Monday, February 11, 2008

Chemtrails: Is El Paso Ground Zero?

See previous entry about chmetrail kooks.  This entry is to warn you what even hearking this stuff can do for you.

Yes, I was outside here in El Paso for the last hour.  There are conrails :(chemtrails?) all over the sky--some that have lasted a LONG time.

El Paso, of course, is the home of Ft. Bliss.  White Sands is not much more than 50 miles from where I am sitting.  Holloman Air Force Base is right outside of Alamogordo. 

Is El Paso ground zero for investigating "chemtrails"?  It wouls seem so.  I think all of these kooks should come to El Paso, and investigate this conspiracy from here. 

See how useful this blog is.  I tis even useful to kooks.

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