Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Global Cooling

You have already seen the unfolding event reported in this blog.  Warming of the earth appears to have STOPPED.  There never was a consistent warming trend in the United States. 

As I relported some weeks ago, some Canadian scientists are worried about a lack of expected sunspot activity--diminishment in energy from the sun--that could trigger a new ICE AGE.  They are going to pursue a project to study the subject further from this point of view.  Now this:

"Twelve-month long drop in world temperatures wipes out a century of warming"

The above is a subheadline from (linked on Drudge).  The article itself summmarizes many of the indications of GLOBAL COOLING in the past year.  Many of those have been noned on this blog, but daily provides a useful summary of the individual indications that something is going on.

The subheadline is a result of the looking at the four major global temperature tracking outlets--in other words, the four major sources tracking that mythical "temperature of the earth."  All four report a precipitous (record?) DECLINE in the temperature of the earth over the past year--up to .75 degrees Celsius (Centigrade), or mor than a degree Farenheit.  This drop in the "temperture of the earth" has been so large as to virtually wipe out the entire "global warming" in the past century.

Needless to say, emissions of greenhouse gases have continued to INCREASE.  So why should the temperature of the earth DECREASE?  Could it be that there are other factors here that completely outweigh the puny acitivities of man?

Could be.

WHERE are the mainstream media stories on this?  Q.E.D.  "Global warming" is a RELIGION/POLITICAL MOVEMENT having little to do with "sicence".  If the data does not fit, you must acquit.  Sorry, I had an O.J. flashback there.  If the data does not fit the religion, it is simply disregarded.


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