Friday, February 15, 2008

Choking Game and Bird Flu

The Associated Press is reporting today, in a story featured on AOL, that the government says "at least" 82 "kids" have died in this new, fad "choking game.  While the media has been hysterical over things like bird flu, you may not have heard anything about this danger out there.

Leaving aside the "at least", which is the STUPID "new" way that the media reports deaths these days, this disturbing report calls to mind some interesting facts:

1.  Bird Flu deaths in the U.S.:  ZERO.  Bird Flu media SCARE stories in the U.S.:  THOUSANDS.

2.  SARS deaths in the U.S.  ZERO.  SARS media SCARE stories in the U.S.:  H:UNDRESDS.

I can repeat the same things on SMALLPOX, EBOLA, NUCLEAR POWER, PORT TERRORIST ATTACKS, etc.  Meanwhile, 42,000 plus people are dying EACH YEAR in traffic accidents. 

The media truly is beneath contempt in the way they  report the "news".

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