Sunday, February 10, 2008

Beer: Will the World be Saved by BEER?

What is the MAJOR danger to our economy (U.S. and worldwide) right now (over the next few years).  It is GLOBAL WAMRING (the movement--not the very questionable man-made warming).   FOOD is going up in price becasue of the biofeul madness.  There is legislation proposed (some already enacted) which will RUIN our economy in the near futre.  Can we be SAVED from Al Gore (not to mention Hillay Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McCain)?  I think mayber BEER can save us.

For full details, see the previious entry:  "Global Warming and BEER".

HOW can beer save us from the "global warming" fanatics trying to ruin this economy (nope, despite the despicable AP, it is doubtful that it is "ruined" right now).

I am not really talking aobut drinking it.  I am really referring to people to whom BEER is IMPORTANT.  My brother called me (which he never does) a day or two ago--all excited about the dismal prospect of John McCain against Hllary Clinton or Barack Obama.  I should mention that beer is IMPORTANT to my brother--one of his main joys in life.

So my borther was only mildly concerned that Al Gore and the "global warmng" fanatics are increasing world hunger, destroying the rain forests, and threatening to ruin our economy.  What UPSET him was what they are doing to BEER.  Yes, this diversion of all of these resources to biofeuls is RAISING THE PRICE OF BEER.  It could be serious. 

Enough people feel like my brother about beer (see Prohibition's demise) that those people MIGHT save us (they have to be smart enough, like my brother, to understand what is going on--with no help from the media).

P.S.  I am perfectly aware that the above is pretty much redundant of the previous entry.  However, I thought the subject was important enough--beer, after all--to be worth a second entry to bring the point fully home.  I owe it to my brother to try as hard as I can to make sure people understand the DANGER here.


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