Friday, February 8, 2008

Leftist Thinking, Continued

See my previous entrie today on the new story on the Bhutto assassination, and leftist thinking about that story.  Here is another example:

skip3366 said, "The U.N. is composed mainly of corrupt, repressive countries. "

You could just as easily say, "The US government is composed mainly of corrupt, repressive cronies."

"I suppose, skip, that means you'll call me a "Lefty Loon," but you'd be wrong because I'm not a "Lefty." I just happen to disagree with your opinion, but that doesn't make me a "Loon." In fact, judging from the bulk of your post, I'd say that you're probably as repressive as those countries you're referring to, calling people names in an effort to intimidate them simply because their opinion differs from yours..."

Q.E.D.  LOONS.   (Thanks for the SEcOND example today to put on my AOL blog, "The Maverick Conservative".

WHY is the previious comment the comment of a loon (who thinks leftist, whether the calls himself a leftist or not)?

It is because you are a LOON if you think the U.S. is as corrupt and repressive as most countries in the world:  Cuba, Russia, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia (yes, an ally but repressive), Pakistan (ditto), China, Venezuela, Sudan, Kenya (well, just run down most of the countries in Africa), MEXICO (I live in El Paso on the Mexican border--where a DRUG WAR rages in Juarez and there were 24 murders in the first 14 days of January and 3 recent shootings of police officials--a CORRPT country), etc.  You can keep going and going and going.  If you think this country is as repressive and corrupt as most of the countries in the world, you ARE a loon.

What is funny is that I was listening to the radio just now (bad habit) and heard the local news.  In case you had not heard, there is this ongoing scandal of how HUNDREDS of women (Mexican) have been killed over the last ten years or so, and DUMPED (buried) in Juarez--mostly UNSOLVED murders.   That radiio news was that a Mesxican judge had just DISMIISSED one of the charges against a man recently charged with two of those murcers.  That is par for the course.  The Mexican police will make arrests, but somehow they never seem to hold up.  As stated, the murders are mostly unsolved.

There is a REASON that Mexicans want to come to thin country, even if they have to do it illegally.  It is NOT because this is a "corrupt, repressive" country

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