Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Conservatives for Hillary Clinton

This entry is prompted by some anecdotal "reports" that Republicans in Virginia voted for Barack Obama to "stop Hillary" and mess up the Democrats (since McCain has the Republican nomination locked up). 

If this happened, these people made a MISTAKE.   It is MUCH better for conservatives (and even for McCain, which is NOT good for conservatives) to VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTION.  If Republicans and conservatives want to mess up the Democrats, as Democrats have bee accused of doing in Republican primaries in the past, they really need to get out there in mass and VOTE FOR HILLARY.  I realize that some Republicans/conservatives regard the Clintons like they would regard vampires (if vampires were real)--you need to put a stake in their hearts to make sure they are dead.  That is short sighted.

Barack Obama is a MUCH more attractive personality than Hillary Clinton.  He is even more physically attractive (HEY, this came from my FEMINIST younger daughter, who says Barack Obama is the most physically attractive candidate of them ALL--including Hillary).  Obama has perfected the skill of saying NOTHING very well, while concealing a viciously partisan, leftist "philosophy".  He has been judged THE MOST LEFTIST Senator in rankings recently put out by some group (okay, you have to take these rankings with some buckets full of salt, but if you LISTEN carefully to Obama it is clear that he is as leftist as they come--to the LEFT of Hillary Clinton).  That is why he is more dangerous than Hillary Clinton.  Obama CONCEALS a hard left approach (and willingness to pander to the left wing kooks in the Democratic Party) behind a pleasant exterior.  NO ONE (well, maybe a handful) regards Hillary Clinton as being pleasant.

WHY is it better for conservatives if Hillary Clitnon becomes President than if Barack Obama becomes President?  It is because Hillary Clinton will GALVANIZE opposition.  She will ENERGIZE not ony conservatives who oppose her, but many other people to join with conservatives against her.  While Barack Obama MIGHT do that, it is more likely that he would have an extended "honeymoon" period.

Rush Limbaugh (as a joke to suck in the "drive-by media") said that he was readly to do fund raisers for Hillary Clinton.  Limbaugh held this out as an olive branch TO HELP McCAIN.   Limbaugh reasoned that the conventional wisdom is that McCain will havea better chance of beating Hillary Clinton than of beating Barack Obama.  It therefore follows that Republicans who want McCain to win the general electioin desperately need to SUPPORT HILLARY.

While I am not totally sure of the above logic, I agree that Clinton vs. McCain is a BETTER choice for conservatives/Republicans than Obama vs. McCain.  If Obama IS able to beat McCain, despite being objectively UNQUALIFIED to be President of the United States, then Obama is truly a dangerous force in American politics.  Conservatives will be MUCH better off with Hillary Clinton in the White House galvanizing oppositon than with a popular Barack Obama (popular based on a "cult of personality" rather than any certain policies, which--paradoxically--makes it MORE likely he could impose truly leftist policies on the country). 

Will Barack Obama be harder to beat, for McCain, than Hillary Clinton.  I am not sure.  I think it is certainly possible (with the extraordinary media push behind the "first African-American nominee").  Now McCain has such a QUALIFICATION advantage over Obama that you have to wonder whether Obama can continue to say NOTHING all of the way to the White House.  For example, Obama DODGED a vote on the extension of the "Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act", although voting for all of the leftist Amendments to gut the Act and HELP TERRORISTS.  It is well known that Obama has DUCKED a lot of votees in his career.  His goal seems to be to CONCEAL what he really stands for.  Now Hillary Clinton also ducked the final FISA vote (as it just passed the Senate), but she has provent much less adept at CONCEALING her true self.  With media help, Obama may be able to CONCEAL his true self all of the way to the White House. 

Nope.  This opposition has nothing to do with race.  As I have said, the most IMPRESSIVE politician--to me--in the 2006 election was Michael Steele, who happens to be Aftrican-American.  I thought he was really impressive, although his conservative credentials MIGHT not be crystal clear (I assure you that they are clearer than those of McCain).   Michael Steele also LOST, as DEMOCRATS in Maryland (not to mention other African-Americans) voted AGAINST an African-American.  I reject totally this idea that you can't oppose an African-American without being called racist.  DEMOCRATS, the media, and leftists (that unholy trinity who are One) do it all of the time.  We have to get past the idea that race has anything to do with who should lead us.  Then thre is the way that same unholy trinity TRASHED Clarence Thomas (one of my true heroes).  Nope.  I have said in the past that MOST of the ture racists left in this country are on the LEFT, and in the mainstream media.  I stand by that.

I digress.  The point is that I previously have promised to vote for Hillary Clinton over John McCain.  I will stand by that.  My personal opinion is that Hillary Clinton, as Presiddetn, will set both feminism and the Democratic Party back at least a hundred years.  I am not sure Brack Obama will do that--at least not before he has succeeded in ruinging the country  For that reason, I cannot vote for Obama, although I can never vote for McCain (at least before he funs for a second term, AFTER proving me wrong in his first term).   Even those who LIKE McCain should probably prefer Hillary Clinton as an opponent.

Conclusion:  I will probably vote in the DEMOCRATIC primary in Texas, and FOR HILLARY CLINTON.  Although it is not really my main personal goal, I also think that is the best way to MESS UP the Democratic Party.   The longer Hillary Clinton stays in the race, the more chance there will be for long lasting animosity among Democrats.  That is why it is so short sighted for Republicans to vote for Obama.

GO HILLARY.  You go girl.

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