Sunday, February 10, 2008

McCain Smears: Leftist Thinking Continued

As readers of this blog know, I sometimes import comments from elsewhere (usually AOL, and to make a point of my own, as this blog draws few comments).   I usually try to highlight leftest thinking.  This comment under the McCain/Bush "true conservative" story (see previous entry) is usuasual in that I cannot be SURE that the comment itself is from a leftist.  But I guarantee you that it will be picked up by LEFTISTS, and probably develop legs it never had when it would have hurt McCain's race fro the nomination:

"John McCain collaborated with the Vietnamese according to THIS FILM.

And it scares me quite a bit! ! !"

My comment:  At the same time I was typing my previous post (suggesting that the media and leftists are about to turn on McCain with SMEARS, after supporting him, and that this story may well be a subtle opening attempt to associate McCain with President Bush, and to start the process of accusing him of PANDERING to conservatives), the above was posted.

Thanks.  It makes my point perfectly (for which purpose it goes on my AOL blog, "the Maverick Conservative").

Yes, the above SMEAR of McCain MAY have begun as a conservative "hit" job on McCain.  I (accurately) condemned it (the smear) a month or more ago in "the Maverick Conservative" (even while saying I would never vote for McCain--for good, substantive reasons rather than irrelevant smears).  But this kind of SMEAR gained NO traction when the leftist media wanted McCain nominated.  Now you can expect leftist smears to come out of the woodwork against McCain, AND for a lot of them to get media attention conservative smear meerchants had no chance of getting.

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