Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and Guns: Feeling Good

Did you know that NIU was a "gun free zone"?   Leftists have perfected this ODD idea of putting symbol over substance--of putting "feel good" statements and laws over effective policy.  Declaring something a "gun free zone" does not eliminate gun violence on the campus (note:  I am NOT saying that guns need to be allowed on campus, but only the sanctimonious TERMINOLOGY is stupid--amounting to another one of those lies, like the Obama statement that we MUST "eradicate gun violence", when we can't possibly do that).

Declaring that we "MUST eradicate gun violence" is merely something you SAY.    It entirely puts symbolism over substance.  HOW do you propose to do that (the substance--impossible as it is)?  Obama certainly does not say ("trakcing" bullets used in crimes certainly won't do it).

Is Obama all about  trying to make us "feel good" about him, while saying NOTHING?  It seems so. 


slapinions said...

"Is Obama all about  trying to make us "feel good" about him, while saying NOTHING?  It seems so.  "

Of course this is so; he favors style over substance.


skip3366 said...

Again, I appreciate and agree with the comment.  Worse, the country (media especially) seems to WANT "style over substance".   That is disturbing.