Friday, February 8, 2008

Alan Colmes: Political Hack

I should never turn on the radio, just for background, as I am going to bed.  It just makes me mad/upset at what I am likely to hear.

Last night I heard a few minutes of ALan Colmes (you know, of Hannity and Colmes, but this is his radio program to which I presume no one listens).  Since I have been bashing conservative talk radio in recent entries, I have decided to balance it out some (even though no one cares about Alan Colmes).

Alan Colmes appears to regard it as his function to regurgitate Democrat "talking points".  He talks in slogans, and does not reason at all..  While that is a gneral leftist fault, Colmes is more egregous than most.  For him, leftists can do no wrong and conservatives can do no right.   There is not even a pretense of critical thought.   No, Rush Limbaugh is NOT like this.  Even Hannity is not this bad, although one of my problems with Hannity and Colmes is that they BOTH seem to regard their function as to always be to take "his side" (respective side) of each "issue".

Last night's few minutes I  heard was an typical example.  Colmes was off on the typoical leftist rant that McCain and Romney were repeating the Republican tactic of appealing to the fears of the American people, and being DIVISIVE.

What is Colmes' idea of being divisive.  Is it calling for CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS of your POLITICAL opponents?  I forgot.  That is what DEMOCRATS in Congress are doing with these endless "investigation" (see yesterday's entry)?  Is it appearing before groups that spew hate?  I forgot.  That is what OBAMA has done in appearing before left wing groups spewing hate out there.  Okay.  Colmes thinks merely being conservative (the speeches he was talking about were before that conservative convention) means you are automatically spewing out hate, but that is hardly a UNTIING attitude, is it?  Remember "General Betray Us", and how Democrat politicains refused to condemn that SMEAR of General Petraeus (Hillary Clinton even adopting the substance of the ad, by accusing General Petraeus of not being worthy of belielf)? 

Nope.  What Colmes regarded as "divisive" was DARING to say unfaovrabe things about Democrats.  Not personal things, mind you, but unfavorable views of their POLITICIES.  McCain amd Romney said that Demorats will make the country less safe by precipitouslywithdrawing from Iraq, AND by trying to hamstring our intelligence and other anti-terrorist efforts (as illustrated by Democrats holding up the extensive of the FISA authority, allowing INTERNATIONAL surveillance of terrorists. 

See this blog as to how Democrats have said for YEARS that President Bush has made this country LESS SAFE since 911 (an allegation that Colmes has slavishly repreated).  Demorats have accused Bush and the Republicans of consistently SUBVERTING the Constitution. Democrats have said IRAQ makes us less safe, and has HURT our standing in the world.

Okay, you say, those are political arguments as to what is best for the country.  So they are.  BUT SO ARE THE ARGUMENTS AGAINST DEMOCRATS.   The ONLY dsifference is that Democrats consider it "appealing to fears" when Republicans argue that Democrats will  make the country less safe, but fair argument when Democrats argue the opposite.

As I say, Alan Colmes is all about slogans and talking points--not reason.  He is not worth listening to, unless you want to find out the Demcoratic taliking points for the day.  I sue AOL for that--easier and faster.

You want another example?  Alan Colmes asserted that Republicans wanted to "snoop on Americans".  The argument now is over FOREIGN SURVEILLANCE of FOREIGN terrorists.  Americans are not "snooped upon" by warrnatless surveillance escept at they are somehow caught up in surveillance of FOREIGN communications.  Of course, we HAVE to "snoop" (legally) on Americans (like the FBI used to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan) if we hope to foil terrorist plots.  So who is "playing on fears"..  It is Alan Colmes and leftists who are trying to prey up UNJUSIIFIED fears of government invading everyone's privacy. 

Colmes, who has no shame, even said it was "playing on fears" to say that the Democrats wanted to take away our freedom with Big Government.  So Colmes wants Republicans to STOP BEING REPUBLICAN.  Part of the very essence of being Republican is to oppose socialism, and an out of control Federal Government.  Alan Colmes wants Republicans to not even suggest that Democrats might lead us down the other road.  To Colmes, that is "divisive".  Translation for Colmes and Dmocrats:  if lyou disagree with us, you are being diviseive; if we disagree with you we are merely pointing out your ERRORS.

Q.E.D.  Political hack.  That is all Alan Colmes is--not worth listening to.

Now I did hear one thing interesing in the few minutes I listened to Colmes, although I already knew it was going to happen.  Colmes gave an indication of the likely Democrat/leftist approach to John McCain.  That approach is to accuse McCain of abandoning his former (leftist) principles, and PANDERING to the right wing of the Republican Party.   Colmes, of course--along with thre rest of the media--has said that McCain IS a conservative (to get him nominated).  So this gets tricky.  But it is what the left is clearly going to do.  They are going to claim that McCain, despite their previosly expressed liking of him, has SOLD OUT to those dirty, rotten conservatives.

And the smears are already beginning.  The despicable AP suddenly discovered today, after NOT reporting it before McCain had the nomination virtually locked up, that McCain had missed half of the votes in the Senate over the last year.  Shades of Obama voting "present"!!!!

That unholy trinity who are One (politician Democrats, leftists, and the mainstream medai) are just so predictable it is scary.  Watch for it..  "Divisiveness" is criticizing Democrats.   And ANY Republican is worthy of being smeared, and of being accused of pandering to conservatives.

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