Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Berkeley: Lying Hypocrites of the Left Exposed

Yep.  The story today is that the Berkeley City Council has backed down on that letter telling marine recruiters to stay out of Berkeley.   This was not before putting out the sanctimonious LIE that they "support our troops", but simply worry about lying recruiters.

This illustrates the LYING HYPOCRISY on the left.  You can't say you "support the trops" and try to eject the military totally from your community.  In that context, "support our troops" becoes a meaningless LIE.  Leftists generally (not all, of course) have no genuine respect for "our troops", and are ANTI-MILITARY.

You have to admire (sort of) the Cambridge lawyer who went on O'Reilly to defend the Cambridge City Council stopping the boy scouts from a donation campaign for Christmas "CARE" type packages to "our troops" (with a banner:  "Support our Trrops."  That Cambridge lawyer did not evade and weasal word in an attempt to DECEIVE.  He franky supported the Cambridge Ctiy Council on the grounds that they were RIGHT not to "support our troops", since that was the same as supporting the War in Iraq (dirty little secret:  I don't think most of the left likes the War in Afghanistan either).  See the archives of this blog.

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