Sunday, February 10, 2008

Global Warming and BEER

Will BEER be the downfall of radical environmentalism and the religion of "global warming", when more serious objections fail to register?  Maybe.

Remember the most successful civil disobedience movement in history was for BEER (not to end the Vietnam War, or for the civil rights movement, or any other "noble cause")   Obviously, I am using "beer" as a stand in here for all liquor.  The end of prohibition was caused by people who simply wanted to drink BEER, and refused to give it up.

My brother John, a pharmacist in Denton, called me the other night.  He was really upset.  He knows that "global warming" is a sham (the world warmed just fine from the last Ice Age without the benefit of man emitting "greenhouse gases").  This brother almst never calls me.  But he was upset about John McCain becoming the presumptive nominee (McCain being another big advocate of "global warmng" and co-sponsor of the McCain Lieberman legislation, which would ruin our economy in the name of "global warming").  It finally came home to my brother what was happening to BEER, and that it was likely to get WORSE.  Beer is IMPORTANT to my brother (okay, he is a lush--he says he just LIKES beer).

My borther is perfectly aware of that new study that radical environmentalists and Al Gore are responsible for accelearting the destruction of the rain forests with this biofeul nonsense as a step against "global warming".  The study that came out last week noticed that this sudden emphasis on biofeuls is cuasing land to be converted to farming, and trees to be DESTROYED--the overall consquences of this biofeull madness including an INCREASE in "greenhouse gas" emissions.  My borther fully understood already that the biofeul madness might induce at least one U.N. official to call that movement a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY (taking food out of the mouths of the poor around the world). 

But my brother is not a fanatic about the poor.  He would prefer that they not go huntry because food is being made too expensive for them, but he is not a fanatic about it.  He is a fanatic about BEER.

Suddenly, hops are becoming MUCH more expensive.  The price of beer is going UP, because of this emphasis on alcohol fo FUEL instead of drinking   Will beer even DISAPPEAR, if this biofeul madness really takes off?  Probably not, but it is bound to beomce REALLY MORE EXPENSIVE.  To my brother, this is a REAL CRISIS (as distinguished from "global warming", which is not).

Now don't be comforted (you beer fanatics out there) that my brother is making this up.  There have been multiple serious stories out there that the price of beer is rising for just this reason.   Sure, farmers are doing pretty well.  But grain products are RISING in price, and farm production is going heavily into biofeuls. 

Will this be the DOOM of radical environmentalism?  It is clear to me that this "global warming" madness has taken over mainly because LEFTISTS saw it as a way to advance their overall agenda (notice the present lack of concern about the rain forests?).  No, leftists do NOT care if the poor starve, so long as their agenda is advanced.  They simply count on the poor believing that leftists will cause GOVERNMENT to save them.  In leftist thinking, people in distress turn to THEM, because leftists are promising to give them government help (even though leftists have created the problem to begin with).

But we are talking BEER here--the thing that DOOMED Prohibition because people wanted it so much.  Will BEER doom the radical envrionmentalists, and the lefitsts trying to ride the "global warming" sham to world domination? 

Maybe.  We can hope so.  And we will owe it all to BEER!!!!!

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