Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chill Map: Global Warming Fraud

The above is the present "chill map" of the United States linked on drudgereport.com (Drudge), where you can go for details.

International Falls had a low of -40 degrees Farenheit.  That reminds me of the winter my family spent in Babbitt, Mn. (circa 1960), when the temperature went that low.   At those arctic temperatures (remember that Al Gore propaganda about the arctic MELTING?), you have to have an ENGINE BLOCK HEATER (and even heat the WHEELS of your vehicle), or the engine/wheels lock up (freeze).

So much for the fraud of "global warming".  As I have continually shown (including NASA data that the U.S. had a slightly COOL January--lower than the average for the past HUNDRED years).  It is simply a FACT that there is NO warming TREND for the Untied States since the end of the 19th Century.  2007 was average (after a warm 2006).  1936 remains the WARMEST year, for the United States, on record (in a vitual tie with 2006).

Howe can there be a real TREND, when the tempratures go up and down in the U.S. year by year and decade by decade.  Yes, we tend to average out to slightly more warmer in crcent years (you could have said the same thing in 1936) than in the 19th Century (a GOOD thing), but there is NO consistent warming. trend in the U.S. (see chart in Michael Crichton's "State of Fear").  Month after month, year after year, that keeps being PROVEN.  Some months/years are hot.  Some are not.  There is no conistent warming.

If PRESSED, "global warming" fanatics will admit that the warming TREND in the U.S. is not very evident.  Their "explanation" is that the U.S. is only 2% of the world's surface.  But this merely emphasizes that "global warming" is NOT a coherent theory of climate (where are the correct PREDICTIONS of climate in the U.S., or even for the world?).  "Global warming" is merely a vague concept--a FRAUD as a full blown scientific "theory"--upon which to hand a POLITICAL agenda.

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