Friday, February 15, 2008

Guns and NIU

Every new "high profile" killing involving guns brings out the gun control fanatics--even if their proposed "new" laws would not have prevented the incident in question.  In fact, often the shooter has violated laws already in existence.

Theese crimes are merely USED by gun control fanatics to try to advance their political agenda--even though NO individual crime is logically an argument for further gun control.

In the NIU case, the shooter used a SHOTGUN (along with other guns).  Are we going to outlaw shotguns, rifles, target pistols, and ALL kinds of guns?  I assure you:  this is what gun control fanatics really want.

Yes, FEDERAL laws to ban guns are unconstitutional.  The Second Amendment is there.  Even if you consider that Amendment as allowing STATES to regulate/outlaw guns, the Federal Government is supposed to be a government of LIMITED POWERS,   NO power to regulate guns is given to the Federal Government in the Constitution.  Rather, it is the OPPOSITE.  At the very least, the Second Amendment leaves the matter in the hands of the states.

See the previous entry as to the TRUE LESSON of the NIU incident--a lesson on "insanity" that we really should take to heart.

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