Monday, February 18, 2008

PETA and Meat--Guest Appearance by Uri Geller

"An undercover video showing crippled and sick animals being shoved with forklifts has led to the largest beef recall in the United States and a scramble to find out if any of the meat is still destined for school children's lunches"

Isn't the above lead paragraph from today's story MARVELOUS?  Just when you think the media can't get any worse.....

Yes, the media has given up on the "mad cow" angle (see earlier entry today), because it was so STUPID.

Now they are trying to get us to think abut the "POOR LITTLE CHILDREN."  You can expect Democrats (symbol over substance) to start talking about the "children" angle.  Senator Harking, good leftist that he is, is already talking about how badly the government has let down our children.

What happened here?  No problem for anybody but the media to figure out.  PETA, and all the people who consider slaughter of cattle "inhumane" in general, don't like meat plants/slaughterhouses. Periodically, they try to "expose" the cruelty that goes on in the slaughtering of animals for food.

This time, they managed to get some preey horrible examples of people abusing animals and not following the rules.  Plus, it turns out that this company was not inspecting its cattle properly.  Do PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals), and humane society types, CARE if cattle are properly inspected?  Of course not (at least not to the exxtent they care about "reforming" salughterhouses into "humane" places--meaning, in the end, eliminating them).

So the Food and Drug Administration investigated.  It is a FICTION, of course, to call this the "biggest meat recall in :U.S. history".  What happened was that the FDA found that inspection rules had not been followed since 2006 (or something like that).  MOST OF THAT BEEF HAS ALREADY BEEN EATEN, INCLUDING BY CHILDREN. No one got sick.  Therefore, we can conclude that the beef was NOT CONTAMINATED.  In other words, this is a TECHINICAL "recall", with little real significance.  Thre is no reason to believe that there is ANY contaminated beef out there.  The "poor children" are not really at risk.   Any risk there was has already HAPPENED.  "Scramble" indeed!!!! To use that word, and to suggest that the beef has to be intercepted to "save the children", is DISGRACEFUL.  The whole story is a LIE (in its whole approach, even if the "facts" are technically correct).

That did not stop the PETA/humane society radical types from getting the media to play this up.  Their GOAL is to SCARE people out of eating beef.  That is what they WANT.  The media, while professing not to understand people who oppose the killing represented by abortion, are somewhat sypathetic (even if some/most "journalists" may eat beef).  This leads to the "mad cow" idiocy, and the stories about how this beef may be contaminated ("oh, the poor children").  Then you have the hysterical references to this beef getting into school lunches (HORRORS!!!--even though most of it has already been EATEN, without anybody even getting ill).

Even Doug Stephan could not buy this one (he has a nationally syndicated morining show that happens to be on the frequency to which my radio alarm is set).  He condemned the SCARE media overreaction to this non-story, and he was right.  Unfortunaely, he went on to imply some sort of "conspiracy" by corporations, or perhaps government types, to scare the public for no valid reason.  Doug Stephan is a vegetarian, but unable to swallow total, over-the-top scare hype.  He is also generally not worth listening to, but that is irrelevant here.

Nope.  As usual, you do NOT have to invent some vast conspiracy.  PETA, and the humane society types, are out to "get" meat packers.  They have been for a long time.  They are perfectly willing to SCARE people into not eathing beef.  They have easy access to the media for this agenda.  There is nothing more complicated than that. You have seen it before, and you will see it again.  This is all on top of the media's own willingness to scare people with over-the-top, irrational stuff.

You know that Doug Stephan is not worth listening to, when you realize that the person he called as an "expert" on this was Uri Geller (evidently a regular guest)--yes, the SAME Uri Gelle who used to "bend" keys with his mind (a total fraud).

Uri Geller has basically been exposed (in the past) to be a FAKE.  He is hardly an "expert" on the mind (which is how Stephan characterizes him). 

I guess that, in a world where the media is all hype and Barack Obama can get credit for saying nothing well, Uri Geller can be an "expert" on the mind.  In a rational world, he is on the KOOK fringe.

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