Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Michelle Obama and America's Soul

Michelle Obama said yesterday:  "For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country."

Then there is the way Obama is basically promising to "fix America's soul" (our "soul" presumably being broken and in need of a new messiah).  See Tony's comment in today's earlier entry, along with the Michelle Malkin article he refers to.

Look at the ARROGANCE here.  Has Michelle Obama REALLY never felt "really proud" of her country until she saw people "coming together" under her husband's leadership? Is Barack Obama really a savior?  So help me, the Fox News radio "news" (Fox News remains part of the problem rather than part of the sollution) minute this morning said that the Pakistan election indicates that Pakistan wants change TOO.

Both Michelle and Barack Obama evidently believe that they can say ANYTHING, and get away with it--so long as it sounds good. Of course (as is true of most politicians), Obama does not even write his speeches.  He just delivers them well.  He evidently has JFK's speech writer as a campaign advisor (Ted Sorenson).

Again, look at my entry yesterday.  "We MUST eradicate gun violence in this country."  How ARROGANT is that statement. In fact, it is not really the arrogance of thinking that the Federal Government can eradicate "gun violence" that is so breathtaking.  What is breathtaking is the ARROGANCE that you can get away with an outrageous statement like that (outrageous because it is so ridiculously false, and impossible).

There really is an arrogance to this messianic type of campaign that Obama is running.  He seems to be saying:  "It is only I that can lead you to the promised land; it is only I that can SAVE you."   I realize that is what politicians DO.  But Obaqma has raised it to a new level, as he has raised the "symbol over substance", "feel good" style to a new level.

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scottsoperson said...

mrs. obama says americans raise their kids to be timid.