Friday, February 15, 2008

Obama and Gun Control: Being All Things to All People

Barack Obama is doing his best to take advantage of the NIU tragedy.  He is promising to "eradicate gun violence" in this country (a LIE, since there is no way to do it--making a promise you KNOW you cannot keep is a LIE).  In direct contradiction, Obama is promising that he will NOT abolish guns, or prevent gun ownership in this country.   He even says that he believes that the Second Amendment DOES give individuals rights of gun owndership.  But he says that still leaves room for "common sense" measures such as the California law enabling police to "track" bullets used in crimes (TOTALLY irrelevant to this incident).  Talk about trying to be all things to all people!!!

Notice how Obama is USING this tragic incident to push gun control views that would NOT have affected this tragedy AT ALL.

This is typical of gun control advocates. They try to USE every tragedy to push a political agenda that would NOT have stopped the tragedy they are USING.

Whether the Second Amendment grants individual rights is only an issue as to STATE LAWS. The Federal Government is supposed to be a government of lIMITED POWERS. At the very least, the Second Amendment means that the power to severely restrict gun ownership is left to the STATES. There is absolutely NO doubt that the Federal Government is NOT given the power to restrict gun owndership in the Constitution.

Note that one of the guns used by this shooter was a SHOTGUN. Do gun control fantics (wno Obama is trying to cater to at the same time he tries to avoid angering gun owners--this is what as known as "bringing us together"--previously known as trying to be all things to all people, while saying NOTHING) want to BAN SHOTGUNS, RIFLES, and ALL GUNS? The dirty little secret is that gun control fanatics DO want to ban all guns.

This crime has NOTHING to do with the issue of gun control (NO presently proposed law would have stopped it). It DOES show that we should NOT allow an "insanity" defense. See my previous entry today for details on that.

P.S.  NIU was supposed to be a "gun free" zone.  No surprise that the shooter paid no attentioin to that.

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