Saturday, May 19, 2012

Obama to EU: Ease Up on Austerity (Bailout Barry and Bailout Ben Want Europe to Bail Out Banks)

The above is the Drudge headline I stole, as the partisan HACKS of Yahoo 'News" put out three separate headlines (at least) basically suggesting that Obama was "leading" a "consensus" on an "econommic fix (lol).  As if Obama and Bailout Ben Bernanke had  accomplished an "economic fix" for the USA!!!!!! Read the earlier article posted on this blog today, and try to tell me that this blog has not again been PROVEN right. 

In fact, read articles posted on this blog in the past week or so explaining how the CNBC/Wall Street?Bernanke "line" is that "AUSTERITY HAS FAILED". In other words, Obama wants to SPEND MORE IN EUROPE, as well as SPEND MORE IN THE UNITED STATES.  Obama wants MORE DET in Europe, as well as MORE DEBT in the United States. And he wants that because WALL STREET and Bailout Ben want that, as well as because Obama baelieves in "government" rather than fiscal discipine.  But, again, it is WALL STREET (the peole who Obama said he wuld not longer 'bail ut") who wants STIMULUS after STIMULUS, and BAILOUT after BAIUT.  These are eCONMIC FASCISTS (nothing really to do with Hitler, and predating Hitler), who have this "vision" of a "partnership" between Big Business/Banks and Big Government to CONTROL the economy of the world.  And Newt Gingrich was accused of being "grandiose", and unrealistic!!!  Centra planning, on this scale, CANNOT WORK.  Theory, as well as experience, tells ou it cannto work.

You ant to know jsut how Obama, as Lira-in=Chjier, tried to have it both ways AGAIN (contradicting himself in the same paragraph)?  ONe of those DESPICABLE headlines, from the PARTISAN HACS of teh mainstream media and Yahoo "News"  (nottice how this blog has pretty much single handeedly DESTROYED Yahoo, as CEO after CEO leaeves--BOYCOTT YAHOO, as you are already doing) read approximately as follows: 

"Obama, at G-8, says taht both growth and (austerity) needed"  (word in parenthesis, because the stupid word in the headlien is one I cna't remember, proably because I blocked it out to keep my sanity)

This, o foucre, is similar to what our Liar-in-Chief has said about our economy: "government must learn to live witin it smeans, like ordinary families, but we have to "invest' in our future."  Do Obama and our media even know that Obama is engageing in a sihhonest, OXYMORON?  I think Obama, aand SOME of ur media, do know it.  Some are STUPID enough not to have any idea what they are saying.

Nope.  You can't keep INCRFEASING spending, and BAILING everyone out, and still keep debt and deficits under control.   This SPENDING, as if there is no tomorrow, is how we got into this i the first place. All you end up with is MORE GOVERNMENT, and a total DESTRUCTION of true priate enterprise.  Now Obama WANTS this, as do the LEFTISTS of Europe. 

This course is the recipe for financial ARMAGEDDON, when the FINAL COLLAPSE becomes ineevitable (as it may already be, but I am a pessimist).  There is some point at which no amount of "austerity" can help.  That point \ha sbeen reached a number of times in history--from the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire to The Weimar Republic and the Great Depression--not to mentin ancient Greece. and the collapse of the Soviet Union.  This attempt to CONTROL the world's economy with CENTRAL PLANNING is domed to failure:  catastrophic failure.  It--like all "central planning"--represents "government" of the eeocnomy by FALIBLE MEN, and not by SYSTEM (ree mearktes). The end result never changes  It will be no different this time. l

But Obama is a piece of work.  He contradicts himself within single paragraphs, and says it all with such CONVICTION.  The man is a sociopathic liar. 

P.S No proofreading or spell checking.  No.  I have not forgotten Bailuot Ben lBernanke:  The Worst Failure in the History of World Finance. Baiut Ben and Bailut Barry are the dual high priests of this new idea of a "partnership" where MEN contorl our economy for the BENEFIT OF WALL STREET and the BIG BANKS.  Mitt Romney will not tell you this.  I will.   The PROPAGANDA here has been building for some time:  "Aususterity has failed"--as if we have ever "tried" austerity", and as if conservatives really want total "austerity".  Not ture (the latter). What conservatives ant is SMALLER GOVERNMENT, LESS TAXES AND REGULAITON, and a chance fore a FREEMARKET ECONOMY to work. Less GOVERNMEWNT spending does NOT mean stifling "austerity", IF yo combine it with FREDOM from stifling taxes and regulations.  This is PROVIDED you let the ECONOMIC FASICST of Wll Street FAIL, as we desperately nneeded to do in 2008.    For Obama and the economic fascists of Europe, GOVERNNMENT is the SUORCE of all wealth, and entitled to CONTROL all wealth.  There is no surviving this "philosophy", which is why I am a pessimist.

Oh. I may not have mentioned that I stole ONLY the part of the headline ont in the parenthesis. I would not want poor Drugdge being held responsible for MY type of headline.  He has enough trouble with his own.

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