Monday, February 25, 2008

Clarence Thomas

The despicable Associated Press has one of those periodic, meaningless "hit" pieces on Supreme Court Justice Calrence Thomas featured on the equally despicable AOL today.  The story makes a big deal out of the meaningless "fact" that Justice Thomas has asked no questions at oral argument for two years.   The whole article is just a smear of Justice Thomas--based, really, on innuendo, but luckily the article can have no effect.  Supreme Court Justices are appointed for life, and Justice Thomas is in the enviable position of being able to totally ignore the despicable AP.  I wish I were so lucky, able to cultivate a Zen attitude about the AP.

So what.   Justice Thomas WROTE A BOOK.  He actually was out in public promoting it a year or two ago.  It was an INSPRIING book, with more valuable lessons for African-Americans (it was at least partially about Thomas' experience growing up in the racist South) than any ten leftist African-American leaders.

Lawyers (I was one for more than 30 years), will tell you:  Questions at oral argument (from any appellate court) are OVERRATED.   My daughter clerked for a Federal Appeals Court in her senior year at Cornell Law School.  She was somewhat surprised at how LITTLE oral argument really affected anything.  Often, the opion was already in process BEFORE oral argument.  I can assure you that Justices are ususally more "showing off"  with their questions than really interested in the answers. 

Is Clarence Thomas merely secure enough not to show off and/or engage in meaningless games?  Maybe so.  I would respect

Importing more leftist (non) thinking from under the AOL featured story referred to above, along with my usual comment:

"Can you say: "step and fetch"........"

I KNEW that if I waited, I would find the perfect comment from AOL to import to my AOL "blog", "The Maverick Conservative", to illustrate one of my consistent points in the blog:  The PRMIARY racists in the coutnry today are leftists and the mainstream media.

Yep.  Another leftist made FAMOUS on my blog--you too might make it with a sufficiently stupid or racist remark.

I make at least one--usually leftist--person/entity REALLY FAMOUS every week with my weekly "Flying, Fickle Finger of Fate" award".  This week's winner, announced on Saturday, was obvious.

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