Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rush Limbaugh and ME

Yes, Rush Limbaugh is LATE yet again, at least a month behind me.   Previously, I correctly endorsed Mitt Romney at a time when it was obvious to me that he was the ony hope this election for conservatives.  Limbaugh was TOO LATE to say essenatially the same thing, in a desperate attempt to stop McCain (TOO LATE). 

Nope.  I am not a good person.  I said "I told you so".

What is Rush doing now?  He is advising conservatives to vote for HILLARY CLINTON (probably again TOO LATE).  I advised the same thing BEFORE Virginia and Wisconsin--in  fact right after the February 5 primary. 

As Rush says, the BEST thing for Republicans, conservsatives, and McCain is for the Democratic fight to continue to the end, and probably for Hillary to get the nomination.  Rush is saying that TODAY. But he has just come to this realization--something I concluded A MONTH AGO.   Did I tell you I am not a good person.

I TOLD YOU SO. Too bad Rush does not pay attention to this blog SOON ENOUGH.  Again, it may well be TOO LATE.  A month ago Rush might have made a diffierence--as he might have made a difference coming out earlier totally against McCain, and for Romney.

Well, better late than never.   I differ with Rush in one way:  I don't worry about "our side" winning in November (especailly for President).  There remains no way I will ever vote for McCain.  But there has been no question, after February 5, that conservatives who wanted to prevail over the Democrats needed to vote for Hillalry.  My motivation was more simple.  I just like to see leftist Democrats in agony.

Go Hillary.   I have endorsed you.  Rush has now endorsed you.  Don't let us down.   Every conservative should vote for Hillary Clinton in the Texas primay.  I certainly plan to do so.

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