Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Swift Boating" McCain

Remember how the Swift Boat Vets were supposed to be so bad, and those conservatives who used the smear so bad (I have agreed in this blog it was a smear of Kerry), because they would do such a thing to a WAR HERO like John Kerry?

Well, the Swift Boat Vet allegations against Kerry were never any different from the National Guard allegations against President Bush.  They were BOTH smears (but leftists only saw one as a smear, because leftists are not interested in truth, but in power).  The Swift Boat Vets, of course, at least made DIRECT allegations against Kerry--NAMING NAMES (of people making the allegations), for the most part.  It was only a smear because it was long ago, and trying to contradict a war record based on somewhat irrelevant allegations that could not now really be either proven or disproven. 

Contrast that with the present New York Times attempted "Swift Boating" of another WAR HERO, John McCain.  Leftists, and especially leftist journalists, are showing themselves fro the lying hypocrites that they are. They only condemned the Swift Boat smear because it was against a leftist Democrat.  If it were against a Republican, they would have splashed it everywhere (as they DID on the similar National Gurad allegations against Bush).  You need no further evidenc on this than this attempted "Swift Boating" of John McCain with insubstantial rumor and innuendo.

What is the big AOL headline right now?  It is that McCain is saying that the story is "not true".  Did you see headlines when the Swift Boat Vet allegations came out that John Kerry was saying that the allegations were "not true".  Of course you did not.  The media first tried to ignore the Swift Boat Vets altogether, and then demanded to see PROOF (treating it as a smear).  Now John McCain has also labeled this a smear, but the leftist mainstream media is trying to play it as a "he said, anonymous people said" kind of thing--the "where there is smoke, there is fire" approach.  I don't think the issue here is whether the (non) allegatons are "true".

Actually, calling this smear stuff "not true" is NOT the correct way to handle it.  WHAT is "not true"?   There is NOTHING there to start with, except the grossest back fence gossip/inneundo.  All the non-story really says is that some unidentified people in the McCain campaign EIGHT YEARS AGO thought he was risking an "appearance of impropriety"--the whole point of the story being to put out innuendo, with a taint of "sex scandal" and an invitation to dig up the old "Keating Five" matter involving McCain.  NOTHING is every directly asserted.  It is ALL rumor and innuendo.  The SWIFT BOAT people were more honest and direct.

Somebody is going to have to start calling out the mainstream media on this "politics of personal destruction."  Democrats have no problem callig people out on these smears.  WHY do Republicans sesem to be timid in labeling the media the scum that they are (not pond scum, but the slimy things swimming around in the scum).

Okay.  I know why.  Republicans are SCARED to take on the media, because they know that they are not going to receive a sympathetic reception.  But unless they start calling the media out on this stuff, the media is going to keep doing it with impunity.  If I were McCain, I would never have even dignified the smear by talking about the "truth", or lack of same, in it.  I would have gone after the media HARD.  That is just me (see my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative").

See the previious entry, to which this entry is a follow-up.

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