Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Roger Clemens, Congress, John McCain and Baseball

If anyone wonders why there is such contempt for Congress (even though I don't believe in those meaningless "approval rating" polls), you only have to consider this disgraceful pandering for public approval in the steroid/baseball matter.

What BUSINESS is it of Congress that baseball has a steroid problem?  Now I do think famous athletes have some responsiblity to not lead kids down the wrong path.  So, unlike Rush Limbaugh (I criticized him in a past entry on this point), I believe that athletes SHOULD be CONDEMNED--by NAME--for sending the WRONG message to youth.  Nope.  The fact that you can't name them ALL does not mean that you should name none.  Does the fact that all mobsters can't be brought to justice, or have their names publicized, mean that you should not go after ANY?  The question answers itself.

That said, John McCain was PANDERING for publicity (what McCain does best) when he said that baseball had better clean up its act, or Congress would do it for them. 

This whole idea of Congress grandstanding on this kind of thing is distasteful.  It is especially distasteful when it is used as a "gotcha" thing to PUT PEOPLE IN JAIL for "crimes" resulting solely from the over-the-top "investigation."  Olympic athlete Marion Jones is GOING TO JAIL for LYING about steroid use (which was NOT illegal, or at least not a serious crime itself--she was NOT convicted for the actual steroid use or cheating in the Olympics).  BARRY BONDS has been INDICTED for LYING (again, not for the underlying acts themselves).  It is like Congress, and the feds, are out to GET people for conduct that was not illegal when it was done.

WHY are steroids BAD?  This seems to get lost in the effort to GET athletes for conduct which was NOT A CRIME.  We should be concentrating on the EVILS of steroids, and not on this witch hunt against athletes.  Again, I don't have a problem with naming names.  I DO have a problem with trying to turn NON-CRIMES into crimes by putting people under oath.  To me , that is the witch hunt. 

Then there is HGH (human growth hormone).  You know what?  I NEVER hear WHY the stuff is BAD.  I assume it is, but it is NEVER EXPLAINED.  That is what I mean by a "witch hunt."  Human growth hormone was once advertised all over as just another supplement to help your body.  Sure, maybe steroids were advertised that way too, once.   But many VITAMINS and NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS are STILL advertised that way.  I really don't see anything wrong (althoug it may not help you) to take supplements that you think will HELP your body.

The only legitimate case against steroids and HGH is that they HURT your body.  I know how steroids hurt your body.  It tells  you something about this witch hunt that I am STILL not entirely sure I know how and why HGH hurts your body. 

Instead of persecuting Roger Clemens (or even giving him a forum to "clear his name"), Congress should be concentrating on the overall EVISL of steroids and HGH.  They should NOT be trying to "get" people, but rather should be trying to get through to youth. 

Congress (inclulding the hopeless John McCain) prefers to play the "celebrity card"--PANDERING to a "witch hunt" for the sake of publicity.  Is it any wonder that peole hold Congress in contempt.

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