Wednesday, May 9, 2012

President Obama Is Not a Christian

If you got lost in the previus article, which you should read as to Obama's COWARDLY political move to NOW embrace same sex marriage, I will help you by highlighting the above truth.  This blog has sated that every time Obama and/or the mainstream media try to USE the assertion that President Obama is a "Christian" for politcal purposes, I wll repeat the title of this article. Again, read the preivius article as to how Obama has treid to COVER himmself for this POLITICAL "annuncement" on same sex marriage by AGAIN referring to himself as a "practicing Christian" (again, by the way, refernceing the Golden Rule, although that did NOT originate with Christianity, although it is accepted as a Christian principle--even as it is a principle that lnog predates Christianity).

Bill Maher and I agree that Presdient Obama is NOT a Christian, but that Obaa's  religion is actually "secular humanism" (leftist iddeology).  In short, Obama is a "practicing leftist".  That is his ONLY religin.  I dare you to point out a SINGLE ting where Obama DIFFERS from other leftists, BECAUSE of his "Christian" religion.  The LIE on same sex marriage was the ONLY area where Obama had strayed from leftist orthodoxy. 

Wehn Obama refers to his "Christian" religion, it is ALWAYS for POLITICAL purposes. That, in fact, is exactly the sae reason he PRETENDED to believe--as a policy posiitn--that marraige should be only between a man and a woman. 

No.  Of oucrse NO believeing Christian should ever vote for Obama.  But I say that as an AGNOSTIC myself, and you Christians may think I have no business telling you  how to vote (as, indded, on one level I don't).  But, as an agnostic, I KNOW that Obama is not a Christian.  I mam more of an EXPERT on that--along with Bill Maher, than you believing Christians out there.  Further, I am OBJECTIVE in my judgment that Obama is NO FRIEND of  Christians (who belive in their religin).  Like Bill Maher, he is YOUR ENEMY.  I am moreally cerftain of that.  It is ture that I oopose Obama becaseu I am a conservative, and not because he is not a Christian.  You may argue that MY RELIGION is conservatism., with some justice. That is how I am an EXPERT on recognizing somone who thinks the same way as I do, even if the ideology involved is the oposite of mine.  Oh. I DO regard myself as a "friend' of Christians, even as I cannot believe in religinon myself.  As I have often stated, I endorse the philosohy of the ancient Roman, Lucian:  I believe in SKEPTICISM, even as to the ide athat I CANNOT KNOW whether a Christian God exists.  And I believe in TOLERANCE, whihc Obama, Bill Maher, and the mainstream media do not. By "tolerance", I mean real tolerance, not just the "tolerance' to be LEFTIST. 

P.S. No proofreading or spell checking (bad eyesight). 

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