who is not African-American?  I wonder. 

6. Before 2008, and the disastrous economy at the time of the electin, North Carolina has been consistenty in the GOP column. 

6.  North Carolina is a POSTER CHILD for Democratic FAILURE.  The unemplyment rate, under a DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR and DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTA is till right at 10%. 

When yu take it all into account, including our exclusive "time viewing" technology, The Maverick Conservative is confident that Romney HAS WON North Caroina. The call has been made. It is over.

P.S. No proofreading or spell checkng (bad eyesight). 

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