Monday, February 18, 2008

Iraq: Things Going GREAT

How do I know that things are going "great" in Iraq?  Did the despicable Associated Presss/AOL tell me?  In a way, YES (even though they would NEVER directly say so).

It is my negative AP/AOL indicator (which has proven almost infallible).  Since you can count on the despicable AP to report ALL "negative" news out of Iraq, the lack of such news is more significant than what they actually report as "news".

There has been little "negative news" from Iraq lately.  Just how well things are going is indicated by today's FEATURED AP/AOL story on Iraq. 

FOUR (civilian Iraqis, and NOT Americans) died in mortar and rocket attacks in Bagdad.  As I have said in this blog, EIGHT people died in a vehicle ("drag race" related) accident over the weekend in this country.  SIX people died at NIU.  In Juarez, Mexico (across from where I live in El Paso), 24 people were MURDERED in the first 14 days of January.   3 police officers/officials have recently been shot.  HUNDREDS of women have been murdered, and DUMPED (buried) in a burial/dumping ground in Juarez (mostly unsolved murders over a number of years).

Yet, the WORST the AP can report about Iraq are some isolated rocket/mortar attacks that killed four people?

I repeat:  According to the AP, things are going GREAT in Iraq.

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