Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Leftist Thinking Continued: Dumb and Dumber

See my last entry entitled "Roger Clemens:  Dumb and Dumber".  I posted that entry under the AOL story.  Here is the leftist comment that appeared right after it (I really could never make this stuff up), along with my response:

"How about investigating the unelected Bush regime? How about healthcare? Education for all? Housing and the collapsing dollar? Nope! Congress is looking into baseball. Yup, totally out of it.
How about a real 911 investigation, the lies Bush told to invade Iraq? The collapse of building 7 into dust when no plane hit it? How about investigating why we have 34,000 "lobbyists" and how Congress people take millions from them? Maybe that's why things are so screwed up in America and why the dollar has collapsed. Roger Clemans for president. bring the troops home and shoot the lobbyists."

Talk about DUMBER.  Another example of leftist thinking for my AOL blog, "The Maverick Consservative".  Congress has more important things to do (although doing NOTHING is a good option) than EITHER "investigating" whether Roger Clemens is telling the truth or "investigating" kook conspiracy theories.

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