Saturday, February 16, 2008

Global Warming: Leftist Thinking (continued)

See previous entry.  Continuing my policy of importing comments from elsewhere (usually under AOL stories), here is one I thought deserved a separate entry, because it is so typical of the lack of thinking involved in the "global warming" religion:

"i believe Gore. the weather on this earth is getting worse every year. stupid people dont believe that because...THEIR STUPID...... now i really dont see how we can change the outcome of whats going to happen in 40/50 years. but if goin GREEN helps the earth....we all should try to help......."

WORSE (for humans) than when dinosaurs walked the earth, and it was REALLY HOT.  WORSE (for humans) than when woolly mammoths walked the earth, and it was REALLY COLD?

In my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative", I occasionally have excerpts from the "Ice Age Times" quoting Al Gorice.  Gorice was worried, of course, about the MELTING of those glaciers down to Florida, and of the English Channel.  By gosh, he was RIGHT.   They should have given up FIRE to save the Ice Age way of life.

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